VICE News: The Alt-Right Has Given Up On Trump

VICE News:

“President Donald Trump’s July Fourth “Salute to America” was supposed to be a patriotic extravaganza, complete with military tanks, to affirm the country’s greatness under his leadership.

But many within his once-loyal cadre of far-right extremists, racist trolls and white nationalists who latched onto his campaign under the banner of the “alt-right” in 2016 were looking the other way. Online forums home to the alt-right, such as 4chan and 8chan, were filled with chatter about Disney’s decision to cast a black actress as Ariel in the upcoming live-action version of “The Little Mermaid.” Discussions around “Salute to America” were decidedly muted. …”

I don’t see any division over Blompf anymore.

There is a broad consensus now that he is a failed president. The people who supported the GOP in the 2018 midterms publicly admit that now. Many of them likely still support Blompf privately, but they are afraid to do so publicly because of the strength of that consensus

As the 2020 election unfolds, there will be people who will start making the argument that we should reelect Blompf solely in order to “stop the Democrats” because their nominee is so awful and there will be a faction who will go along with that reasoning. There was no Red Wave in the midterms. He will have all the energy behind him in the general that Mitt Romney had in the 2012 election.

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  1. “Vote for the GOP candidate because the Dem candidate is worse.”

    GOP shills repeat the same tired meme every election, because even they can’t think of a compelling reason to support the GOP.

    About 6 minutes in Morgoth describes the conservatve Tory Party in the UK:

    “F.U. neo-liberalism + all the sh*t the left has to offer (PC). There is no reason to support them at all.”

    Sound familiar?

  2. Wigger Anglin still seems to be!ieve in Drimp, unless he’s pulling that snarky irony-fag shit again.

      • go there everyday, but mostly for comic relief. Denninger, incidentally, has an excellent essay today on how Drumpf uses the courts (“I wanted to do it, but a judge overruled me…”) to scam the MAGA idiots who voted for and still support him.

        • Anglin goes back and forth on Trump all the time people give jazzhands shit for taking so long to disavow but Anglin took almost just as long. I remember when andre made some dumb rule that you can’t criticise trump on bbs an comment sections but that didn’t go over well with forum members A week later he himself started disavowing trump and then endorsed the yanggang meme after hunter and spencer originally did

          Anglin is definitely anti-trump now tho but whats interesting is weev was off the trump train almost a year and a half ago I remember the youtube video he uploaded that said he was done with blumpf for good

  3. OK, but please don’t give up on life. Find something to support – a local sports team, a single mother of a beautiful White child, a local county board chairman.

    Also please don’t go for the same old, same old American Constitutionalist cult, waste a lot of time and hope on some 3rd party Presidential candidate who won’t even win 1% and don’t fall in with paranoid conspiracy loons that insist that nothing is as it seems, the Muslims supposedly didn’t do 9/11/01 slaughter or any of the other slaughters in France, Belgium, Manchester England.

    How about taking up a health hobby or two?

    Mine are tennis and partner dancing. I’m having good fun.

    • The other thing GOP shills repeat, is don’t support a Pro White candidate, because he doesn’t have a chance of winning. They say, support the (((GOP))) candidate instead, because he has a chance of winning while our guy does not.

      They repeated this meme thousands of times at Stormfront. Repeating is how they stopped nationalist parties getting started in America, while Europe has nationalist parties dotted all over it.

      Anyone who knows any real history at all, knows that all parties start out small. They also know that big parties can be there one year, and then gone forever the next, like for example the American Whig Party.

      The Nat Socs in Germany only got 1.5% of the vote, and then just 4 years later they were in power, because a) the time was right for them, and b) they were in there pitching, while the other guys were goofing off.

      America ain’t Germany, there are different rules here. But a minor party is what will bring down the GOP and cause a new one with different ideals to rise in its place.

      • “Anyone who knows any real history at all, knows that all parties start out small. They also know that big parties can be there one year, and then gone forever the next, like for example the American Whig Party.”

        This needs to be repeated over and over. The people living in a fantasy world are the ones who think America will only have D’s and R’s forever.

        I noticed that the main hosts on have been some of the most aggressive in shooting down any suggestions that we support a nationalist party in the US. They dismissed the idea as absurd every time it came up. They really bought into the idea that Trump was a sign the GOP was close to becoming an ethno-nationalist party. Now that there is no movement in that direction in Congress, in primaries, local politics or anywhere, and with even Trump having openly sold out, that view is no longer tenable.

        They seem to have reacted to Trump’s sell out by going down some bizarre nazbolesque rabbit hole and not wanting to talk about day to day politics at all.

    • A candidate who gets 1%, brings the Conservatism Inc scam 1% closer to its final defeat. He also gets real free speech while he is running, like Americans used to have.

  4. It’s true that Trump probably can’t reproduce the enthusiasm he had behind him in 2016, but the power of incumbency as president shouldn’t be underestimated.

    In the end, the advantage to the establishment of the two party system is the self enforcement of the dichotomy of R or D. The age old conflict of Redteam vs Blueteam, which manifests itself in all aspects of life from PvP, lightsaber colors, to special Mt. Dew flavors and yes even national politics.

    I was going somewhere with that analogy and got distracted…

    Anyhow, your vote doesn’t matter unless you live in Texas, Florida or Ohio. Things aren’t going to change enough to flip states like Indiana or other solid blue/red states. It’ll be a squeaker overall, but unless Trump is within 5% of the blue team in your state, just get drunk and watch the election coverage at your local pub.

    Nobody stays up to see how Alaska goes on election night.

    If you are white working class flavored, you’re fucked either way so, yeah.

    Nuff said.

  5. This stupid ‘salute to america’ crap they did on the fourth, seemed like a salute to America the Police State to me. It looked like the shit they do in North Korea, or the old Soviet Union in it’s prime.

  6. We all know Blompf is a self righteous big mouth and a jew loving shill but suppose this Epstein thing starts bringing down some of our biggest enemies. Can he be forgiven?
    Let’s face the truth, if any Democrat wins the election, they might have a list on right wing dissadents in their NSA computer cloud. Do you want your door kicked in at 2:am by a SWAT team for posting memes on the web? It will happen and I truly believe it. These snakes are out for blood for anyone who opposes their agandas. Can you see it in real time today with other right wing groups who have federal charges? Letting ANTIFA run amuck with immunity?
    Come back to earth, all left wing democrats are all our enemies!

    • The Epstein stuff will go nowhere and it’s just the latest diversion for the serfs until next spring when the 2020 race starts in earnest.

  7. actually, Butt Naked, the Epstein prosecution is coming out of the Second District of NY Court…that’s Clinton territory. Drumpf is the target. And I hope they nail him. He’s far worse than any “left-wing democrat”, because he’s conned the flyover country Whites into participating in the (((system)))…while the (((system))) destroys them.

    • Converging with what you say, from 4chan:

      Epstein arrest is a Mossad operation:
      – Trump Cabinet member Acosta says he was ordered to give Epstein a light plea deal in 2008 cuz ‘Epstein is intel asset’ i.e. US and Israel
      – Daily Beast leading Epstein arrest story, is founded by Zionist Barry Diller & ‘part Jewish’ Tina Brown
      – Epstein NY prosecutor team includes Maurene Comey daughter of HIllary FBI director James Comey, Maurene married into Zionist family, husband Lucas Issacharoff, his father Samuel was prof in Tel Aviv
      – Epstein’s own lawyer big Zio Alan Dershowitz argued court case to reveal Epstein documents, winning 2 July right before Epstein arrest, seems Dersh sold Epstein out like Trump’s lawyer Cohen did DJT
      – Wikipedia run by friend of Israeli presidents & Zionist ex-pornographer Jimmy Wales, edits Epstein info to benefit USA Dems
      – Epstein best pal Ghislaine Maxwell daughter of ‘Israeli super-spy Robert Maxwell’ is said to have been Epstein’s pimpess getting young girls
      – Epstein sez he introduced Melania to Trump … Daily Beast says there was a 1990s party full of young girls just for Trump & Epstein
      – Seems it was Mossad at Epstein island, & this arrest & indictment is Mossad now … big blackmail on Trump and everyone who ever knew Epstein? Will Epstein really be ‘in jail’ or instead on the beach in Haifa Israel, having drinks & a laugh?

  8. @Wallace, Hunter

    Meanwhile, back in MAGA Country….


    I think this story merits a blogpost. Even I, who art totally jaded at this point, was surprised by the audacity of this.

    Mitch Daniels is now a plaintiff in the countersuit, which is hilarious considering he was a hero of conservatives for a long time.

    My dudes, and Denise, this shit is getting out of hand.

  9. Trump has been a good president for you if your primary concern is the well-being and ambitions of Israel and Jews.

  10. There is a story on Zero Hedge where Ann Coulter proposes that Epstein was running a honeypot sting for a foreign country. Ann claims that Epstein went from a math teacher at a prestigious NYC private school to running a billion dollar hedge fund for a guy named Wexler from Limited Brands Inc. but there are no trading records. No one knows how Epstein got so much money so quickly, his story can’t be verified.

    The blackmail value of having video/audio/financial evidence against members of the ruling class from the U.S. and Europe would be worth the risk to these evil bastards.

    The comments at Zero Hedge are brutal. Speculation in the comments is that the country behind Epstein begins with an “I” and ends with an “L”. Hmmmm, what country could that be? Canada, France, Luxembourg?

  11. Alt-Right has to understand…. it’s over. Trump flipped and that’s the way it is. Trump is as much a cult favorite in politics as Regan was. He is what we have and is too strong and it’s too late in the game to challenge him through a third or alternative party.

    I thought he was going to be the start of a Populist/Nationalist trend for a party, but alas he’s not. I do believe he’s the end of a cycle which started with Regan and ends with Trump’s second term. It’s no fun in the Dissident Right to cheer for someone who basically opposes most things you believe in. This is one election we either pull the lever or don’t and not much of what we say will change the outcome.

  12. The troll nationalists at the Daily Stormer and were the very slowest people to leave the Trump train. They were onboard until several months into this year. Cernovich and some other alt-lighters were among the first to notice Trump had sold out.

    There are lessons to be learned here.

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