Is Bret Stephens a Closeted White Nationalist?

Just the other day, we learned that Google considers Ben Shapiro to be a pipeline to Neo-Nazism. Now, the debate has shifted to whether Bret Stephens is a White Nationalist for criticizing the radicalism on display in the First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate.

Bret Stephens:

Amigos demócratas,

Si ustedes siguen así, van a perder las elecciones. Y lo merecerán.

Translation for the linguistically benighted: “Democratic friends, if you go on like this, you’re going to lose the elections. And you’ll deserve it.”

In this week’s Democratic debates, it wasn’t just individual candidates who presented themselves to the public. It was also the party itself. What conclusions should ordinary people draw about what Democrats stand for, other than a thunderous repudiation of Donald Trump, and how they see America, other than as a land of unscrupulous profiteers and hapless victims?

Here’s what: a party that makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country. A party that puts more of its faith, and invests most of its efforts, in them instead of us. …

Calling for the decriminalization of border crossings (while opposing a wall)? That was a major theme of Wednesday’s debate, underlining the Republican contention that Democrats are a party of open borders, limitless amnesty and, in time, the Third World-ization of America. …

Harris, meanwhile, came across as Barack Obama in reverse, especially with her scurrilous attack on Biden for the sin of having had a functional political relationship with two former segregationist senators in the 1970s. This was portrayed as a clever debate move but it will come to haunt her. “

Yes, this the same Bret Stephens who wanted Blompf to sink the Iranian Navy and thought he was using anti-Semitic dogwhistles in 2016 and who wants to deport the White working class. He is a sort of tribune in the elite media for the neocon conventional wisdom.

For perhaps the first time in his life, Bret Stephens had a decent take. He wasn’t wrong about the message that was sent in the debate. Aside from Tulsi Gabbard, everyone else in the debate made a pretty strong case for reelecting Trump rather than winning over swing voters. I was also left with the impression that the Democrats have moved so far to the Left that there is a chance that they could blow this.

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  1. “Aside from Tulsi Gabbard, everyone else in the debate made a pretty strong case for reelecting Trump rather than winning over swing voters.”

    Brad, can I assume you have shaken the Yellow Fever and you’re no longer drunk on Yang?

    • Yang has some good ideas.

      I like him personally. I just can’t support him given his current position on immigration. I’m going to follow the race now and see what happens.

      • He seems to be a very likable guy but some of his positions are – yikes – full on Socialism. Remember China + Communism = SUCCESS! The hive mentality is embedded in them.

      • I still think Yang is more about setting up his campaign for 2024 by putting his name and his UBI scheme out there in 2020. He’s hobbled by two things; the economy is being touted as great (probably a lot better than it really is) AND the fact that the Democrat Party has gone full Leftard Cutting Off Their Own Noses To Spite Their Faces Bat Shit Crazy.

        In any case, Disingenuous White Liberals have released The Kracken and it is devouring them a lot quicker than they ever anticipated.

        We won’t see a White Democrat Primary winner in 2020. For whatever reason, the media doesn’t like the idea of an out and out Jew like Bernie Sanders as president though they will support any Goy who co-opts his Democratic Socialist stance. They will let Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren twist in the wind as long as possible, but I ultimately think that they will wash out in the end.

        My thoughts are that the Democrat ticket will end up being Kamala Harris for president with Julian Castro as her running mate. That way, they think they will sew up the Black, Latinx, and woman vote, thus delivering not only the middle finger to White men, but also a nice, well-deserved bitch slap to any White women SJWs.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t expecting yang to be anti-immigration per se, but I was hoping he wouldn’t go full 2019.

        ubi was his platform, I never thought he would say “I’m going to deport all illegals.” I was hoping yang would just do the whole “security and compassion” bit. Even if he didn’t deport all illegals but he simply protected the border, ignored the ones here and made ubi tied to the national id

  2. These “Semites” are so out of touch with reality that they never, EVER, seem to detect danger until it is far too late. If you ask me, it was the Kosher Nostra and Kosher Commies who destroyed the Democrat Party. Take a bow Stephens, you’ve all been given credit for it. Enjoy your handiwork.

  3. No, not a white nationalist by any means. And we don’t want him either.

    He’s a Jew who is contemptuous of European America. He is incensed that we don’t respect and admire him. F*** Bret Stephens.

    • He is a jew who knows his people’s cloven hooves are coming into focus.

      It’s all play-both-sides endlessly with the jews, to maintain control. Stephens is attempting to reign in one side at this moment in time. What would seem exhausting and spiritually warping to the european mind is instinctive to the jews.

      Or, more accurately, to organized jewry. I don’t locate judaism’s evils in pure biology, but in its ethno-supremacist value system, although I do think jews exhibit genetic tendencies towards manipulativeness at somewhat higher rates than other races do. But most of their evil lies in their cultural inheritance ultimately.

      There are no political jews who serve anything but the Chosenite agenda.

      • MaryPhagan’sGhost – bingo. Der Jude Stephens is simply concerned that there are still too many Heirloom Americans, and even Dindu Americans, who don’t like the displacement by Welfare grabbing invading Orcs.

        • It’s more than that, Denise. The Old Testament warned The Tribe about being careful about digging pits for their enemies lest they fall into it, themselves. All their Anti-White machinations have led to is the Muslims depicting Palestinians as poor little brown people oppressed by White Ashkenazis from Europe.

          AOC has too much Negro and Taino blood flowing in her veins for her White European genes to suffer any Holocaust guilt.

          Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib, Islamic Tag Team gals, are openly questioning why they have to swear allegiance to Israel over their own “country,” implying the USA, but of course they mean Dar Islam.

          The Hindus and East Asians are worse (if that is even possible) about scamming and cheating the system than Jews ever were when they were on the way up. Allegedly a number of Hindus have managed to ruthlessly cut Jewish Diamond merchants out of the action and drive them out of business.

          I just with the idiot Republicans would stop making one pronouncement after another decrying “Anti-Semitism,” sit down and shut up and let The Rainbow Coalition in the Democrat Party tackle OJ. It’s not like the Jews are going to vote Republican anyway, because Jews despise their Christian base, like the Christian Coalition and Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority,” even though they trend Zionist.

          Moreover, this constant sucking up to Jews that will never vote for them is turning off the base that Trump lured in the last election. Especially with the country being flooded by illegal Latins and no Wall in sight, all the while the sabre-rattling against Iran is getting deafening.

          • Wanted to add that all these people that the Jews have been instrumental in flooding the country with see Jews as the most privileged of all Whites and simply roll their eyes in contempt when Jews cry about how victimized they are.

            When Ilhan Omar won her seat from her incumbant, her Somali base filled the newspapers gloating about how they drove “that old Jewish woman” out of office. I don’t think her religion or ethnicity ever came up when her district was White.

            We don’t need to do shit, but break out a cold brew, heat up the buttered popcorn and have lots of entertaining good fun watching our Jewish geniuses manage the diversity. Oh, and point and laugh.

  4. So the tick is terrified that the dog that it sucks from may get itself killed … classic jew.
    That Bret Stephens is a self aware blood sucking parasite, am I supposed to be impressed???
    Fear not for Murica the Whore Babylon moves forward to its destiny as God prophesied, see Revelations Chapter 18.
    Get out if you can.

    • No prophecy is being fulfilled. Just a bunch of very foolish decisions by our people which are snowballing us towards disaster.

  5. There is also Brett (two T’s) Stephens who blogs at Sometimes they are confused.

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