Violent Protests Erupt In Israel Over Police Shooting of an Ethiopian Teen

Los Angeles Times:

“The shooting death of Solomon Teka, a young Israeli man of Ethiopian descent, by an off-duty police officer has sparked protests across the country, modeled in part on the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Teka, who was unarmed and who recently turned 18, was shot and killed Sunday night in Haifa’s Kiryat Haim suburb, in northern Israel, while hanging out with friends in a playground.

His family claims he was murdered.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says the police officer, who was in the park with his family, and who has not been publicly named, identified himself as an officer to the group of youths after a fracas.

Rosenfeld said the youths threw rocks at the officer, who fired a single bullet in response.

None of the youths was armed.

The officer was arrested on Monday and remains under house arrest. …”

Hey black people … check out what OUR GREATEST ALLY is doing when it is not launching unprovoked attacks to kill dozens of people in Syria.

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  1. Goody, goody, I hope the darkies burn everything down. I’d also like to see some really good physical assaults. Lots of blood and “wailing.” What’s good for the goose is good for the ganderstein.

  2. I am pretty sure the only reason the Israeli Police do not put those riots down very strongly is because of European/American news media sentiments. White people are very weak in confronting organized non-white violence in such situations. Not the majority of whites perhaps but the media and the authorities.

    • Christina Romana Alva H. (Christy)

      Refugees from Ethiopia colonized Israel 40.000 years ago They absolutely have the legitimate rights to work and live there now.
      The brutality of the Israeli police js unacceptable. A fine young colored gentleman is dead.

      • Nemo,

        I recently read in an American article that said Mexicans do not recognize irony. Maybe that is true because I thought you were serious until the last sentence.

        A larger but somewhat similar situation occurred in the Boston Massacre in 1770 where a rabble were harassing British soldiers with rocks, clubs, snowballs etc. The soldiers fired and 5 members of the mob were killed. The 8 soldiers were put on trial for murder. They were defended by future USA President John Adams. All were acquitted of murder but 2 were convicted of manslaughter. A Patrick Carr, one of the mob said on his deathbed that the soldiers fired in self defense.

        The moral thinking for the case (which I agree with) was that 2 of the soldiers fired prematurely when they were only provoked but not seriously threatened while the other 6 soldiers fired when the mob seriously threatened their lives with makeshift weapons like rocks and clubs.

        In my view the Israeli policeman is either only guilty of manslaughter or is innocent depending on how it all occurred. It is obvious that rocks in the hands of young men are dangerous weapons.

        • An African thug is dead — good riddance. Let’s hope this sparks a civil rights movement in the land of our lovely Jewish friends, same as they gave us.

  3. I think its one thing to magnify and spread the news of this chaos, as it has tactical significance to us to show how the chaotic worldview of diaspora jews has even brought chaos to Israel. Israel, the reason we surmise jews do everything, is burning same as Saint Louis, or Baltimore. Clearly there is more going on here.

    Besides that, its another thing entirely to celebrate it.

    Spite is a Jewish characteristic, intrinsic to their worldview and how they see themselves fitting into the world. This is the source of their malice. But, they don’t have a monopoly on spite.

    It’s not something I have the stomach for. I will be the first to strike someone in righteous anger for attacking me and mine, or to fight on the ideological battlefield for the our right to exist on our own terms.

    I don’t want to see anybody’s city burning.

  4. this is great. hope they kill each other off. how come they are not killing the cannibals like they kill the palestinians

  5. hope they kill each other off. how come they are not killing them like they kill the Pals every weekend

  6. No problem Ethiopians are a dime a dozen. I’m sure a few hundred thousand have been replicated since this surprising and unfortunate event.

  7. The Israelis must learn to become more multicultural and stop their hatred,bigotry,and intolerance of their black brethren.Those damn racists!

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