Kamala Harris Surges In CNN Poll


“WASHINGTON (CNN)Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have made steep gains after the first Democratic presidential debate, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. shows, with former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead over the field shrinking to a narrow 5 points.

The results indicate a significant tightening in the race for the Democratic nomination.The poll, conducted after the two-night debate, finds 22% of registered voters who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents backing Biden for the party’s presidential nomination, 17% Harris, 15% Warren and 14% Sen. Bernie Sanders. No one else in the 23-person field tested hits 5%. That represents a 10-point decline in support for Biden since the last CNN poll in May, while Harris, of California, has posted a 9-point increase, and Warren, of Massachusetts, has boosted her support by 8 points. No other candidates have seen significant movement since the last poll.

I predicted the Democratic race would be a roller coaster ride.

Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have shot up to second and third place. Bernie Sanders has slipped to fourth place. As for Andrew Yang, he vanished on stage before our eyes and has remained stuck at 1% after he blew his opportunity by endorsing Julian Castro’s immigration plan and by sounding like a forgettable guest on the Rachel Maddow Show. Tulsi is also stuck at 1% in spite of her much better performance. None of this is really stable but it proves that Joe Biden is a weak frontrunner.

Kamala Harris is now running on federally mandated forced busing:

“After 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris attacked former Vice President Joe Biden during the first Democratic presidential debate for opposing busing in the 1970s, it sparked a larger conversation among candidates about whether the federal government should return to forced busing to integrate America’s schools.

“I support the busing,” Harris, D-Calif., said Sunday to reporters. “The schools of America are as segregated or more segregated today than when I was in elementary school. And we need to put every effort, including busing, into play to desegregate the schools.” …”

Forced busing?

Decriminalizing illegal immigration?

Free health care for illegal aliens?

All of this is a huge gift to Trump and wasn’t on the radar screen even a month ago. Blompf was the biggest winner of the debate. Where do you think the Democrats will be by the Iowa Caucuses?

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  1. Everything about the poll can make sense except Warren + 8. The idea that Warren shot up 8 points after her lackluster performance at the debate is suspect. The whole poll seems very agenda to me trying to tie their post debate talking points to their polling. I am going to wait to see what more independent polls say before I buy it.

    Either way my interest in the Democrat primary has dropped about 95% since Yang blew it. He was the best man in that race. The rest other than Tulsi are a total disaster.

  2. The Democrats are incredibly stupid as well as incredibly evil. Are they deliberately throwing the election? Or do they have the numbers to win no matter what they say and believe?

    And here I was hoping for the destruction of the Republican Party at the presidential level.

    • Irony is that the Dems highlighting the border camps are showing whitey that Trump really dies want to fuck up Mexicans good n hard.

      • Captain,

        If true then he will lose the Mexican american vote even more than usual if anyone remembers a year and a half from now at election time.

        • It’s bizarre optics. If I were the Dems I’d bang on about how Trump actually failed his Alt-Right, racist base. Peel off racists in Pennsylvannia and Trump is easily defeated.

        • You are wrong, Christina. Only leftists, of every stripe, like this Latin American invasion. The working and middle class of every stripe, and that includes Mexican-Americans, are freaking out big time over the idea of the open borders and free health care and welfare benefits being offered as inducements for a bigger immivasion by the Democrats.

          I was visiting the Southwestern states when unaccompanied teen migrants started shwing up during the Obama era and many of the not very happy campers WERE Mexican-American.

          I think the quasi-military terrorist group, Antifa, has only driven vocal or open support of Donald Trump underground among most Americans, especially people of color, but the voting booth results, if honest, will tell a completely different tale.

          I have made up my mind that I will take “that walk of shame” by going to the voting booth in the first place, holding my nose for all it is worth, and voting for Trump. If only to show the Usual Suspects that tantrums and intimidation will not change my mind to their way of thinking.

          I don’t know if the Democrats are trying to lose this election or have so far gone off their spool that they have lost all sanity and perspective. But, even though I despise Trump and the spineless Israel-cucking Republiscum, the Democrats have proven themselves feckless and evil in every way imaginable.

          • Clytemnestra57,

            As interesting as your opinions and observations are the following information should still be of value to you:

            The main divider between Hispanics and Republicans is the differing views and perceived harsh rhetoric on illegal immigration and racism. 81% of Latinos believe that unauthorized immigrants should not be deported. Some Republicans encourage reforming the immigration system,[15] while other Republicans advocate deporting them all. Republicans also support efforts to enforce the law (deporting illegal aliens), while most Republicans are open to welcoming back immigrants who enter America through legal avenues.[16]

            Former Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Fla. said, “If we become perceived as an anti-immigrant party, America, being a country of immigrants, will never allow us to be the majority party.”[17]

            This information was found in wikipedia under hispanic/latin american politics.

            I am not liberal in the slightest and I only reluctantly believe in deporting illegals.
            The overwhelming majority of mexican americans do not share your beliefs. You will be surprised in Nov. 2020 if you really think that.

          • Clytemnestra57,

            Some more interesting information—————-

            Today, 54% of Latino registered voters say the Democratic Party has more concern for Latinos than the Republican Party, while 11% say the Republican Party has more concern – a 43-point difference. The Democratic advantage on this measure has remained relatively stable since 2012, when 61% of Latino voters said Democrats had more concern for Hispanics, compared with 10% who said the same of Republicans. At the same time, 28% of Latino registered voters today say there’s no difference between the two parties on this measure, a share that is relatively unchanged from 2012.

            The image of the Republican Party among Latino registered voters is little changed since 2002 on this measure. Back then, 10% of Latino registered voters said Republicans had more concern for Latinos than Democrats, similar to this year’s share (11%). Meanwhile, Democrats have seen their image improve over the same period among Latino registered voters, rising from 45% in 2002 to 54% today.

            Information from Pew Research Center oct 11 2016

            I also disagree with voting for evil even if you imagine it is less evil than it’s opponents. To support evil in any way is still a sin.

    • “Or do they have the numbers to win no matter what they say and believe?”

      Probably not quite yet, but it won’t be much longer.

      • Powell,

        I believe you are correct. I read somewhere that by 2020 that there will be just as many Hispanics in Texas as whites. Though a good portion are not citizens and can not legally vote. Combine that with around 12% of the Texas population being black and voting overwhelming Democrat and Texas might be a tossup next year.

        I mention Texas because if Texas goes Democrat then the national election is over right there——–in my opinion anyway.

  3. Brown people just gotta have that access to white people. Even though we are evil racists and all.

  4. Hell Yeah!!

    When Blormpf loses in 2020, I will be exceedingly happy to see the Alt-Lite CRY.

    Eight years of Kamala Harris is good medicine for these GRIFTERS…….

    The Alt-Right exposed things that everyone is scared to talk about.

    We have what is called INTEGRITY……..

    • All the comments here are of the usual superior quality that HW expects, but Dissident X’s observations are especially noteworthy. I have already contributed financially to Kamala “High Yellow” Harris’ campaign and plan to do so again now that her poll numbers are rising. I was quite impressed with how she thoroughly emasculated Judge Kavanaugh in front of the whole world during his confirmation hearings. As president she would force white Americans to either finally start fighting back or die like cowardly wretches.

      No more moaning and groaning – it’s time to burn this bish down.

  5. Harris lied about her school busing, Warren was being pushed by certain lefties in the corporate press with the same headlines and buzzwords before the debate. It’s all lies and manipulation, being done not only to trick the electorate, but to denigrate and marginalize the two old white guys in the lead. In the twilight of the American Empire, the anti-white male hatred is being continually pushed. The forced ascendance of women and minorities is part of the final decline of our culture and politics. In the falling of the empire, there will be opportunities to build our own parallel civilization. Like the Christian monasteries were the bridge to a new, better way during the mislabeled dark ages, the fall of a sick and decadent empire can lead to the remnant rebuilding a stronger, more morally-centered society.

    • It’s going to increasingly resemble dominatrix porn as Biden and Sanders are forced to grovel and lick boots. It’s fucking sad to watch these two old farts act like this.

  6. I was so excited going into these debates, thinking that Yang would shine and Tulsi might show herself off as a rising star as well, and that we’d have at least a fighting chance at a relatively moderate Democrat to shut Trump down.

    Now all I see from everyone except Tulsi (so far…give her time) are pleas to open the border completely, throw more gibs at illegals, forced busing and even goddamn reparations. Aside from Tulsi (again, so far), everyone is bending over backwards to appease NON-CITIZENS and blacks, and I’m left wondering…what are any of these worthless fools offering regular white people like myself? Nothing at all.

    If Trump wins re-election by default just because of the extreme anti-white policies of the democrats, it will be incredibly sad. This was supposed to be the year the GOP died on the national stage. Now, we probably have to wait till 2024.

    • They need more browns in the country before skynet makes everyone redundant.

      • The polls are lying no way tulsi is only at one, and pocahantos an weird white Jamaican witch is polling higher deep state made sure the dem centrists are no longer are in the picture

  7. It’s hilarious that her dad outed her as being a member of a slave owning family. I laughed like crazy when I heard that.

  8. 2 Corinthians 6:17 Therefore come out from them, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch nothing unclean; then I will welcome you.

  9. The next election will come down to how many illegal immigrants the Demonrats can register…

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