MAGA: American Patriotism Sinks To Near Record Low Under Blompf

As we approach July the 4th, fewer people are feeling extremely proud to be Americans, especially leftists going through the Great Awokening, but also people who are tired of living in Clown World after suffering through a month of non-stop faggotry during #PrideMonth:

The Hill:

“Pride in the U.S. has hit its lowest point since Gallup started asking about it in 2001, according to a poll released Tuesday, with less half of adults surveyed now saying they’re “extremely” proud to be Americans.

Seventy percent of U.S. adults said in the new poll that they were proud of be Americans, but 2019 marks the second consecutive year that fewer than half — 45 percent — identified as “extremely proud.”

The highest readings — roughly 70 percent — came in 2003 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when the American public expressed high levels of patriotism, Gallup noted.

Extreme pride amongst Democrats dipped to its lowest measure in the new survey. …

Republicans’ latest reading — 76 percent — is 10 points below the record high in 2003, according to Gallup. Republicans’ extreme pride has never fallen below 68 percent, even when former President Obama was in office, the survey giant noted. …”

How do you feel about it?

I will save my thoughts on the subject for tomorrow. I’ve spent the last few months reveling in being an ethnic minority. I don’t have anything in common with most “Americans.”

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  1. I hope this sinking level of pride filters down into the Southern soldier types so they won’t bother signing up to fight for the Jews and their cocksuckers and spread democracy, equality and other disease

    Maybe allowing the blacks, spics, faggots, and trannies to take over our military will hasten the end of this idiocracy.

    Can you be a true patriot to an idea? What is America anyway? I heard it used to be a country. Probably died in 1776. “All Men Are Created Equal” were its last words.

    • The elites have been against the peasantry having control over their lives from the beginning of the country. The Articles of Confederation led to too much “chaos” for the upper crust, so we got the Constitution. The wealthy investors needed to be paid off with the limited funds available, so soldiers that fought in the Revolution got screwed on their pay and war bonds. They didn’t even get pensions until Monroe (and then Jackson in 1832!) acted on their behalf. The American elites so enraged by unfair taxes crushed the peasants protesting unfair taxes during the Whiskey Rebellion. Washington, that “great man of the people,” actually led troops to put down the unruly peons.

      If you openly challenge the power structure, be ready to pay for your rebellion. IMHO, it’s better to build up from the bottom, quietly make your alternatives to the existing system, and carefully construct your networks that will participate in and grow those alternatives.

    • Its a myth that most soldiers join out of lofty good intentions.

      Few will admit that many join because it is a grand adventure and likely the only chance they will get to kill another person without going to prison.

      • Most join because it is a paying job with options for further training and they have few if any better options. One of my classmates freely admitted he was a “mercenary” and did not join for any patriotic reason.

  2. “I don’t have anything in common with most “Americans.” -HW

    I couldn’t agree more especially with our own kind, White ‘Amerikans’ that worship the MAGA or should I say the MIGA agenda and believe Drumpf can do no wrong. Our voices are being silenced and they still chearlead, ‘yay’ Trump.
    We’ve been so dumbed down and without resistance, I believe it’s impossible for revolution, even the peaceful kind. We’ve all been shuttered on the internet violating our 1a. When we do organize for grievances, we get our heads kicked in with state sponsored terrorists, ANTIFA and receive federal charges for defending ourselves as the rainbow flag flys in DC.
    The America I knew as a kid is gone and isn’t coming back.

  3. MY country was lost decades before I was born. Every July 4th, TCM broadcasts 1776. They are showing the film late, this year – when people should be at or returning from fireworks events. Every year I burst into tears, because the script for the film is taken from the writing and recorded speech of the brilliant and AMAZING men who created this once brilliant Nation. They were all of their Age; they could NOT have known the Enlightenment emerged from the fires of Hell. They thought they were doing their best, They made mistakes that they could not even imagine would kill this country, almost in the cradle. How could they have known? They were trying something that was brand new.

    I am proud of, and LOVE those men, and the other citizens of that era, with all my heart and soul.

    But yet – behold what’s become of us.

    Ozymandias weeps……….

    • @Madam: I suspect the FFs were aware that, since they were modeling their new American Republic on the classical Roman Republic, it would eventually become an Empire and experience all the misfortunes contained therein. They may have hoped that we, their descendants, would have been wise enough to avoid the mistakes of the past but probably suspected we would not.

      Now it’s time for the FOX News 4th of Jew-Lie ZOG Spectacular, hosted by air-headed blonde shiksas in short dresses and right-wing tough guys who “support the troops”, even though they avoided the Draft in Vietnam. Brought to you by Lockheed, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Blackwater.

  4. How do you feel about it?

    When I was a kid, I liked firecrackers. I still do.

    I used to think that the Revolutionary War was fought and won on the outskirts of Boston by George Washington, who was from Vermont or New Hampshire.

    My mom and my teachers set me straight on that, however.

    I became a Southern Nationalist because my teachers taught the Southern sweep of history.

    To me, the 4th is a celebration of Virginia’s and Carolina’s victory over the Crown.
    The North plays no rôle in it for me.

  5. I’m embarrassed to be an American, especially with a crude, obnoxious buffoon like Drompf as our (alleged/titular) president. The sooner ZOG collapses the sooner we can establish the North American Reich.

    • spahnranch1969,

      Good comments here especially by you and Denise. When I said these things to the parents of my anglo girl friends they were shocked and outraged. Apparently they have no clue of what is coming at them full speed. To their credit when I mentioned how liberal and twisted their soccer team is they did concede me a few points. And when I pointed out the Democrat party….

      Now the grandparents of my friends, they think I am correct. But Americans from 40-60 years old in my experiences are very naive. The white ones anyway.

      I do wish your Revolution would have been more restrained in its language and stated beliefs. And you just had to export it.

  6. The scramble for PC points is really astonishing. It’s as though PC prestige were the Holy Grail.

  7. I’m encouraged by what I see in the comment sections:

    Much like with Yang, the rank and file are WAY out ahead of the personalities of the movement:

    People are realizing that we just cannot live with these people any longer and are calling for things like secession, Partition, civil disobedience, and, God forbid, Civil War.

    The irony of it is, when it was all said and done, it was the Enemy who chose acceleration!

    The future is bright: we will break away, we will build a pan-Aryan alliance, we will go to space, we will stop robots AI and trans-humanism.

    What a time to be alive!

    • Hey, AI robots could become massively useful for an outnumbered people. Don’t discount them.

  8. It’s time we start thinking in terms of a post America. Anything that speeds the decline is good. The sooner this empire implodes on itself the better. Just gotta ride the tiger and make it through.

    This system cannot sustain itself.

  9. Why would any mentally healthy white person with eyes to see be proud of this monstrosity? Military bases in over 100 different countries…telling everyone else our way is the only way…a culture that promotes sexual and gender deviancy and nigger worship…promoting hatred and ethnic cleansing of white people…etc. We are now the “Evil Empire”.

  10. We are in AL 154 (After Lincoln)
    Here is modern America: a local radio station gave out a number to call in case you see illegal fireworks. (This is in a city that outlawed fireworks) If that is not Soviet behavior I do not know what is! Making everybody snitch and spy on each other.

  11. I’m burning the American flag, watching Soviet propaganda films and listening to Westboro Baptist song parodies this July 4th.

  12. Bronald Blumpf should be hugging the Israeli flag not the american flag seeing how hes a foreign agent and traitor

  13. To be fair ‘n’ balanced, there were some Yankees at Yorktown. That said: “th’ Glorious Fourth” is right down there with “Labor Day” as the stupidest goddamn “holo-daze”. At this point, I am a proud Implosionist…death to th’ mofo empire.

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