David French: The Alt-Right “Punches Way Above Their Weight”

The Atlantic:

“Last week I heard an alternative theory. As David French sees it, the alt-right is a tiny group, and its ideology differs significantly from the mainstream of the Republican Party. Yet the alt-right has had a significant, negative influence on conservatives, he contends, through its tactics.

“The alt-right is a combination of ideology and tactics,” French said Friday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, co-hosted by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic.

“Ideologically, the alt-right is white nationalist. It is post-constitutionalist. And it is often quite pagan … Nobody knows how big it is … if it numbers in the thousands or the tens of thousands … It’s not a huge number of people.

But tactically, he continued, “they punch way above their weight. So how are they doing it? Well, in 2015 and 2016 … they did it as a wave of targeted harassment directed primarily against Trump critics.” The conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was among them. …”

I’ve been one of the strongest critics of Frenchism since 2015.

I’m not a pagan. I’m a Lutheran who finds Pastor French to be an insufferable, milquetoast, spineless, preening weakling. He is one of these people who believes Christianity is synonymous with niceness. The founder of Protestantism would have strongly disagreed.

Unlike David French, I’m also a proud traditional Southerner. There is nothing unusual at all about my political, cultural, racial or religious views. This site has always had one foot in the past and the other in the present. I don’t attack David French nearly as viciously as a 19th century editor of a Democratic newspaper would have done. Imagine what Robert Barnwell Rhett in The Charleston Mercury would have said about French adopting a black kid from Ethiopia or his views about the Constitution.

I’m also a social conservative, but not one in the submissionist tradition of Northern mainstream conservatism aka classical liberalism like David French & Co.

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  1. ” It is post-constitutionalist”…Says the side that can not conserve Freedom of Speech, Association, Right to keep and bare arms, privacy, in short anything.

    • Baruch???
      Are you a member of the (((holy))) (((blessed))) (((Chosen)))?
      As Good Baptisitists, We wish that We were You.
      Thank you for deigning to edjudmiacate us dumb Goyim.
      Praise Yahweh .. Oops, I meant Hashem 🙂
      Praise the holy number 6e6.

      • @WP – it’s good advice though. Jews have gotten EVERYTHING by following that policy. Whites need to learn that lesson to the DNA level.

  2. As long as the Zyklon generation of the children of Murican Evangelicals vow to never volunteer, enlist or be conscripted into the armies of ZOG … let ZOG fight the Cossacks, Chechens, and a million Jet Li’s with their mongrel mud armies … we’ll see how that turns out … Bring it, God’s will be done!

  3. How does someone as mediocre as French acquire a public voice? — for me as an adult, that has always been the most obvious thing about debate in America: the mediocrity of the vast majority of people with a public voice — also always the question: what useful work do these people do? — the US has an enormous parasitical class.

    • Henry VIII liquidated the monasteries for a reason. 1 in 5 English at the time w re clergy.

  4. The more I see and read the words of this repulsive establishment GOP ass kisser; the more I suspect that the erasure and his wife adopted a black child was due to David’s lack of reproductive equipment. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, if he’s anatomically correct to a Ken doll.

    French must be getting regular testosterone injections in order to grow that hasidic beard.

  5. I like being described as “pagan”. It’s quite accurate, no semitic superstitions or guilt trips to weigh me down.

  6. Conservatism of the David French variety is foreign to my life experience. It is to most normal people who aren’t Leftists.

  7. The David French type professional “conservatives” were all upset when the useless Tea Party got going led by the alcoholic lunatic Mormon Glen Beck. That was the end of the world until the IRS harassed the organization to death and the fraudulent nature of the organization was revealed. Goodbye Tea Party. The Republicans did nothing to defend the Tea Party either even though they were a bad joke of a pro-Republican “conservative” organization.

    Now there is more serious opposition to the Left that has nothing but contempt for good “conservatives” like David French and is not a fraud like the Republican Party, NR or the Tea Party. I find it telling that when scumbags like David French come under attack they always run to their pals in the MSM to attack their critics. They depend upon the establishment for their daily bread, they have got nothing.

    If the David French types are upset now about their critics wait until they see our “greatest ally” demand (and get) thousands of U.S. ground troops to fight in their next war. The military (especially ground forces) depends upon Southern and rural volunteers to staff their units and when existing military units are used up the U.S. Government will have to turn to conscription or abandon the war, an intersting conundrum. No doubt David French and his pals at MSNBC and CNN will be ready to volunteer, right? The deep and broad opposition will then become a force to be reckoned with.

    • The moment FEDGOV reinstitutes the draft all Hell will break loose in this country. I think that’s why, despite Trump basically being, to all intents and purposes, a Likud agent for Satanyahu, the Jews and the media they control were, are, and will continue to try to get him out of office. They fear prosperity that much.

      When the economy sucked, Whites, who were shut out of any good jobs through Affirmative Action and special grants, were forced to join the military. The more brutal the economy got, the fewer recruiting problems the military had.

      It was, to all intents and purposes, an economic draft and no one protested, because it was an all-volunteer military. I guarantee you, there will be campuses burning and riots in the street and Anti-Semitism like you’ve never seen if Trump goes to war with Iran and reinstates the draft.

      • Absolutely excellent point- — “an economic draft”. I know a classic liberal college grad, former altar boy, soy type who enlisted in the Air Force back during the 1980’s Great Recession because he needed a job and had no place else to go.

  8. That face is just begging for a few slaps. Then a drill sergeant screaming “PUSSY!!!!!!”

    • A couple of DI pussy slaps is way too good for French. He needs a real good ol’ fashioned country aiss whoopin’.

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