Beer Can Chicken Recipe

We cook beer can chicken all the time here.

If you are doing Keto or trying to follow a low-carb diet, you can eat this chicken with a side of grilled green onions or some other veggies of your choice. The leftovers are juicier than normal and taste great heated up. In general, the grill and the smoker are your best friend while on a cutting diet and the easiest way to keep eating a traditional Southern diet while shedding excess weight.

Depending on my fitness goals (if I am doing Keto, I will just go with a mess of grilled green onions), I like to eat this recipe with baked sweet potato fries:

Switching from normal french fries to baked sweet potato fries is one simple change in your diet that cuts out a lot of calories. Eating more grilled and roasted veggies is another.

Note: I would also recommend the zero calorie version of Milo’s Sweet Tea.

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  1. Everybody where I live at, has a smoker, including me. Except for hotdogs and hamburgers, we don’t do any grilling. We even do corn on the smoker, leaves intact and wrapped in foil. It goes good with chicken.

    We use Hickory, Post oak, Pecan and Mesquite. The neighbour lady uses Pecan, because it grows all over her property.

    My wife and I used to smoke turkeys the years we didn’t have Winter. Everybody does beer can chicken. It’s common at cookouts. I like it.

    We like Head Country BBQ sauce on our smoked meats, including chicken and turkey.

    Here’s a popular brand of smoker in Texas and Oklahoma;

  2. Never tried beer can chicken before, its sounds kinda trashy but i’m sure it isn’t bad. I’ve put beer in my stew before and that gives it a nice flavor never thought of cooking a chicken ontop a can of beer tho lol

  3. LMAO. I’m also wondering if aluminim is safe mixed with food. Could a small part of it melt into the hotplate and chicken?

    I like sweet potoatoes. Unlike ordinary potates they are low GI. which means you don’t feel jittery afterwards. They taste good in stew too.

  4. With all that salt and pre-made seasoning (what IS it, that Southernors seem to have BBQ flavor in EVERYTHING!?) in addition to the injecting with yet more chemicals (there is probably very little true spice in those packaged spices), it’s no surprise that this man is grossly obese.

    Also, smoking means you pollute the air of all the houses around you, unless you have an acre of land to let the wood smoke disspiate.

    I mean, that’s why we have ovens and stoves, and instant/crock pots!!! Consideration for your neighbors. We used to have a northern ‘Bubba’ that would make a charcoal grill fire in our street, on the hottest nights- What was that about? Thank God the A/C didn’t bring that vile smell into the house.

    This does NOT appeal to me at all.

    • The obesity comes from the sides, not the smoked or grilled chicken. It is a product eating too many carbs: sugar, alcohol, too many potatoes. If he sat there and ate that whole chicken without drinking a six pack to go along with it, he would be fine.

  5. If you’re going more keto or paleo, remember that the reason beef is favored over chicken is that B vitamins are lacking in poultry. Beans can be added to chicken to get the missing B vitamins, but most paleo plans are anti-legume. If your meal is lacking nutrition, though, it shouldn’t matter if a few beans are added, imo.

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