Music Break: I’m a Good Ol’ Rebel

Feeling nostalgic.

If only the Confederacy had won the War Between the States in 1865, everything would have turned out fine. We would have been saved from that shitshow we saw last night!

Is it too late to go back? 😀

Note: I’m serious … we’ve got to start thinking about the dissolution of the Union again. How far down the slippery slope of classical liberalism do we intend to slide before we have seen enough?

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  1. One of my anglo girl friends exposed me to Hoyt Axon who sings a good version of the song. I tried to sing it at a swim party last summer. Because I have a thick accent(not southern) my version was considered hilarious more than inspiring.

  2. Dissolution of the Union is fine, but how are you going to make the South a healthy place for Whites what with all of its many “minorities”?

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