Joe Biden Apologizes For Remarks About Working With Segregationists


“Joe Biden apologized Saturday for his remarks about working with segregationists during his time in the Senate but again stopped short of saying that it was wrong to work with them amid a defense of his broader civil rights record.

“Now was I wrong a few weeks ago, to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again? Yes, I was. I regret it. I’m sorry for any of the pain or misconception that I caused anybody,” the former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate said to cheers during a speech to a mostly black audience in Sumter, S.C.

“But did that misstep define 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights, racial justice in this country? I hope not. I don’t think so. That just isn’t an honest assessment of my record,” Biden continued. “I’m going to let my record and character stand for itself and not be distorted or smeared.”

Biden prefaced his apology by saying the Senate “was full of segregationists” at that time and he did not believe he was wrong to work with “those who we find repugnant to make our system of government work for all of us.” …”

I hope more people are finally able to grasp where this is going.

First they came for the slaveholders between the 1830s and 1860s who were an easy target because slavery was such a massive conservative and authoritarian counterweight to the perfection of the North’s ideology of free-market capitalism and liberal democracy.

If you are wondering why I am personally so fascinated by slavery, it is because I am convinced that slavery kept the South somewhat balanced, anchored in reality and resistant to the pursuit of destructive liberal trends while the lack of slavery in the North has led that section of the country to be carried away by any number of fanciful utopian delusions over the course of American history.

In the 1950s and 1960s, they came for the segregationists because Jim Crow was similarly a massive conservative and authoritarian counterweight to the place that Northern liberals wanted to take the country. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 destroyed the segregationists and empowered mainstream conservatism which finally removed the brakes on the American experiment that had historically kept American democracy from descending to the level of Jacobin France.

Now, we are prepping for the third act which is the final demographic destruction of the great internal enemy of Americanism which is the conservative and Christian South through a toxic brew of abortion, miscegenation, immigration, political correctness and consumerism. In the long run, the Southern Christians who have opposed gay marriage and transgenderism will be demonized in the same way as the “racists,” “white supremacists,” “segregationists” and “slaveholders.”

There is no possibility for forgiveness either. In the 1970s, Joe Biden and other Boomers had assumed that the country had moved on from segregation as it had moved on from slavery. We’re never allowed to move on though because “sinners” must be constantly punished. Just look at how fast mainstream conservatives have become the new Nazis. Even Joe Biden who was Barack Obama’s Vice President isn’t woke enough for this crowd. Do you think it is possible to live in peace with them?

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  1. Biden’s apologies will be his undoing. First, Biden has too much to apologise for. Second, he appears weak and he’s a bumbling fool at apologising. Third, he just doesn’t represent the moving force of the party now. They want blood and he’s too passive and untrustworthy of a candidate to provide it. Yes, the demons want a blood lustful revenge fest and whatever mainstream they had has lost control.

    I thought, as Mr. Griffin has made a valiant effort in support, that a black horse such as Yang might steer the crazy train in a more productive path. Well, so far this effort was in vain. The suicide squad is in the locomotive. If Trump can’t pull off a complete and obvious victory, interesting times are in store.

        • Kamala Harris, starting with the “KA” sound of Kali or Kalki. Her Mother appears to be a Shiva Indian (Red Dot) not a Vishnu Indian (Twin Lines). So she would be a Kali worshiper (evil wife of shiva, Kali Yuga). I put a post a few years ago on DS guessing her. She was famous in the Medical Marijuana community for being a hard core cop and destroyer of the Aryan wonder drug, cannabis.

    • Irish O’Asshole is a rich old white man, so he cannot possibly be the face of the “Demoncrap” Party in Current Year. And the unlikable old school-marm Elizabeth Warren won’t do, either. The Hawaiian hula dancer is on the kikes’ hit-list and Ching-Chong Chinaman blew it. The faygeleh from South Bend is a joke and the rest of those “libturd” candidates are not even worth mentioning – except for Kamala “High Yellow” Harris. Since she reminds me of the 1970s Blaxploitation actress Pam Grier I will vote for her.

  2. I have always thought that Americans and their system are extremely liberal and that is only large numbers of blacks in parts of the USA that make those regions more conservative than otherwise.

    For instance, Louisiana is the most Catholic, percentage wise of the total state population in the country and they are very conservative. Yet the Massachusets Catholics are very liberal traditionally speaking.

    Were not there massive race riots in liberal Boston in the 1970’s over busing?Put large amounts of blacks together with anyone and hell breaks loose.

    I also read somewhere that the integration plans for Los Angeles was drawn up with glee by a Mississippi politician in the 1970’s when it was found that LA was more segregated than Mississippi.

    Americans still believe in slavery since many people think people are cattle owned by the govt. and can be forced into any corral called a school the government desires.

    • The odd mania the Recucklicans have for trying to attract blacks has always surprised me. Blacks always vote for the left, because they’re the ones offering free money. It’s well-known that welfare destroyed the black family (along with abortion), but they keep going back to the Demoncrats every election. You can’t fix stupid, as Ron White said. So some blacks might be more morally conservative, but not many vote for the right. It’s a self-destructive cycle on their part.

      And yes, it is stupid to send children off to be programmed by Marxist teachers in those awful public schools. I see schools as day prisons for kids. It does teach them to be good little office drones in the future, though. Anything of substance I ever learned was on my own, in spite of what nonsense I was forcefed in school.

      • Rich L,

        My comment on the government thinking they own children was intended to express my loathing for busing where the govt. treats children like different breeds of cattle where the owners (the govt.) determine the perfect admixture for their herd.

        Your comment on government schooling even disregarding the race issue seems to be correct as well. I have briefly attended public schools in the USA. I much prefer private.

  3. What slavery teaches me is that humans love to kick the can down the road.

    We did the same thing with illegals and will do the same with AI.

    • The Z Man has pooh-poohed the threat of AI, noting that currently programming on the main AI project is “converged,” or staffed by PC standards: Dot Indians doing garbage programming in what amounts to an electronic sweatshop. What he blithely ignores is, as soon as the elites want to project to come to fruition, all they have to do is hire some decent programmers. Of course, that generally means white males.

      AI is already on the horizon as it is. Algorithms, after all, are close to what AI can do. Except AI can run on its own, learn, and self-correct. Any capable programmer on an AI project will be coding themselves out of a job, basically. And dooming a lot of workers to unemployment along with them.

  4. “the lack of slavery in the North has led that section of the country to be carried away by any number of fanciful utopian delusions over the course of American history.”

    “That section” fancies that it is the country, and that the rest of the states are colonial territories, and their citizens subordinate subjects.

    A state of affairs which the Jews, their Oligarch “allies,” and their ostensibly White minions exploit to the hilt.

  5. “Now, we are prepping for the third act which is the final demographic destruction of the great internal enemy of Americanism which is the conservative and Christian South through a toxic brew of abortion, miscegenation, immigration, political correctness and consumerism”

    Agree with the last four. But abortion is delaying the demographic swamping of the White south. In Alabama 62% of women who get abortions are Black. On this issue if nothing else, I thank God for the supreme court.

    • The problem with this argument is that a nation which aborts its own children isn’t going to care about racial preservation. It will be apathetic and nihilistic

  6. Thank goodness for Joe Biden. I’d love to see him “smack” someone in the mouth while he stutters.

  7. Slavery kept the South poor and agrarian. Slavery literally destroys the literal value of labor. Literally. Slavery did not benefit Whites in ANY way, and set Whites in competition with Negro slave labor. “Slavery kept the South balanced”? OMG. Yes. The image is that of a chipmunk balanced by a (((hippopotamus))) on a see saw.

    FYI – I’ve just learned how the Bolsheviks – you know – JEWS – hired Chinese to be the actual hand on torturers and murderers in Jew Tyranny Russia. I’d drop Yellow Man for ever. Unless you want your face eaten off in by the rat in the rat cage containing a starving rat, and your head.

    • The South wasn’t poor under slavery.

      Mississippi was the wealthiest state in the country. The South was plunged into poverty after the war when slavery was abolished. The yeoman farmers only lost their land after abolition when the Southern economy was annihilated by abolition and the collapse of the South’s infrastructure and monetary system.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        If the antebellum South was all that worthless, politically and economically, the Oligarchs of Boston, New York and Chicago would have payed it scant attention.

        Yankeedom don’t bother themselves with countries that aren’t either useful, or a political/economic threat to them.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        “The yeoman farmers only lost their land-”

        According to popular history, these yeomanry didn’t exist, nor did the townsmen or Whites who worked outside of the plantation complex. Railroaders, river men, loggers, miners, for example. Nor did the complex familial, social and political relationship between these people exist, either.

        You haf to wonder if this is wilful ignorance, or deliberate deception on the part of those engaged in producing popular historiography.

        As an aside, I’ve met Northern visitors who were actually surprised to see railroads, highways, industry, and electricity here. It makes me wonder what they were taught about the South, and perhaps more importantly, why.

      • From RT News:

        “The Russian Foreign Ministry calls Washington’s plan to counter “Kremlin influence” a “voice from the Cold War era” aiming to harvest European markets while planting “vicious anti-Russia propaganda.”

        Everybody in the World recognises that the U.S. is permanently stuck, ideologically, in the 19th and especially, the 20th Centuries.

        Joe Biden and his generation are that “voice from the Cold War era,” complete with policies and politics from the 1980s.

    • Blacks are property one way or another. Property that can only be an asset when enslaved to do moderately productive tasks.

  8. 2 Corinthians 6:17 Therefore come out from them, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch nothing unclean; then I will welcome you.

  9. “Even Joe Biden who was Barack Obama’s Vice President isn’t woke enough for this crowd”

    1.) Biden is a total traitor who should have aligned himself with those segregationists to stop the Dispossession of Whites.

    2.) The woke crowd are hard core comies practicing Lenin’s concept of Permanent Revolution. They will not be happy till there is another Haitian Revolution (genocide of Whites.) .Sick!

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