Tucker Carlson Interviews Tulsi Gabbard

Everyone is supporting Mommy Tulsi now. At least until she inevitably gets tripped up on the same type of immigration question and we all get mad about it.

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  1. If there was anyone the MSNBC mods were clearly biased against, it was Sanders. Gabbard got relatively fair treatment. Yang appears not to have gotten fair treatment(?), but made nothing whatsoever of any moment he was allowed to speak. I don’t think Gabbard made the most of every minute that she had (that would be DeBlasio, closely followed by Inslee), but she did not collapse or flame out like Beto or Yang did. I do not think for a moment Gabbard is sincere, but she seems to be a decent message candidate for some key issues.

    • Why do you assume she is not sincere? She has been consciously picking a very difficult path for a while now. She seems very sincere to me even if wrong on some issues.

    • “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” H.L. Mencken

      I concur completely. The only thing democracy got correct was the election of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany.

      We need to be Third Positionists.

      If I do cast a ballot for POTUS, it will be for the candidate that the (((msm))) and zionists hate the most.

      • One minor correction.

        Adolf Hitler wasn’t “elected German Chancellor” he was appointed Chancellor by Paul Von Hindenburg.

        Hitler never won the top political German position in an election, he got second place in the Presidential race to Paul Von Hindenburg

        January 30, 1933. On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany by President Paul Von Hindenburg.

  2. I bet Tulsi gets #metoo’ed. Anyhow it will be fun to meme about her until the Daily Stormer does what they always do, poison the well by associating her with something disgusting, causing her to shift her position on something just to virtue signal against Anglins demagoguery and get out of gotcha questions by the media.

    Seriously fuck him for that, its getting old. Hasn’t done Yang any favors to have to do it. Hes spent now. I like Tulsi, but shes too liberal as it is.

    • I agree. Anglin’s vaunted “culture jamming” is really a kiss of death for e-celebs and politicians. They’d much rather we participate in “goon marches” and stay in our lane rather than try to ride their coattails.

    • @Lew, so you’re okay with four more years of POTUS kushner and jewish oligarchs controlling both foreign and domestic policy?

      No thanks! I am permanently off the MIGA express train.

      Accelerationism is the path forward. All other options are death by a thousand cuts.

  3. Seriously i am beginning to think that the flagship podcasts of TRS and Anglin, with his nihilistic nonsense, are intentionally letting themselves be used as a foil by the left. Like that idiot with the swastika flag in Charlottesville. Something that conforms to the lefts caricature of a nazi, that is always following the broader movement around to make them look bad and serve as a fulcrum to leverage people away from us.

    We need to put these people at arms length, once and for all. There’s nothing gained through association with them, except cheap entertainment.

    • This is rich, coming from people who associated with that in-law-screwing, cuckbox trailer trash lot. You should just shut up forever with criticism of other people on the right who don’t associate with Heimbach, Parrott, and that gaggle of retarded wignats. Hee-haw nationalism is your style, from the looks of it.

      Are you trying to stir shit up again on the right?

      • The wignats didn’t start that foodfight. The day the box broke was cynically exploited by TRS and the DS to intentionally split people, and place themselves in the captain chair of their own little eceleb cool kids table. Literal divide and conquer.

        This was coordinated by Ricky Vaughn and Weev, who made their intentions clear. Ricky Vaughn is no more, because he got fragged by Paul Nehlen for trying to sell databases of behavioral info from right wing sources ”
        (at the time, this was all on the BBS and 504um, both of which Weev had access to and was likely trying to sell.)

        Ricky Vaughn got what he deserved for being stupid enough to share his identity with power hungry people, then starting a shitfight. Same thing happened to Ghoul and Bulbasaur. Hubris and lack of perspective.

        Those of us that supported Heimbach and TWP, did so in the face of cynical and underserved character assassination. Heimbach betrayed that loyalty in a spectacular fashion, and is deservedly persona non grata. You are implying that we all supported his actions, which is provably false, and is the kind of talmudry I have come to expect from disciples of Anglin.

        Don’t lie when there’s a permanent record we can reference to refute your bull. Be white about it and criticize what is fair to, that we trusted a guy who was being a total degenerate.

  4. What a beautiful, intelligent, principled young woman this Miss Tulsi Gabbard is. She served in the US Military during the idiotic Iraq War II in a medical unit and treated our (White Midwestern, Southern) men wounded in combat. This is a useful, traditional feminine way, not a Captain Marval kick ass feminist way.

    I think Miss Tulsi Gabbard might have been reading OD where we/I highlighted the strange warm mongering alliance between Saudi Sunni Islamist monarchists and Israeli extremists, Neo Conservatives.

    Tulsi Gabbard openly uses all those names to identify the foreign interests controlling US military policy.

    • I get the appeal, but as a guy thats been married for 13 years, I’m pretty much immune to feminine wiles.

      She’s wrong on basically every issue except not wanting to blow up iran. I get that an Iran war is a huge deal, but the president is hardly the only factor that goes into the decision to start a war.

      I won’t give up my guns, be content to keep enabling the murder of babies or accept defeat on immigration because a woman with a good face and marginal body gets elected, or to save the persians from their doom (which would be assured even if we screwed ourselves in the process). The Persians are an enemy of the West, far older even than islam.

      Shes not even a Christian.

      • Ironicsockaccount, Blame Tulsi’s White mother for the Hinduism of her daughter. Her half European and half somoan father is a Catholic.

        BYW, haven’t all the presidents (except Obama) been Christians? Evidence of being Christian and being a good president is not exclusive.

        • “Blame Tulsi’s White mother for the Hinduism of her daughter. Her half European and half somoan father is a Catholic.”

          Every single time(or so it seems). Race-mixing and globalism are a nightmare. They’re going to destroy everything.

          • @Powell, Tulsi’s mom is from Indiana. I am not sure why she converted to Hinduism, but that’s beside the point.

            As long as American presidents are the pawns of international jewry, who cares what religion they claim to follow?

  5. Immigration is just one of those things that cannot simply be discarded because it is such a massive problem that effects all others including economics. It is almost impossible to be a economic populist and yet be for open borders like Bernie Sanders who is trying to create a Frankenstein creation by mingling the two – the two don’t mix. It is the same as the GOP trying to juggle a populist immigration position while being extremely pro-big business..

    If Gabbard like all the rest comes out for all this open borders stuff then she will lose all enthusiasm from everyone other than the single issue only anti-war hawks.

    Trump of course is going to spend the election pretending he and the GOP are tough on the border but everyone knows it’s all BS which is why I will completely ignore it and am more than willing to sit out this election if this comes down to Trump as the only so-called reasonable choice.

    • I think we have to eat the shit sandwich and advocate for Blompf and four more years of donor class looting given the alternative.

    • We didn’t break the story of Israelis and Saudis working with al queda and isis. They told on themselves. Don’t get yourself so in a bubble that you think any time anyone says something we agree with their one of us/listening to us.

      Tulsi is the candidate for 2020 no matter what her position on immigration is. If trump is re-elected we will go to war with Iran, they would love for trump to start it so when it turns into a decades long war they can retro actively pin the failures on to him, and more importantly nationalism. Even though a war with Iran is the opposite of a nationalists policy the meme is already ceded.

      Trump is going to bring in just as many immigrants, if not more, than any democrat.

      Yang I never trusted for foreign policy, he’s a good guy with a good heart but when you have generals, think tanks, life long top agency bureaucrats, media etc all telling you if you don’t act your political career is over and Americans will die, it becomes very hard to say no if you’re not ideologically committed to an anti war agenda.

      • “he’s a good guy with a good heart”

        Great joke, bro. Have you looked at his face? The sneering superiority, arrogance, malice, and smug insolence written there is the cover of an extremely vile publication indeed.

        Quit kissing up to that White-hating yellow nigger.

  6. Gabbard is the only candidate with any grounding in reality. FAR from ideal – but I wouldn’t hate her as POTUS. America is done, anyways.

    • That’s because you’re a useless bigmouth feminist and would vote for anything with a fronthole just to stick to the men you hate.

      • What does that accomplish here? Was Denise uncivil to you?

        And how would you characterize the white men who defended this nog who was plotting to kidnap and torture – unendingly – a white woman:


        He’s only half the problem. The white cops WHO LET HER DIE are the other. I suppose that’s better than what the nog had in store, for her and whichever other white women WHITE MEN were complicit in torturing.

        If you can’t do anything besides hurl the used up ‘Feminazi’ insult, why should any thinking people listen to your…advice…? Is that what you think your comment is?

  7. I disagree. The Republicans count on being able to frighten us into voting for those frauds. It works too often. I already see them painting the Dems as socialists (bad) who aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic in their support of Israel (also bad). We’ll probably even see them make populist signals in 2020 to reel us in. As usual all will be forgotten and ignored once the election is over.

    To get my vote in the future they’ll need to re-make themselves into a genuine populist party. I am no longer voting to destroy countries for Israel, make Goldman Sachs and the Koch Brothers happy, etc. Enough is enough. I sit out 2020.

    I think this place is doomed anyway.

    • “I think this place is doomed anyway.”

      God, I hope so. It’s time for a major frickin’ reset.

  8. It’s going to hurt wicked bad when Tulsi inevitably lets us down. The jews are already conspiring to neutralize her.

    • This is true. It would be far better just to switch party registration and just vote for the Dem, but keep our mouths shut about it. If we are gonna do accelerationism, thats the way to do it.

      Otherwise we only can stay home or vote for the Orange Boomercon.

      We will eat shit either way. Our only choice is whose, and what posture we adopt, a defensive curl to kill time (blormf), or the martyrs pose (affected cruciform for the cameras when CNN films us getting SWAT’d like Roger Stone got.

      Pick ur poison. People are gonna suffer either way. Good arguments for both strategies. You’ve all heard my opinion on it, so not gonna go over it in detail again cuz honestly nobody cares anyhow and I’m tired of trying to convince folks of anything.

  9. Yang truly disappointed. what a wimp. Trust me, him & his crew know about the White support and DS meme stuff. He didn’t embrace – what a buffoon. oh well, sure, with 20 + other demos I’m sure the asian thing is just sooo charming.
    Tusli – all the way! It’s a no brainer. Chump is bad bad bad all the way around. only good thing is he helps trigger the left. His gimmick is all played out. Too jew’d now

  10. No one has trapped her yet but they are trying. I see the Daily Beasters did a hit piece after she refused to condemn Putin.

  11. @Lew, so you’re okay with four more years of POTUS kushner and jewish oligarchs controlling both foreign and domestic policy?

    Of course I’m not OK with it. But policy come 2021 will be controlled by plutocrats and Jewish oligarchs either way.

    A second Trump administration largely run by Jared Kushner, the Koch brothers and Charlie Kirk is still shaping up to be the best play for the mean white American based on the fact that a second Trump administration will be at least marginally better than the alternative.

    Trump via his proxies at least tried to get the citizenship question on the census, and his two SCOTUS voted the right way. Trump was blocked on that policy by circumstances outside of his control.

    Don’t be short-sighted. Marginally better for the mean white person is still better.

    In what concrete ways will electing or standing by and indirectly assisting in electing a ultra-radical Democrat help?

    • They all suck. It’s the choice between being killed by a flamethrower or necklacing. There’s not a dime’s bit of difference between the outcomes.

      As long as you people keep pretending there’s some advantage to one type of poison over another, is the all the longer you’ll persuade people to keep adhering to the current system and supporting it rather than withdrawing their support and refusing to participate in it as far as the law allows.

  12. @ Lew, “Don’t be short-sided. Marginally better for the mean white person is still better.”

    Tell that to James Fields and RAM.

    Not voting for Blompf and thus international jewry/globalism will hasten the the implosion of zog’s bully pulpit.

  13. To hell with Tulsi Noggard too.

    What the hell is wrong with you? Getting defecated on by Trump wasn’t enough, now you have to run from pillar to post looking for some White-hating wog to pin your hopes on?


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