Daily Caller: DC Barbecue Joint Kicks Out Patron For Harassing Customer In MAGA Hat

Daily Caller:

“Washington, D.C., barbecue joint allegedly kicked out a man who accused a tourist of racism for wearing a Make America Great Again hat Thursday.

TJ Helmstetter tweeted Thursday night that he was kicked out of his “favorite restaurant,” Hill Country Barbecue and Market, after accusing a tourist wearing a MAGA hat of racism. Helmstetter reportedly called the tourist a Nazi  for sporting the MAGA hat, a hat bearing President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan. …

Helmstetter says that after finding out the man was not from D.C., he told the man, “We don’t tolerate racism in this city.”

Poor guy saw “Hill Country Barbecue” and was reminded of Texas.

What do you do to Nazis like this tourist from somewhere in flyover country who was visiting DC? You punch Nazis. You milkshake, dox and humiliate the Nazis. You deplatform the Nazis. You confront the Nazis like Sarah Sanders and Don Jr. in restaurants, spit on them and deny them service.

What do we do?

We mind our own business and stay out of it. This isn’t our fight. The president can stick up for his … uh, supporters. If we did so, conservatives would accuse us of racism.

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  1. There is the inkling of a backlash against the Left ‘s censorship, blowing in the wind.

    A Jewess infamous for getting people banned from Twitter for “anti-Semitism” was banned today, herself, for targeted harassment.

  2. As much as you would like to keep your distance, we are lumped in, and targets nonetheless. Just because we arent Trump fans doesnt mean we arent targeted for extinction.

    • This ” Blompf” is your last defense line against going full Soviet 1917. There is no genetic mutation performed in last 100 years so the average white liberal is as crazy as the ones we had 100 years ago.

      Back in the 1917 we also thought that our “Blompf” , called Kerenski should oust from the office and give power to liberal democrats for a while to educate our cucks is a good idea.

      And we thought that our 100 % white WW I passed war experienced heavily armed christian conservative society is strong enough to survive such experiment.

      Now, after 100 years later and 100 million dead , our people understand that this was bad idea.

      • Taking to the streets does not have to be about defending Trump.

        Only when the pre WW2 Nazis started showing some testosterone and took on the Reds in the streets, did they start winning politically. Street demos are not just about publicity and recruitment, whoever is seen to control the streets affects the morale of the entire country.

      • Alexander Kerensky was just a place-holder until Lenin and his gang were ready to seize power. By the way, it was the USA that made the USSR possible. Strange how this country was responsible for spreading communism and islamic terrorism, two ideologies we have spent thousands of billions supposedly trying to eradicate.

        • Well, now the great question. What is the USA ?

          Was creation of USSR decided in the referendum or some ageing Confederate General gave order to his remaining old vets to put up USSR before death ????

          USA had very little to do about USSR . Some Jewish billionaires gave the money to Eastern European white liberals and white liberals did all horrors.

          After this horrific event and 50 million deaths, we learned and now we keep our white liberals under control. USA rich Jews still have a lot of money but because we dealing with our genetic white liberals, there is nobody to receive this money

          This is the very simple reason, why small Eastern European countries can keep their border closed but bid Western European countries can not.

          Kerensky was not a place holder, he was the last pillar of collapsing society. Like Trump. Last weak man standing holding the door.

          Leave Jews and Muslims and niggers and ´Darth Vader and all the rest of the self invented ghost alone and keep Donald in charge at any price until you have next defense line ready.

          History lessons are very very important because history tend to repeat itself . Without dealing the root cause of all problems, genetic white liberal, you will end up in the same shit we had.

  3. I’ll tell you what we could do.

    We could embrace a radical Socialist, anti-Capitalist platform and leave all this conservative nonsense – including the “National Socialism” of American Hollywood Nazis and larping internet incel retards (which is basically the GOP platform without the Zionism) – in the trash bin of history where it belongs.

    It shouldn’t even matter what happens between Antifa and Conservatives. But most white nationalists instinctively see it as necessary to side with conservatives because they fundamentally hold the same middle/upper class social position, and thus the same ideology, as the conservatives.

    The vast majority of alt-righters will never, ever, EVER side with the poor and working class, much less try to reach out to them and recruit them. No, that’s the scary, evil, commie Strasserite stuff that is a threat to their ill-gotten property, and you deserve a free helicopter ride for even suggesting it.

    And people wonder why I’m angry.

    Let the cuckservatives be doused with all the electric milkshake they ask for. And may the same happen to those “racialists” who fellow-travel with them.

    • Hitler was populist. That’s why he won.

      We don’t need to go to your (((communist))) scumbag Strasserism. Populist nationalism is all it takes.

      And you’re insane if you think the alt-right likes Conservatism. Most of us despise it openly and thoroughly, and you’d have to be nuts or a total moron to miss the CONTINUOUS condemnation of the cuckservatives, neocons, and Uniparty in general on the far right.

      Then again, Strasserists ARE insane, as proven by your long fixation on here with detailed, sweating fantasies about mutilating other men’s testicles.

      Why don’t you go hang around with Federal snitch and lowlife doxer Chris Cuntwell or something? He seems like about your speed.

      • Which is your usual moniker here?

        And what the hell do you even consider Strasserism to be? Is universal health care Strasserism? I think Hitler supported that. Was Huey Long a Strasserist? Is anything you don’t like Strasserism, Nazbol or something else baddy bad bad?

  4. If you Google “TJ Helmstetter” and look at the images, it appears that the TJ in TJ Helmstetter stands for “The Jew”. Now maybe I’m wrong but there is something highly suspect about this crybaby. Someone should charge him with cultural appropriation for stealing a good Germanic name.

    I wonder if a MIGA hat would have triggered him?

  5. MAGApedes and other assorted “conservatives”, constantly having to prove they aren’t “racists”, need much more of the left’s white nationalist treatment. Perhaps it will begin to dimly dawn on them that anti-Whites hate them not because they’re “conservatives” but because they’re White.

  6. Yes, that’s right. It’s not our fight. I agree. It was why I could have cared a less about the Andy Ngo incident and not just because it was an obvious grift job. It was because I have no stake in it. I don’t care if conservatives get beat up and censored. When they are serious about winning and not just creating gofundme’s and virtue signaling then I will have stake.

  7. I didn’t think it was possible, but Trump’s twitter page has actually reached new lows the last few days promoting true conservatism and zombie Reaganism.

  8. I guess when the communists come for you, you can point out how you don’t mind that they beat up and censor conservatives. They will be sure to make the distinction.

  9. Somewhat off topic:

    Mr Wallace, since you live in the state, what does the real Alabama think about Roy Moore running for the Senate again? Moore would be a fighter against progressives on many issues. And Moore is very pro-Trump. But Trump thinks a lot like Nikki Haley and they both condemn the Confederate Flag and both appear to be pro-PC on the tearing down and condemning the South and Trump offers no real defense when he could. Trump seems to be waiting for when these Communist/Antifa types start going after Washington, Jefferson and the North before he will actually do anything. But what about Roy Moore? Where does he really stand on the Confederacy and this current cultural cleansing of the South?

    Roy Moore appears to be the type that if he had been Robert E. Lee he would have taken the command offered to him by Lincoln and would have invaded and beaten the South down. I do hope that this is not the real Roy Moore. But he keeps emphasizing the very thing that has hurt the South for over 150 years with all his Pledge of Allegiance and his pride in his military service to this country who invade and tear down foreign nations and set up puppet regimes just like the Yankees did to the South.

    I will never pray for Roy Moore to win if he is the southern traitor I think he really is. But from a distance it is not clear where he really stands.

    • I don’t know much about Judge Moore but I suspect he’s one of those Christian Zionist cucks who wouldn’t have a problem with having brown grandkids.

  10. “We mind our own business and stay out of it.”

    Sadly it appears Yang-grene disease still infects Oriental Dissent!

    There is a world-wide populist back-lash (Modi, Salvini, Abe, Orban) and White Christian Americans should be doing our part in this broader movement by supporting God-Emperor Trump!

  11. Besides, Thomas Jackson was the best Confederate leader bar none. And I’m a big fan of Forrest and Mosby.

  12. People shouldn’t be wearing ball caps inside of restaurants anyway. What the hell ever happened to good table manners?

  13. @ banned for life

    Well to give you an idea, the establishment GOP hates his guts. The neocon GOP radio talk shows hate his guts, they ridicule anyone who gets through on their shows. So, if you want to stick it to the status quo you vote for Roy Moore in the primaries.

    • I know that, but will this guy when he is given the power really punch right and try to completely wipe out Southern nationalism to win brownie points with the MSM? He looks like he would.

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