CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Interviews Jared Taylor


In April, CNN asked me for an interview with one of its hosts, Fareed Zakaria, as part of an hour-long program on “white nationalism.” I was reluctant. Programs of this kind don’t try to understand why people become “white nationalists.” They just dismiss them as “racists,” “haters,” and “white supremacists.” …

Miss McGuirk did not mention that the title of CNN’s hour-long, even-handed, “serious treatment of White Nationalism” is called “State of Hate: The Explosion of White Supremacy.” This somehow undercut her cheerful assurance: “I believe you will feel your views are presented fairly and thoroughly.”

Liza McGuirk has been unfailingly prompt, professional, and polite. I cannot bring myself to doubt her sincerity. She edited the program, and maybe it deserves a different title. I will leave it to others to decide.

Whenever these people contact me and request that I participate in their “story” or “documentary” about race in America, 99% of the time I won’t even open their emails. I usually send inquires from “journalists” straight to the trash. I’m not interested in participating in their propaganda.

The days when we could expect a fair hearing from these people are long over.

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  1. The moron wanted the exposure and attention, and they gave it to the vain fool good and hard. Anyone believing what a member of the corporate press tells them is retarded.

    • @Rich L
      The only one I saw who could deal with the press was Bob Whitaker. No matter how they edited him they couldn’t find anything they could USE, so they threw the entire interviews away and stopped asking him. But Bob was paid to do that kind of thing for politicians in Washington. while Jared is an amateur.

      “The days when we could expect a fair hearing from these people are long over.”

      We never got a fair hearing from these people. I remember the Jerry Springer days of the 1990s, with the Hollywood Nazi skinheads brawling with Jerry’s audiences. They behaved exactly like the actors paid to play the bad guys in Indiana Jones movies.

      They only put us TV if they think they can make us look bad. If they fail at that then the show never makes it to air. There is no upside to cooperating with these people.

  2. He is a loser, Christ is our savior and the Jews are our enemy and near the twain shall meet.

  3. I wonder, will this be the figurative “straw” that will cause Mr. Taylor to don the Siege Mask?

  4. Zakaria doesn’t win, since he can’t observe the most basic rules of civil debate with all his compulsive interruptions and evasions. His attempt to dodge the Yale affirmative action question undermines all following claims of objectivity.

  5. They do these shows because they think they are going to “reach the norrmies” with a tie and a smile.

    IMO they should be attacking conservatism and going full populism. Destroy the competition first. It is so ripe right now to be picked apart after this Trump debacle presidency and conservatism’s entire make the rich richer economic policy priority. Conservatism is in a very weak position right now and for the foreseeable future. Go in for the goddamn kill for Christ sake’s.

    If Trump loses the presidency to someone like Kamala Harris or when he leaves in 2024 with nothing accomplished we could be set up to come in with massive propaganda and go in for the kill. Instead, our leaders are going on CNN looking like idiots. I like Jared Taylor but its time for him to go away now. He doesn’t know how to win and if you are still falling for these setups in 2019 you have a serious problem.

  6. Quoth Jared Taylor: “I will permit myself to hope that the word ‘hate’ will not be in the title of your program”

    Surely he didn’t really believe this. Is he such a Boomer that he didn’t know what CNN would do with his interview?

  7. I think Jared knew very well that it was going to be a hit piece. His audience/supporters do not watch CNN unless to see what hysterical crap they’re peddling on any particular day. I would think he hopes – and he may be right – that if he can get one, just one, CNN automaton viewer to think about some of his comments, his interview was a complete success. Taylor has a different strategy and he has been doing what he’s been doing long before we even knew there was a BIG problem.

  8. I don’t think that Jared Taylor comes off badly in this piece, at all.

    He’s credited by Zakaria with not being violent, and clearly gets his main point across – that many Whites want a homeland of our own, now – because multicultural America is hostile to us.

    I think average whites are a lot less fragile than CNN does. Even the guys marching around, most of the people I know, who are not WN and some even not conservative would says: so? SO? They got a right.

    The ‘scary stuff’ that gets spliced in is the Charlottsville event. Still the shock value comes not from anything Taylor says, but from the film clips of the Unite the RIght rally.

    Who came up with that clever idea? Who decided that chanting “Jews Will Not Replace Us” while being filmed by the MSM was a good look? Who participated in it?

    I think Jared, an experienced old hand, was wise and gave Charlottesville a wide berth.

    Aside from everything else, one young white man is going to spend life in prison, and the event has provided the Lawfare Forces of SPLC and friends a big playing field . They have exploited it to the max, and are still suing the like of Richard Spencer, who has basically been neutered.

  9. It’s like the wonderful David Duke who is too busy grifting from Roman Catholics in Louisiana to criticize Catholic politicians & clergy who stab him in the back and slap him in the face. I like Taylor too, but, he’s a grifter in his own way as we all know. Although, I do think Taylor has had an epiphany as his media opportunities have dried up. Now he has to do loaded interviews with foreign coons.

    Have a safe 4th.

  10. Saw this while trying to get some sleep in a hotel room; what a crock! Disgraceful portrayal of Jared. Also, the entire argument was BS. Pure propaganda.

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