Alt-Lite Holds Free Speech Rally In DC

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday.

We spent the day engaging in Friendship Nationalism by hosting a little low-carb friendly BBQ here in Central Alabama. Meanwhile, MILO and other fading Alt-Lite brands from the Trump era held a spectacle in DC yesterday afternoon to promote themselves by using Antifa as a foil:

The purpose of the event was to put on a show to prove that Democrats are the real racists, to repress real issues like the Jewish Question, to promote and normalize homosexuality and transgenderism on the right and in the case of the Proud Boys to get together to do lines of cocaine and have sex with random people. It is a bunch of degenerate grifters who conserved nothing.

The highlight of this forgettable event was this guy who showed up and trolled it with a “Jews Own USA” sign. He was escorted out of the free speech rally by the DC police and the Proud Boys:

Jovi Val who was at Jason Kessler’s UTR 2 rally was kicked out as well.

I can’t imagine why anyone would go to event like this after MILO revealed that all the Alt-Lite brands secretly record each other in order to use their private conversations as blackmail that can be sent to leftwing outlets like BuzzFeed. They recently destroyed their friend Lauren Southern by exposing how she was having sex with various people in exchange for content.

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  1. “Alt-Lite hosts a free speech rally in DC and ejects a guy for raising the Jewish Question”

    Freedom of speech is always suppressed with the excuse that it might cause trouble.

    “to repress real issues like the Jewish Question”

    #Diversity and #freespeech cannot exist together.

  2. That’s a perfect example of why mainstream Conservatives, Nationalists, and Republicans will never accomplish anything in the World. Don’t even name the Jew. How’s those people gonna talk about the Federal Reserve? It’s run by the Jews and White Traitors. What about the International Banking System? What the fake interest rate system that does nothing but benefit the Super Rich? What about the mainstream media including Fox News? What about America’s foreign policy? How many million of $$$ are we in debt because of the Wars for the Jews? Oh but the Cuckpublicans say that economic stimulus is what caused the National Debt? So in other words we should go Bankrupt fighting stupid Wars for Israel instead of spending that money on Americans? Ok. Yea…..I’d saw we have the solutions….the end of Conservatives vs Liberals and replace that broken system with True Nationalism for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • “Don’t even name the Jew. How’s those people gonna talk about the Federal Reserve? It’s run by the Jews and White Traitors. What about the International Banking System? ”

      I respond:

      There’s a time and a place for everything – we need to go with what works. Take the best ever NS Propaganda film “Triumph of the Will”. How many negative references to Jews are in “Triumph of the Will”? Answer: Zero. Why is this so? Were Hitler and the National Socialist movement controlled by Jewish international bankers? Were they Christian ZIonists? No. They just did market research and decided that this topic would turn off supporters when they were on the brink of achieving legal power.

      I recommend, never lying, but understand your audience and tell them what they want to hear in ways that promote the legitimate rights of our people our culture.

      This is a reason I strongly rebuke the Libertarian Constitutionalist Ron Paul Rand Paul Cult. They insist that their program is THE TRUTH, the ONE AND ONLY TRUTH and they insist on trying to ram this TRUTH to audiences that will violently reject their programs – SH** like telling senior citizen groups in Florida that they want to end all Social Security payments to them and leave them to be volunteer cared for them by private churches.

      Or free market, non interventionists trying to convince voters in and around San Diego that they want to dramatically reduce funding to the US Navy which is the areas’ #1 employer.

  3. Political Zionism and International Communism are united in their hatred of traditional Christianity with its philosophy of elevating the individual over the group.

    Senator Barry Goldwater

  4. I’m starting to think it’s not another Hitler that we need, it’s another Stalin.

  5. We aren’t going to get anywhere either, even openly discussing the JQ because we don’t have a central narrative that is militantly enforced.

    Instead we have a fractured narrative driven mostly by coastal Neetsocs that is at best peak yankee self delusion about how much better it used to be, with dingleberry orbiters like Anglin who contribute nothing but to give a very loud voice to the least productive (see dumbest) segment of whites, (teenagers, incels keyboard warriors with nothing to show for themselves IRL), or that fag Nick Fuentes shown cuddling Milo in the tweet above.

    Nothing is going to change about that either until more of us are operating IRL instead of on social media. Only IRL can we get the measure of just how fake and gay these ecelebs constructed personas actually are.

    The Alt right is every bit as fake as the Alt lite. I don’t trust any of these people anymore. Even Cantwell, who has become so shady and erratic of late that I even am thinking we need to be keeping him at arms length. Ex cons aren’t to be trusted imo. Enochs a liar by admission, hid his Jewish wife from everybody and is probably still with her even though he pretends to be separated. Anglin hasn’t as far as I know ever been physically present for anything right wing IRL, and hasn’t ever been shown to be anything but a subversive manlet. (((Weev))). Ricky Vaughn… Jazz Hands Mcfeels… Ethnarc, who came totally out of nowhere and talks like a DC insider (and probably is TRS designated handler). Do you really trust any of these people?

    They all glow in the dark, or are clearly dysfunctional.

    Brad here is the only one who even seems on the level anymore.

    All the others, are probably figments of some elaborate psyop.

    Call me paranoid but I usually have a pretty good sense for when Im being screwed with.

    The Alt right is fake and gay.

    • What are your feelings on Sam Hyde becoming Chancellor of the US Fourth Reich after he finishes rebuilding his Supra?

    • Ironic Sock: Your characterization of the Alt Kike is spot-on, especially of Ricky Vaughn’s wigger boyfriend Anglin. Only HW, Dr. Hill, Commandant Linder and Terrible Tom Metzger are trustworthy.

      • @Spahn. Yeah I have always gotten a wholly different feel from the Southern Nationalist scene. Nobody seems to be vying for personality cult, or shilling for mad shekels like TRS. I would add Dr. Duke to your list though, as he seems pretty legit to me. Doesn’t even sell gold or dick pills, lol.

        @Morden. LOL at “Basted”. Picture her in an oven with Enoch holding a basting brush, grinning maniacally through the little window. In minecraft of course.

        Yeah, its all so tiresome.


  6. “Enochs a liar by admission, hid his Jewish wife from everybody and is probably still with her even though he pretends to be separated.”

    Oh come on… Enoch’s wife is BASTED! Don’t you know she read a Christmas poem for the RIght Stuff podcast, about baking jew cookies in ovens? Do you realize how BASTED and RED PILLED that is???

    But srsly…. I think the bulk of the Alt-RIght’s 2016 support came from Zionists, since Israel is the only group that benefitted from Trump’s victory. And I couldn’t square theirs or White Nat support for Trump, who was surrounded by jews. It made me question their sincerity on jew naming. Why join with these people in naming the jew, if they are just going to campain for them anyway? It’s yet another grift.

    • The Alt Kike was never anything more than a fleeting internet phenomenon – a fad, if you will. I see no hope for saving this country from its well-deserved descent into third world chaos.

    • Keep in mind that before there was the “alt right”, the white nationalists mostly untied in support of Romney, McCain and probably Dubya as well. Only a wignat wouldn’t vote Republican!

  7. NIck Fuentes is going to regret taking that photo with Milo. They look like a queer couple in Honolulu.

  8. A Status Six Poseidon can’t be detonated in the upper Potomac soon enough … or Jamaica Bay and/or the East River for that matter … just sayin’.

  9. A man holding a sign with a bible verse censored by a bunch of multicultural, gay friendly “free speech” activists.

    The absolute state of America in AD 2019.

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