President Trump Has Had It With FOX News

Feeling presidential. Might delete later.

Did he lose Watters World or something?

Last time I checked, Charlie Kirk and Diamond and Silk were on there.

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  1. The most hypocritical thing about Trump is him whining about the New York Times who he has given tons of access and interviews to. Hell, Haberman practically lived at the White House and got tons of exclusives.

  2. Jeez, Boomer Blon, don’t you have anything better to do than watch FoxTalmudVision?

  3. Jesus H Christ, that Blompf is a thin-skinned whiner! Keep your promises, or STFU about some talking head not gobbling your knob, you pathetic egomaniac.

  4. In Blormpf world everyone is either a “great guy” or a “loser”. He is doing a great job of perpetuating all the negative stereotypes of us New Yorkers.

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