Eric Swalwell Becomes The First White Guy To Suspend His Presidential Campaign

Washington Examiner:

“Eric Swalwell is ending his presidential bid, becoming the first of the nearly two dozen Democratic presidential hopefuls to exit the race.

The Los Angeles Times reported Swalwell’s pending campaign departure announcement ahead of an afternoon press conference by Swalwell, 38.

Swalwell struggled to gain traction in a crowded Democratic primary field packed with senators, governors and former Vice President Joe Biden since announcing his candidacy in early April. He had openly mulled over a presidential run through the 2018 midterm election season, visiting many early primary states. A staple of cable news shows, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee Swalwell is a frequent critic of President Trump over the Mueller report, and recently called for his impeachment.

The Yankee who wants to nuke gunowners has suspended his campaign. …”

Small relief …

The White guy from California who wants to nuke gun owners has suspended his presidential campaign. Who will be the next White guy eaten by the crazy Democrat base?

Note: The other candidates all more or less agree with Swalwell on guns. He can’t gain traction though because is a a White male. Not that he deserves it anyway.

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  1. Mike Cernovich’s take down of Epstein is the perfect opportunity to reverse one of many grave errors by TRS and co.

    Rebuilding the links between white nation building and the edgy conservatives (the so called alt lite) is paramount in our fight for survival.

    It’s not enough to say “this time he did good”, we need a strategic rebuilding of bridges.

    Or do you not want to win?

  2. Too bad White anti-Whites… You don’t have a party any more. The Democrats are the brown people’s party now. All Whites to the back of the bus.

  3. All these miserable white guys need to exit the race. Don’t they know it’s racist and sexist to oppose people of color and womyn? It’s already a scandal that there are no trans candidates or undocumented pre-American candidates.

  4. There are at least 50 million White gun owners in this country. Is there some reason why they are not organizing to take down ZOG?

    • Yes. A fear of the power structure. Any number of agencies can come after anyone at any time, for any reason. Many whites are also steeped in the constant promotion of our friendship with Israel, and the continual reinforcement of civic nationalism. Oh, and the spreading of the meme of how we must hold authority, whether in the form of the military or the police, in unquestioningly high regard. Too many people are living in the matrix, and are comfortable there. Notice that anyone taking on any aspect of Jewish power is treated like a dangerous loon.

      The wizard term “responsible gun ownership” keeps popping up. Responsibility, in this case, means being willing to give up access to magazines of a certain size, not to take your firearms into establishments “forbidding” guns, etc. It’s death of freedom by a thousand little cuts. Most people are frogs soaking in the pan, not noticing the heat slowly being turned up. Shock therapy might be needed to wake up the oblivious little zombies.

      • Spahn – what Rich said. Whites are so mentally and emotionally screwed they don’t know who or what to organize against. Being a called a “racist” will terrify the “biggest and baddest” White. Period.

        • “Being a called a “racist” will terrify the “biggest and baddest” White. Period.” Half right, it scares the biggest and baddest whites WHO HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE. What happens when whites have no great paying jobs, when towing the party line, what happens when serving Globohomo doesnt get “good whites” anything? What happens when their is large mass of whites with NOTHING to lose?

          When you have nothing, you have NOTHING to lose.

          Why do you think they need to “diverse” the armed forces? Its not to fight China or Iran, the lefties think the brown hordes will be cannon fodder for them against us, they wont. They will sit it out (not their nation, why should they care?) leave, or turn on their white leftist puppetmasters.

  5. Speaking of Democratic candidates, I am guessing that Hunter W., our gracious host, is now off the Genghis Yangtard train for good now that Yang has stated that “anti-Semites” and “white supremacists” would not qualify for his UBI.

  6. If this anti-gun sack of feces wanted to protect communities, he would go after the minority with the most gun violence ever. But to do so would be ‘da rasis’.

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