Jews Are Working To End ICE’s Reign of Terror In The United States

I love how mainstream conservatives lose their voice, get real quiet and collectively put their heads in the sand whenever this issue is raised out of sheer terror of being found out that they have noticed that it is Jews who are behind this coordinated push to dissolve our borders.


“Like most American Jews I know, I was raised with a thorough education about the Holocaust. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about it.

My family never minced words about the end result, nor about the political climate and policies that helped it get there – the process of gradual normalization of discrimination, exclusion, expulsion and extermination. 

As a teenager, I had workbooks in Hebrew school that covered the Kindertransport, I read excerpts from diaries describing the work camps that predated the death camps, and I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau when I was 16.

And through all this and more, I, like any other Jewish person, absorbed the mantra: Never Again.   …”

They are openly doing this as Jews and boasting about it in Haaretz which is an Israeli newspaper. Never Again obviously doesn’t apply to Israel which has the border wall that Trump promised to build here. It doesn’t apply to Israel which recently declared itself to be a Jewish ethnostate.

The Huffington Post:

“Hundreds of Jewish activists are protesting at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement centers on the East and West coasts this week, insisting that they have a moral obligation to speak out against the detention of migrants.

Wearing prayer shawls, blowing shofars and reciting prayers of mourning for children who have died in ICE custody, the Jewish activists are calling on Congress to shut the agency down and to offer “freedom and permanent protection for all undocumented immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.” …”

Jerusalem Post:

“NEW YORK (JTA) — Thirty-six Jews have been arrested at a protest in front of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The arrest on Sunday afternoon happened at the end of the protest outside of the Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility, organized by a new Jewish group called Never Again Action. Hundreds of Jews, mostly young people, attended the protest. Many of Never Again Action’s leaders are also involved with IfNotNow, a millennial Jewish group that opposes Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. …”

Is there an organized Jewish conspiracy to end immigration enforcement in the United States? Is there also an organized Jewish conspiracy to end free speech on the internet? Absolutely!

This guy with the sign who protested the Alt-Lite rally isn’t just some random crank. He was telling you the truth.

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  1. The Holocaust, “break glass and use” weapon. These morons don’t seem to get that this is one of the few things normies really care about. Nobody wants illegals in their neighborhoods. Using the holocaust as an excuse for open borders, is a good way to lose its value as a weapon. Holocaust is going the way of “racism” as overused threat against normies. May it be so.

  2. Any White who doesn’t understand who the enemy is by now may not be worth saving. How stupid or venal can a person be?

  3. Now THERE are a bunch of scummy possessed dirty JEWS !!!

    Best hurry with that book on Confederacy 2.0 !!!!!!

  4. The Zionist propaganda is strong in education, media, and (especially) the churches. I only woke up because I’m willing to go wherever my reading and research takes me. Most folks aren’t into history or alternative media, and don’t care very much about what goes on around them. Just as long as they get to live a certain lifestyle, they’re content. It will take extreme shock therapy to get them “woke” on the (((special people.)))

  5. They are Accelerating; that’s a fact. But why?

    They have no mechanism for walking things back. The moment one of them would try to counsel moderation, the mob turns on them and banishes them to the outer darkness.

    Funny how those who studied Haiti, not to mention France and the Soviet Union, and position themselves on the right, are not raising heck calling for Partition? This is a matter of personal and familial SAFETY, not mere political optimization. We are in the grip of a mental/spiritual pandemic.

  6. U$A (aka Murica, aka JewSA) exists as the breeding ground of the mongrel mud army of the (((Antichrist))).

    Remember, the real number of (((The Beast))) is not 666 … it is 6e6, aka 6E6 … the Holy Burnt Six Million, the number of the Great Lie, the Great Blasphemy of this age, which is the End of the Kali Yuga.

  7. Of course, the jews are organizing protests against the best agency in the jewnited states government.

    I so want to believe in karma like Ernst Zündel because the askennazi are in for one hell of a blowback.

    Even if the holohoax actually occurred, it would have been warranted and justified.

  8. “Jews Are Working To End ICE’s Reign of Terror In The United States”

    Who’s working to end the Jews’ reign of terror in the U.S.?

  9. “Never again” means the Holocaust justifies White Genocide. Jew anti-White hatred was never more apparent or more on display than now. They may be successful in the short run but they are beckoning 110 in the long run.

    • One way or another, it’s going to get worse for them. If reaction from whites never happens, a degenerated society full of brown people will not be good for them. Brown Amerika will be less than beholden to them and will not be a sugar daddy for Israel. It is shameful what we whites let them get away with.

  10. “The Jews’ determination to wipe out of public life every sign of the predominant
    Christian character of the United States, is the only active form of religious intolerance in our nation today.”

    Henry Ford

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