People’s Republic of Cville Ends Celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday


“CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Charlottesville, Virginia, will no longer celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as an official city holiday and instead will observe a day recognizing the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans.

The city council voted Monday night to scrap the decades-old April 13 holiday honoring the slave-holding president and Founding Father. Charlottesville will now mark Liberation and Freedom Day on March 3, the day U.S. Army forces arrived in the city in 1865. …”

I was there at the statue that night.

I remember how we were condemned by mainstream conservatives for honoring our fathers. Those losers condemned us that night for rallying in support of the Thomas Jefferson monument, not the police who stood down and did nothing or the Antifa who disrupted the event.

Note: This is why they have been reduced to hiding behind their politically correct shield of assaults on gay Asian journalists. They can’t stand up for our traditional heroes like Jefferson, Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They are all a bunch of morally crippled weaklings like David French.

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  1. I’m amazed they hadn’t done this already. How did that vicious, bigoted cracker retain his own holiday in Cville all the way into 2019? It boggles the mind.

  2. Sam Francis warned you this would happen — that they wouldn’t stop with the Confederate flag and Confederacy’s heroes. Too bad no-one listened.

    • Charlottesville is now a Northern city in a Southern State. It’s infested with Carpetbaggers. Eventually, they’ll be replaced by the Mud Flood that they and their “Jewish allies” have engieered, and it’ll become a different fight.
      To most Northerners, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are foreigners anyway. They seem ill at ease with them, at any rate. Whether they were miseducated to feel this way, or this is a product of the very real cultural differences between the two nations, I can’t say for sure. However, rightly or wrongly, this is how it appears to me.

      As an aside;

      I’d bet that there wouldn’t be a move to abolish Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, if they had been New Englanders.

      • Thomas Jefferson himself said that he wanted to have New England style towns in Virginia. It seems his wish has finally come true.

  3. Cultural marxist sjw politicians are infected with a virulent strain of of the White Erasure virus. Hopefully, the virus mutates and becomes lethal to its hosts.

  4. The movement is quizzical:

    The main driver is the claim we are being purposefully genocided, but people express genuine shock when the Enemy doesn’t let them use their website.

    Which is it??

    The Alt Right is still scheming on how to Take Back America and institute a Slow Cleanse.*

    Will the knife have to be half way across your throat before waking up?

    We need to separate, and a campaign for Partition is the only orderly way to do so.

    We will keep losing until we get that.

    * I kid you not, Greg Johnson just released an interview today advocating a Slow Cleanse – Silly! Beneath him!

  5. That night was the only part of Charlottesville that went really well for us. If everyone had gone home after that, the street movement would have grown and grown.

    So why did it go so well?

    You did not tell the establishment where you would be.

    • “So why did it go so well?

      You did not tell the establishment where you would be.”

      There you go. A necessary tactic of winning a battle is concealing your position from the enemy. You strike from an advantageous position, inflict damage, and change your position again.

  6. Since the assault on the Asian journalist Antifa have evolved into “Nazis” and “white supremacists”. Watch “conservatives” push this nonsensical lie.

    • I’ve heard the Antifa= Nazis in many of the Cuckservative media. The White Supremacist part, though, I hadn’t. .
      But, of course! Let the Cuckservatives demonize the closest thing they have to an ally. THAT will prove they’re not raycisssts.
      When I was a normie, this sort of subversion used to baffle me… How, I would wonder, do things always twist into the worst contortion possible for normal, race realist Whites? ?
      Now, of course I understand.

  7. White people breathing is an affront to liberty and freedom. There will be no true freedom or liberty in this world until the white race is exterminated.

  8. If Monticello didn’t have its National Historic Landmark designation, the Cville city council would turn into public housing for coons or queers.

  9. After her dad died, Jefferson’s daughter sold the Monticello house to a Jew, I’m not making that up…what do you expect after that?

  10. Just after Waco I formed two militias in Southwest Missouri because the “militias” back then were survivalist groups. Two days after Oklahoma City Bombing a number of them said that they were not going to join my militias because ZOG was going to crack down. So the only militias left were FBI-approved, as are the Klans. Also, just before the Internet Movement people used to have “mentors” who would advise against showing themselves. The Internet changed all that to mandate showing your ass in order to claim to be important. But warlordism is the Movement’s future.

    The leaders of the Charlottesville 2017 disaster, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Augustus Invictus, are jews and mongrels of some sort. They deliberately exposed 400 White newbies to scrutiny and ruined their chances to be effective local warlords. They set up something called “The Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas” or as I call it “The ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center. Those who set up that “lawfare” group were much the same ZOGbots of Charlottesville:

    The “lawfare” is now against White Supremacist groups and Churches. Bryan Reo along with his friends Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowsky. After five years of litigation I and my Church were summoned to Lake County Ohio and there before a Lake County lynch mob me and my Church of Jesus Christ Christian /; Aryan Nations of Missouri were ruled against for $105,000 and $400 respectively for calling Bryan Reo a homosexual mongrel and ZOGbot.

    I’ll of course appeal and file a federal lawsuit about how a municipal or county couret has no jurisdiction over someone 900 miles away making fun of a mongrel playing at White Supremacist.

    So what is the point? Most of the Movement “leadership” is working for the feds all along and following them is putting your head in a noose.

    The future is in local strong men who will forge order out of chaos as this federal government implodes. Warlordism, as there won’t be enough unity for a Caesar or a Bonoparte to arise. But first a collapse.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    P.S. William “Baal” Finck was a party to this litigation but the crooked judge let the Jersey City spic-killer off along with LiarBill “MumpsNut” DeClue at my Lake County Lynching. Above already published at Z-Man Blog concerning Charlottesville, “Suicidal Stupidity” – PMLDL

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