The Washington Post: Hatemongers Should Be Denied Service In Restaurants

A few days ago, a waitress in a Chicago bar spit on Eric Trump. To her credit, the mayor of Chicago came out and denounced the incident.

Stephanie Wilkinson of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA, which famously denied service to former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has a new editorial which is running in The Washington Post in which she chimes in this latest incident.

The Washington Post:

“In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed two high-profile collisions between the food service industry and an unwelcome potential patron. In the first, Cracker Barrel — the Tennessee-based chain best known for its simpler-times decor and crowd-pleasing portions — came out with a forceful statement barring Grayson Fritts, the sheriff’s detective-cum-Baptist preacher who advocated the arrest and execution of LGBTQ people, from holding an event at one of its restaurants in Cleveland, Tenn.

In the second instance, a server at Aviary, an upscale Chicago cocktail bar, was briefly detained by the Secret Service after allegedly spitting in the face of Eric Trump while the president’s son was visiting the city on business. …

So when the day comes that the world feels returned to its normal axis, I expect we’ll see fewer highly charged encounters making headlines. In the meantime, the new rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home.

For the rest, your table is waiting.”

So, if I am understanding this correctly, it is now “mainstream” to deplatform, milkshake and violently assault your political enemies who are “bigots,” and it is also “mainstream” to spit on your political opponents and to deny them service in restaurants to uphold your values. Also, if you don’t like this new order, then you should probably just stay home and shut up.

I will add here that this is a conversation that is now going on among progressives about how mainstream conservatives should be treated. We’ve come a long away from punching Richard Spencer!

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  1. I’d like to see if there are any fancy restaurants in my area with a policy of denying service to those who hold “incorrect” political opinions or assaulting them. It might be fun to run up a tab and then walk the check.

    • HAHAHA!!! Excellent! FYI – Negroes ditch checks all the time. The (((Establishment))) adores Negroes. Perhaps the more we ditch honesty and integrity, the more we’ll be loved.

      • @Denise, Here’s a true story about jigaboos pulling a “dine and dash.”

        There was a buffet restaurant that allowed patrons to eat first, and pay the server when they were finished eating.

        Well, one day I was there with a few friends, and therefore was a table of bonobos acting their race
        They had all the usual suspects in their troop (I.e., baggy pants, fat she-boons, misbehaving youngsters, and of course crying babies).

        My friends and I had a feeling that the spades would pull a dine and dash, and sure enough they did. One pretty; in their haste to flee the restaurant, they left behind one of the baby chimps.

        They must’ve drove a few blocks away before they noticed the missing baby chimp. Then they called the restaurant to ask for the chimp to be handed over to them.

        By then the police were called and were waiting at the restaurant for the troop of bonobos to return.

        Eventually, just the momma monkey showed up minus the other knuckle draggers. She was arrested for child abandonment and endangerment.

        I am sure that the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington Virginia wouldn’t even have called 911 on the jungle bunnies.

        • One problem. Not one pretty.

          Damn autocorrect. I suppose proof reading before sending wouldn’t hurt.

  2. They aren’t going to stop or calm down. They will keep escalating the violence until it kicks off.

  3. Eric Trump got spit on? Oh Thats a real shame… Agreeing with leftists for the wrong reasons I wouldn’t be too worried that Eric Trump got spit on, Potatous is monitoring it i’m sure

  4. If the assault of Trump’s son fails to motivate him to do anything about “Antifa” screamers and thugs he’s truly no more than an expensive empty suit. Crowing about locking up James Fields for life isn’t going to help.

  5. “I will add here that this is a conversation that is now going on among progressives about how mainstream conservatives should be treated. We’ve come a long away from punching Richard Spencer!”

    I assume this will mostly take place in Yankeedom and on the Left Coast.

    But once Normies are affected, it won’t be safe to be a Jew, or a Leftist, anywhere in USZOG territory.

  6. Trump is too busy basking in the limelight to speak up for his misbegotten offspring. When a seriously demented, desperate for attention, Peter Fonda suggested that Barron Trump should be locked in a cage full of pedophiles, The Donald scarcely made a peep. Contrast that to when a reporter criticized Margaret Truman’s singing; Hen Pecked Harry told reporters, if he ever saw the critic, the man would need a steak for his eye. I think most men would have beaten Fonda within an inch of his life for making such a vile comment about their 12 year old son. However, Eric is a grown man. He should be able to defend himself.

    If a server had the nerve to spit upon me, he’d think someone loosed the Tasmanian Devil on him. From my life experience, this is a kind of universal language that transcends cultural barriers and is readily understood by all. Extreme violence is the perfect and only solution to harassment, bullying and assault. When people realize the course they are pursuing may plunge them off a cliff, they usually make a sharp u-turn. Others proceed at their own hazard.

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