The Forward: Nikki Haley, Israel’s Sweetheart, Visits The Western Wall

Do you think you are coming back in the 2024 election?

The Forward:

“Haley is currently in Israel as the keynote speaker for the first annual Israel Hayom Forum on US-Israel relations. Israel Hayom is a popular pro-Netanyahu daily newspaper owned by Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam. US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will also speak.

Under Haley, South Carolina became the first state to enact an anti-Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) law in 2015. As U.N. Ambassador, she vetoed Security Council resolutions condemning Israel’s settlements. Haley resigned from her post in October 2018.

Haley’s visit comes just days after her public support of the current controversial “Peace to Prosperity” Plan put forth by presidential advisor Jared Kushner, whom she has called a “hidden genius.” …”

Sheldon Adelson has a plan for that.

He will be long dead by then, but his fortune will be around to buy the election. Having bought the 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections, he already has his candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination:

Sheldon Adelson also recently hosted his backup shabbos goy Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Israel whose first act as governor was to make anti-Semitism a crime in Florida which is defined anyone who draws attention to Sheldon Adelson’s influence over our politics.

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  1. I have personally witnessed Boomers praising her. Somehow, we must break Christian Zionism and expose the harm done by Israel to the US. Why aren’t all in the Alt Right pointing out what Israel has done?

  2. They no longer even hide where their allegiance lies. Of course, they don’t have to.

    Let’s face it, when you have to be paid to support someone or something, a person with deeper pockets can always get control. I don’t want to own them. I want them all permanently sent to Guantanamo as traitors.

  3. The path to the White House has passed through Israel for many years. Nikki is busy racking up her Zionist creds.

  4. I’d rather vote for Bashar al-Assad than vote for Nimrata. Seriously. The GOP would have to pay me to vote for this ridiculous and stupid woman who should be deported to Israel or back to India.

    (Remember how those Russian pranksters made a fool out of her? “Of course the Russians meddled in the Binomo elections.”)

  5. Don’t kid yourself. She was wicked before she did this.

    Cometh this cursedness then upon the ritualists only, or upon the unritualists also? For we say that Zionism was reckoned to Nikki for wickedness. How was it then reckoned? When she was ritualized or unritualized? Not in ritualization, but in unritualization. And she received the ritual of wailing wall, a seal of the wickedness of the Zionism which she had yet being unritualized.

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