Politico: Who Should Be on the Next Mount Rushmore?


“Are there any American “heroes” we can agree on in 2019? This might sound like an abstract question, but for the Fourth of July weekend, Politico Magazine has decided to make it more concrete, asking experts: Who would you put on a new Mount Rushmore?

Every year, more than 2 million people drive to Keystone, South Dakota, to stare at the 60-foot-tall granite heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The sheer size of those heads evokes our sense of the heroic—people who didn’t just achieve something but embodied larger American values. “What makes the hero a hero is the romantic notion that he stands above the tawdry give and take of everyday politics,” H.W. Brands wrote in his biography of Roosevelt.

For all their contributions to American history, it is hard, in 2019, not to think about the fact that two of the four figures on Mount Rushmore—all white men—owned slaves, and none even served at a time when women could vote. Americans today are deeply divided about which historical figures we should continue to revere; over the past several years, many of the old “heroes” of U.S. history have been revisited and, in some cases, lopped off their pedestals, both metaphorically and literally. …”

What are your picks?

Who should be on the next Mount Rushmore in the Glorious Union? The venerable Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. would obviously be included because he is the primary Founding Father of the present order in spite of being exposed as a moral degenerate who participated in orgies and laughed while watching a woman get raped. MLK’s myth is stronger than even the #MeToo era.

Blompf would have a place on there due to the size of his ego and the extent of his accomplishments which are greater than any previous president. We could also include Obama for the hope he inspired although nothing really changed under his presidency. Desmond Is Amazing would be on there for being an award-winning 12-year-old drag queen. Harvey Weinstein would represent Jews. Finally, we would need a woman of color and I can’t think anyone wealthier or more influential than Oprah.

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    • I agree, Rockwell! (Either that, or myself, for my stunning brilliance and boundless humility. Okay … maybe not …) 😉

  1. The Southerner that establishes and raises a Southern memorial on private property here would make a fortune.
    Unfortunately, like the SCV it would be completely cucked in a generation, honoring noble knee-grows.

    The Union monument should honor pillars of the Union such as Miley Cyrus, Gloria Steinem, Phil Donahue, Jerry Springer, Deray McKesson, Michael Brown (AKA Gentle Giant) and Trayvon Martin (Saint Skittles) to name a few.

  2. GLR is a great choice, but just to piss all the woke leftists off, I vote for Nathan Bedford Forest.

  3. Screw all these politicians and other creeps.

    My monument would feature people I like, say Joe DiMaggio, Clint Walker, Willie Nelson…

  4. They should put the face of pope francis on the new Mount Rushmore. Why? Because he just made Fr. John very happy. And when Fr. John is happy that makes us all happy!

    How did the poop make Fr, John very happy? francis just gave the relics of Saint Peter the first Catholic Pope to the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch, Patriarch Bartholomew. The giving away of the relics of the first Catholic Pope by a so-called “Catholic” Pope to the Eastern Orthodox church is VERY MEANINGFUL. Fr. John understands the meaning/significance of it and he’s very happy I’m sure that a [so-called] Catholic Pope just gave away the relics of the first Catholic Pope, Saint Peter, to the Eastern Orthodox church.

    Fr. John is probably over at http://www.traditio.com/ right now, gloating alot, poop francis just made Fr. John very happy indeed!

  5. Two scenes: Jefferson waving goodbye to a ship full of blacks on their way back to Africa; Jackson waving goodbye to Indians being led away on the Trail of Tears. Both men are smiling.

    • That’s a good one! Maybe a literary figure– Ezra Pound– or George Patton instead of Rockwell. But Jackson, Ford and Lindbergh are perfect.

  6. Pick another mountain and sculpt a nog or two there. Don’t deface an existing sculpture.

    Call it Kang Mountain.

    King, X, Farrakhan, Obama

    Use an exclusively black workforce and no white engineers or consultants.

    There’ll be hundreds of dead Nogs littering the worksite within weeks.

  7. Definitely Mitt Romney after he transitions to Missy and marries Corey Booker.


  8. Hmmm, so many possibilities and good recommandations. How about The Buttplug waving a fag flag, Monica on her knees in front of Bill while Hillary scowels in the background, Mitt opening a gate on the Mexican border for the squat monsters while taking a 10 inch thick wad of C-notes and stuffing it in his pocket. Sorry, I forgot about His Majesty the Rev. Dr. (sic) Martin Luther King Jr. doing a prostitute and a line of coke while Glenn Beck swigs from a pint of grain alcohol and all 400 Lbs. of Oprah looks on angrily.

    Just trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  9. It should reflect the new America in the 21st Century:

    Caitlyn Jenner, Chaz Bono, RuPaul, and George Takei

    So, two whites, one black, and one Asian. Or, two women and two men or is it four men or four women? Can we make it six to put a Jew and Hispanic in there? Or, should it be 4 Jews, 1 white Catholic, 1 Hispanic, and absolutely no WASPS to make it look more like the Supreme Court?

  10. I really like Spahn’s trio of Jackson, Ford and Lindbergh.

    But maybe the monument should be a reflection of power in today’s America– a group of four victims of the holoco$t.

  11. My picks would be Andrew Jackson, Charles Lindbergh, and George Patton.

    I think that another monument to Snivel Rights Heroes could be chiseled where more minorities live. Why pick the West in a state which never had slavery? There are mountains in the South. Pick one that has a high level of minorities who usually congregate together in one are when they can’t afford to chase White people all over hell’s half acre.

    Put up Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, MLK, Malcolm X, and Cesar Chavez.

    But, aside from Lincoln, Mount Rushmore reflects more of what the founders originally intended for America. I think they ALL would have sent freed Negro Slaves to Liberia than countenance what is going on now.

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