Arkansas Cracked Black Pepper Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Broccoli Recipe

I’m giving a shout out to Weev in this article. I know he is a fan of Arkansas Cracked Black Pepper Bacon. There is a knock off version of it available around here now.

If you want to lose weight on a low-carb or Keto diet, the easiest way to do so is to eat a solid breakfast at the beginning of your day. I eat breakfast every day now and my staple meal is bacon and eggs. I like to eat thick cut black pepper bacon, scrambled eggs w/ Kerrygold butter and a side of broccoli.

I didn’t cook the broccoli in the bacon grease this morning, but it is an easy way to stay full for a longer period of time. Through a process of trial and error, I learned that the best way (for me) to stay full through the day is to eat a good breakfast and follow it up with snacks like cheese sticks, lean meats, pork skins and either a bowl of the Peel-a-Pound soup or the Southern Boiled Cabbage.

We’re doing Food Porn July because Summer 2019 has arrived and I know that many of you are likely looking for a quick way to shed as much weight as possible while having fun as you get ready to go on a beach vacation in August. It is crunch time and the best time really to swap ideas. I’m going heavy on the tasty salty foods for now because I am not really worried about water weight, but you will want to cut the sodium out of your diet to purge it a week or two before you arrive at the beach.

As anyone who visits a local Wal-Mart or a water park or the beach in the South knows, most people here are far more likely to drop dead from a heart attack or a stroke than a black-on-white homicide. This is due mainly to the enervating heat, lack of exercise and poor eating habits. We need to start cultivating and practicing better habits and given that the average plump American looks like a scene out of WALL-E this is an obvious area to do so where there is already a huge amount of public interest.

Note: I was out of the broccoli this morning, but you can see how it is prepared as a side in one of the meals in this Remington James video below. Rem is a whigger from Ohio, but he has good meal plans.

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  1. One of the most important things for ppl doing Keto is to watch to make sure you are good on your traditional nutrients. Meat and dairy exclusively will make you feel nasty pretty quickly. So low carb veggies are a must, and broccoli is definitely a solid choice. But broccoli, like most such vegetables, is not going to be filling by itself unless eaten with such a hearty meal, or sauteed in a generous amount of oil.

    In my experience out west, Avocados (which are cheap here) are a great way to go. So filling and fatty, yet packed with uniquely high “micronutrient” content that most fatty Keto food lacks. Don’t know how much they go for in the South, but you can get them here often for a buck for a very decently sized one. I prefer the ones with the Mexico sticker — not to digress, but there’s only a net benefit to peaceful trade with economies in the south where produce is concerned — as the California ones have had a few recalls lately.

    They are also amazing complement for a breakfast palette and could be a good complement for this dish.

  2. Yes, I felt like shit after the first few weeks of doing Keto last summer due to lack of potassium and other micronutrients. After diagnosing the problem, I began to work avocados, guacamole and spinach into my diet and started feeling much better

    • Low on potassium? You know bananas are a great fruit loaded with potassium. Another benefit of bananas is they fill you up so much, eat 2 bananas and try telling me you don’t feel full. Yes and I know bananas are high carbs fruit but they are easily digestable and loaded with other good stuff

      My biggest problem in summer is exercising in this wicked humid disgusting heat. Dieting has always been easy for me, but it gets too hot here and I can’t afford a/c so I just sit it out and suffer lol

      • Normally, potassium isn’t a problem in my diet, but bananas are usually restricted on a Keto diet due to the carbs. The goal is to keep your carb intake under 10% on a daily basis: 10% carbs, 20% protein, 70% fats.

          • Keto is a high fat/very low carb diet.

            The goal is to hold carbs to a minimum while consuming lots of fatty meats and green vegetables that are high in fiber and volume. The combination of the two has the effect of keeping you feeling satiated for a longer period of time which accelerates weight loss. A low carb diet is just a less extreme version of Keto.

          • I’m doing this anyway because it is July and there are so many fat people here in the South and it is such a huge problem that I figured why not blog about it?

          • I previously understood keto as a low carb diet, I didn’t know it was so high fat tho like why can’t it be both low carb/low fats you’d burn alot more weight off it you did low fats thing too.

            I generally try to stay away from bad fats trans and saturated especially thats the danger fats you got to watch out for Yeah the south definitely has a sickening obesity problem that isn’t going away anytime soon, its good you are blogging about it

  3. I didn’t know weev liked bacon seeing how he’s a jew lol i’m just joking I know hes only like 3% or something low like that

    I don’t have a smoker so i’ll have to sit this recipe out or do you even need one? Besides I prefer back bacon to side bacon almost anyday of the week. Yes it costs more but its so much more worth it, its less fatty and greasy too

  4. Avocados are good if you crave something creamy in your diet, especially when mixed with olive oil. They also take on flavors well. Mixing an avocado with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you have lying around is a good and quick snack that goes well with eggs for breakfast. Onions and garlic also mix well.

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