Pastor French: Trump Needs a Primary Challenger

Okay, so I am not exactly the biggest fan of Blompf …

I’m even less of a fan though of David French’s insufferable preening in Time magazine:

“On June 21, the writer E. Jean Carroll came forward with a vivid and disturbing claim that Donald Trump raped her in a department store in the 1990s. She is the 22nd woman to allege that Trump committed acts of sexual misconduct. These claims are more extensive and more corroborated than the accusations against Bill Clinton.

It’s worth contrasting Trump, who denied Carroll’s claim (as well as his other accusers’), with Clinton because his scandals helped spur the Southern Baptist Convention in 1998 to issue its seminal “Resolution on Moral Character of Public Officials.” That document’s key statement was ominous and unequivocal: “Tolerance of serious wrong by leaders sears the conscience of the culture, spawns unrestrained immorality and lawlessness in the society, and surely results in God’s judgment.”

The relentless drumbeat of claims against Trump–combined with the clear moral declarations of the past–have caused millions of Americans to look at their evangelical fellow citizens and ask, simply: Why? …

Yet the church is acting as if it needs Trump to protect it. That’s not courageous. It’s repulsive. And so long as this fear continues, expect the church’s witness to degrade further. In seeking protection from its perceived enemies, the church has lost its way.

It’s time for evangelicals to exercise their political veto power. America’s conservative people of faith should seek a primary challenger to Trump and send a message to the GOP that it will not compromise any longer. And it should do so from a position of confidence–and faith.”


Ask yourself why so many conservatives are now stepping forward to condemn Frenchism. Imagine hating Blompf so much that you actually believe E. Jean Carroll and the Russia conspiracy hoax.

In the last month, David French has condemned Josh Hawley’s anti-censorship bill, appeared on Charlie Sykes show on The Bulwark to say he has more in common with left-liberals than social conservatives at First Things, boasted about how he joined the military to fight in Iraq to set an example for his son, sanctimoniously condemned the “gutter right” while rising to the defense of Silicon Valley censorship. He also pretty much rolled over when Harvard blacklisted Kyle Kashuv.

The last month has shown in spades why conservative losers like David French never conserved anything and why they have to go. They have a reputation to preserve!

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  1. ” They have a reputation to preserve!”

    You mean conserve….And in true fashion, they will fail to do even that.

  2. The fact her story resembles an old Law and Order episode makes it laughable. I’m sure Trump was taking time out of his busy day to shop for a gift, ran into her, and decided hey, I’ll take some time for a rape. Only a dope would believe it considering the accusation coincides nicely with the release of her worthless book.

  3. It’s quite obvious from looking at his face that “Pastor” French is a JEW, it’s so obvious from his face, and what a JEWface it is. It’s so obvious it’s a JEWface.

      • The ashkanazi physiognomy is infamous for becoming more pronounced with age. Of course, the major of ashkanazi jews manifest a jewish ‘mask’ in their younger years.

        Jewish actor Albert Brooks (real name Albert Einstein) even remarked that jews get more “jewey” looking in middle age.

        • Rachel Weisz, the “Russian” Jewish actress from England (who I always thought was beautiful, and seems to be a very reasonable, normal person) is pretty much retaining her looks – but even her features are slipping into the look they always get. Hedy Lamarr was a German Born Jewess – she always kept her “Aryan” looks unto very advanced age, when she began to resemble a gargoyle. She was a stunning beauty when young ,though.

          I’m surprised that a Jew would make a remark like Brooks/Einstein did.

  4. “Pastor French: Trump Needs a Primary Challenger.”

    He’s got one in the form of Joe, it’s 1980 again, Biden.

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