Identity Dixie Has Been Deplatformed By WordPress

This is what I am getting when I visit Identity Dixie:

I’m fairly confident the site will be back up after migrating to a new host. I hope they were taking regular backups. We will keep you posted.

The Rebel Yell podcast was also deplatformed by Soundcloud after Charlottesville. Occidental Dissent has been deplatformed by PayPal, Stripe, Disqus, YouTube and several other payment processors. The censorship has spiraled out of control. I know how frustrating this can be.

If Identity Dixie was celebrating sexual deviancy and the identity of proud 12-year-olds transsexuals during #PrideMonth, there wouldn’t have been a problem. In Blompf’s America, it is only a problem to use these social media platforms to promote our own values and identity.

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  1. Yet more proof that being politically correct and middle of the road is not going to exempt you from getting your website and YouTube channel sent to the gas chamber.

      • I will probably just stay out of it.

        By the time of the Alabama primary, there will only be a handful of candidates left. I’m focused right now on doing punditry and my historical research.

  2. (((They))) have made you very wealthy IF you pursue it. Class actions need to be filed in all these cases AND charges against whoever is SUPPOSED to prosecute them for violating your civil rights and organized crime under RICO. WHICH FBI guy is NOT investigating …. WHICH Attorney General / State Attorney is NOT filing charges ? THEY need to have charges filed against THEM !!!

    1. God
    2. The Constitution
    3. We The People ( we elect ourselves to “serve” us in these noble roles.)
    4. The Government ( Below we the people. ) All levels, Fed, State, Local.
    5. Agencies
    6. Scummy little corporations and their stupid little rules CANNOT VIOLATE ANY LAW ABOVE.

    This is basic high school civics !!!! Where are the hungry attorney’s ??? It’s the SAME laws violated if a restaurant chain refused to serve blacks. Attorneys would jump on that. Here, there’s WAY more money to be made.


    PS : Sue Squarespace too. A leftwing group organized $$$ a signature petition against a white website after Charlottesville and Squarespace took them down ( 53,000 signatures. )

    Hunter and others … you could become very very rich from this. Call lawyers now.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. A special thanks to all who create and maintain Dissident websites. Not too many out there. It’s strange what has happened in only three years. All because a billionaire with a Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren became President who is the most pro-Israel POTUS in history. And because some right wing guys protested the removal of Confederate Statues, an Antifa mob showed up, and a guy trying to escape the mob caused a morbidly obese woman to have a heart attack.

    Regarding censorship, there is a friendly website who posted an old film made by Gerbils called ‘Jud Suss’. Amazing film. Nothing really cryptic for the Brahmins to analyze. Just the JQ presented in straightforward way for commoners to be able to grasp it. It’s actually quite disturbing unlike what Hollywood presents as disturbing. It’s also infuriating at the same time when you realize what happened in Europe historically.

    And centuries later, in an era with the most Libertine sexual values. Where we locate Higgs Bosons and search verification of String Theory at CERN. Where we have space probes now speeding through the Oort Cloud.

    They’re banning books, websites, movies, and controversial speakers BECAUSE???……..

    Just take your Prozium, Peasant.

    • Everyone is being targeted across the board in preparation for the 2020 election. The strategy was conceived years ago by Media Matters. I wrote about it at the time.

  4. What is especially maddening is they will still run off at the mouth about what a “struggle” they are in to promote leftist values. What struggle? The police, deep state government and transnational corporations along with billionaires all have your support. The right cant put a friggin blog or youtube video without it getting shut down. Must be nice to hold every card but still want more.

  5. Damn! I was just on their website yesterday.

    It’s a terrific site.

    Hey, neo-marxists: No freedom of speech. No justice. No peace. Enjoy your pyrrhic but temporary victory.

  6. It’s only a matter of time before the Neo-Yankees and their “Jewish allies” begin to deplatform evil Southron grannies for posting pecan pie recipes.

  7. This seals the deal for me on the question of when to get an ID magnolia black cross t shirt: as soon as possible. Godspeed to Identity Dixie.

    • Ain’t no better way to turn a mere supporter into a radicalized soldier to the cause than to engage this sort of bullshit! They’re working for us now, boys. Onward!

  8. Wow. I am still an official contributor to Identity Dixie, even though I had not posted there in about two years. I still have my personal blog GKS up, unless they sniff me out after this purging of ID…
    Like the apostate Thomas Paine stated, “We live in times that try men’s souls”.

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