Identity Dixie: Revised Position: An Argument For Accelerationism

Identity Dixie:

“I must concede to Mr. Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent, that after much thinking and ongoing current events, I’ve had a change of heart. Previously, I made an argument against accelerationism that sparked much discussion. Now, I’ve revised my standing on it because I must admit that there is some merit to it that is worth more than just a second glance.

I still believe it is important we fashion our own society that exists not only separate, but alongside modern society. We still live among it, but are not part of it. That is something I will not let go because I believe it will lay the foundations necessary to rebuild a new Southern society from the ashes of what has become corrupted by Clown World. …”

We’re not doing #YangGang anymore.

I was hoping for a soft landing, but it looks like we are getting the hard landing. I had imagined a scenario in which Andrew Yang would have stuck to his “$1,000 a month” bit while hewing to a carefully crafted position on immigration. It seemed like the obvious route to the presidency to me given that the path to the White House runs through the swelling disaffected populist middle of the electorate. I’m not in his ear on a daily basis though and Yang listed to his stupid campaign manager.

As far as accelerationism goes, the question to me is whether reelecting Blompf and the GOP will bring us any closer to realigning the party to where Tucker Carlson is on the issues. Most people would be satisfied with that but I just don’t see how affirming Blompf’s record, current campaign strategy and ideological positioning will accomplish that goal. He has retreated to mainstream conservatism and reelecting him in 2020 would just be interpreted as a vindication of Charlie Kirkism.

Positive accelerationism isn’t based on any particular candidate. It is basically just voting for candidates who advance our agenda in some way while choosing not to vote for the candidates who don’t. We should be swing voters. Sitting out the 2020 election would have nearly the same effect as voting for Yang or Tulsi. It costs Blompf votes for betraying all his campaign promises.

Tucker has already said everything I have said here. He said on his show the other night that the Koch Brothers were buying the policies and voters would walk.

Note: Seriously though, I am probably just going to make fun of everyone in this election cycle now while continuing to produce more content that is history or culture related. There is plenty of work to be done. Who knows maybe President Kamala Harris will be good for the MIGApedes?

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  1. The Universal Basic Income of $1,000 a month is a great idea. It should be supported by Nationalists. However the Value Added Tax is a horrible idea. That would take that $1,000 in a second. It’s really classic American politics. Politicians talk a good game and sometimes pass good legislation. However it has no teeth. The Democrats are obviously for everybody but White Christians now. The Republicans will forever be for the Rich and care nothing about Southerners and our White Race. Third Parties are pusher down by the 2 Party Dictators. We really have no other solution but Secession. Deo Vindice !

  2. Oddly enough Kemal Attaturk is a wonderful example of what could happen apres l’empire.

    He was an Ottoman Officer of Albanian and Slav ancestry but he cleverly got Nb4 to create a nation in the ashes of imperial collapse.

  3. We should consider that maybe Donald John Trump is the ultimate accelerationist

    All Trump’s cucking, all his over-the-top service to Zionist Jewish forces and Israel, all his trade-war-on-everyone-in-the-world craziness, all his flirtation with the war-mongers on Iran whilst still holding back from lighting up the middle east –

    Maybe Donald John Trump, faced with death threats from essentially the same cabal that shot JFK in 1963, shot Ronald Reagan in 1981, impeached Richard Nixon in the 1970s and impeached Bill Clinton in the 1990s – a 40% hit rate on US Presidents –

    Maybe Trump figured the best he could do, was go full-in, over-the-top, sabotage the cabal in the only way possible … Give the greedy Zionists everything they wanted plus more, make it clear WHO is really running the USA as agents of the oligarchy

    Bring the US empire down by becoming the pariah of the world, trade war on China, trade war threat on the EU, trade war threat on Japan … kissing up only to Saudis and Israelis whom the whole world knows are goons, but just won’t say it out loud

    Maybe Donald John Trump – sacrificing his own reputation to boot – is accelerating the bring-down of the system

    He may still be ‘our guy’

    • Wow. This is a truly amazing justification for voting for Trump because…you…just….don’t know…what…else…to…………do……..

      The cognitive dissonance is sweeping and breathtaking….!

    • His kids, especially his favorite, are jews. What don’t people understand about that? (((They))) are his future.

  4. I thought you had lost your damn mind with the yang gang shite. Glad to see somehow that delusion is over.

  5. We should be swing voters. Sitting out the 2020 election would have nearly the same effect as voting for Yang or Tulsi. It costs Blompf votes for betraying all his campaign promises.

    The sixteen states that went to war against Dixie in 1861, plus their PacRim political allies, control all of the Electoral Votes.

    The only time that the South and interior West become swing states is if a candidate ostensibly running against Yankeedom and its Liberalism, manages to capture and turn a significant number of the Northern states to his side, as Trump did in 2016.

    Otherwise, how we or the interior West vote is irrelevant. In 2020, nothing we do or don’t do will make any difference when Yankeedom and Mexifornia overwhelmingly elect Biden.

    On Twitter, there are certain Leftist Twits that are already saying that even though the Left hate Biden, they have to begrudgingly vote for him because nothing else matters, except beating Trump and the Republicans. Which is what I predicted East Yankeedom and Mexifornia would do, following the lead of West Yankeedom.

    They’re not even contesting Biden, or the notion that he’ll get the nomination. They’re just deciding to go with it, in order to win at all costs.

    • Once Texas falls to the Hispanics, our two-party electoral politicing sham is finished. Parts of the country will have to break free, or face permanent Democratic rule.

  6. I lost all hope for yang when i saw he subjected himself to the colbert late show recently I hate that guy fake phony catholic btw but he interviews yang in this disparaging tone and comments about ubi like boy you sure are stupid for wanting to give 1,000 dollars a month to poor people colbert being such a progressive liberal faggot you think he would of liked the idea but no of course he didn’t

    • @Thom

      Liberalism isn’t about “hepin da Po,” or “hepin da po niggas,” it’s about power and nothing else.

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