Spectator: Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Tom Cotton Are Pushing The Fairness For High Skilled Workers Act

What’s going on in the Senate?

It has been quiet since the passage of the anti-BDS bill, the vote against Trump’s national emergency for the border wall, Mitch McConnell’s resolution in support of endless wars in Syria and Afghanistan and Macro Rubio’s thousands of tweets in support of regime change in Venezuela. Sen. Josh Hawley is trying to go after Big Tech to end social media censorship, but seems to have little support his own party.


“Republicans claim they want to put Americans first when it comes to immigration. So why are they backing another giveaway to Big Tech and foreign workers at the expense of American citizens?

Several Republican senators, including Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, and Kevin Cramer, have sponsored the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. The bill is being for a vote in the Senate by Unanimous Consent, which means skipping all debates. The bill is anything but fair. It would be another special privilege for Silicon Valley — allowing giant corporations to hire more foreign nationals instead of STEM graduates.

The bill would eliminate country caps on legal immigration, which prevent one nationality from monopolizing the allocation of Green Cards. The nationalities most likely to benefit are Indians and Chinese. ‘Indians account for more than 75 percent of all pending employment-based green card applications,’ says Vivek Tandon, founder and CEO of immigration firm EB5 BRICS. Technology services favor these foreign workers largely due to special relationships they have created with outsourcing and immigration placement services in the tech industry. The problem is not the national origin of the workers, but how Big Tech uses them to depress American wages. …”

More cheap labor for Google and Facebook?

That’s exactly what Republican voters are demanding right now. I knew they could count on Sen. Tom Cotton who has spent months as the loudest cheerleader in the Senate in favor of regime change in Iran. Cotton is hard at work delivering on the donor class agenda!

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  1. But ole Cotton talks with a jinuwine southern accent, so he must be on da side ah white working muricans … another champion of the working man … shucks, his bill even got da word fairness in’t, gosh darn it.

    • Watch Cotton. He wants the presidency and when he gets it its full blown war to make the world safe for Israel! He has already said the Confederacy losing was a good thing otherwise America would be two nations and we would not have been able to beat Nazi Germany in WW II.

  2. That what so many teachers do not understand. They are gung ho for STEM programs but what good are they if corporations can bypass Americans with engineering degrees and hire foreigners with the same degree who will work at half the price?

  3. Cotton took his mouth off of Netanyahu’s dick long enough to screw White working Americans.

    • Classy….

      But then you have named yourself after a child molester. So what should I expect?

      • Was Oskar direwangler as bad as (((they))) say I’m weary of experts so someone redpill me on this nazi officer injected strychnine in jewish prisoners and whipped them til dead? Boiled jewish prisoners with horsemeat to make soap? True or false

        • It’s not just recent historians who say that Direwanger was a scumbag. He was convicted by a German court in 1934 of raping a 14 year old girl. He was rightfully loathed by many of his peers in the military and government establishment and his men were mostly drawn from prison inmates.

          So no. Labeling Oskar Direwanger as a child molester is not just parroting the holocaust narrative. He is one of the few NS German officials who was actually as bad as is claimed.

  4. This is what happens when your country is run by traitors and a hostile alien racial group.

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