Axios: Trump Administration Admits Defeat on 2020 Census Citizenship Question


“The Trump administration has decided to print the 2020 Census without a citizenship question, the Justice Department confirmed to BuzzFeed and CNN on Tuesday.

Why it matters: President Trump was weighing a delay to the 2020 census less than 24 hours ago, as he considered ways to challenge a Supreme Court ruling that temporarily blocked the citizenship question. Experts say the question would have led to a less accurate census and consequently skewed the makeup of the House — thereby depriving cities with large numbers of minorities of federal funding, Axios’ Sam Baker writes. …”

*gigantic eyeroll*

Thank you, Chief Justice John Roberts.

This is a huge victory for True Conservatism! Does anyone else remember when the dorks at National Review swooned over this guy?

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  1. I look forward to the day when Uncle Sam becomes an impotent moneyprinter and nothing more. Just pass out the social security checks paid in our continually devaluing fiat currency, pay the Medicare bills, and STFU, old man.

  2. As long as presidents continue to chose candidates for federal judgeships from ivy league schools, the judiciary will continue to reflect the views and values of the coastal (((elites))).

    David French slandered WNs as “Post-Constitutionalists.” Well, the talmudic incarnation of what used to be America is pre-constitutional, but instead of King George III making our lives miserable, we have King Zog.

  3. The sad career of the movement (in sequence)1

    1. Fighting white genocide
    2. Trump
    3. Demon worship
    4. Melee Combat
    5. Take Back America
    6. Yang Gang
    7. Take Back America
    8. ????
    9. Racial Divorce

    8. Mike Enoch and Greg Johnson advocate a “slow cleanse”, which is silly (we would have to hold the government continuously for decades). WE are the ones getting slow cleansed, and the moment we reverse that, a war will break out.

    Isn’t it strange the level of resistance to actually winning?

    The correct pathway was

    1. Fighting white genocide
    2. Trump
    3. Partition

  4. Millions and millions of illegal aliens must be counted the same as citizens. States with large numbers of them, such as California, will get more (undeserved) representatives and electoral votes. Thanks to Roberts and the Jews.

    This country is a f***ing joke.

  5. If anyone still thinks voting GOP is the way to stop the insanity they’re insane.

    • The GOP is the problem because they give the normies hope, but all they ever receive are temporary fixes and empty promises l

  6. So we’ve established a few hard truths.

    1. We whites are being outbred by minorities who despise us.

    2. Time is not on our side.

    3. We’re not voting, talking or blogging our way out of this mess.

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