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Is Marianne Williamson the next ironic meme candidate?

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If you think our political system is one big joke, Marianne Williamson might be your candidate. Hell, no one who is running for president is going to do anything about illegal immigration in 2020.

I was also feeling blackpilled at having to eat this Kosher Sandwich of MIGA or decriminalizing illegal immigration until I came across this Marianne tweet which lifted my spirits:

Now I am ready to beam my love to the universe!

I’m just joking of course. It turns out there isn’t any difference between Marianne “Moon Beam” Williamson’s position on immigration and everyone else running for the Democratic nomination. The choice is either the Chamber of Commerce’s position on immigration or this.

Note: Why isn’t a serious third party candidate running in 2020? I’m currently supporting Tracey/Walls Dissolve The USA 2020 as a write-in ticket.

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  1. Wigger, self hating white, possessed advisor to the female ape that talks. She “defines” the demoncrat party.

  2. “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”

    The last couple of days I’ve been thinking the West is at the same point the Soviet Union was at just before its dissolution. No one believes in it any more, not even the politicians that rule us. It is a lawless looters’ paradise and everyone is grabbing part of it before its all gone.

    There will not be a bright shiny Jetson’s future for you my frens. America will become yet another failed third world state, just like we see in South America and Africa. So will Western Europe.

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