Beto O’Rourke: This Country Was Founded On White Supremacy

BETO is right that this country was “founded on white supremacy.”

He is wrong that “every single institution” in our society reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation. Most of the country never had either. We haven’t lived under “white supremacy” in decades and virtually every institution in our society condemns it and promotes things like #PrideMonth instead.

The fact that he is sitting there talking to a Muslim immigrant in Nashville illustrates that he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. The demographic transformation of Metropolitan Nashville was set in motion by the folks who triumphed over Jim Crow in the 1960s and who have been pumping Third World refugees into the area for decades. “White supremacy” never tolerated that. Homosexuals didn’t parade through our streets to celebrate sodomy under “white supremacy” either.

The huge influx of refugees, illegal aliens, the collapse of the family, the rise of pornography and political correctness, the triumph of gay marriage and the celebration of #PrideMonth should be credited to mainstream conservatism. True Conservatism is the eternal principles of classical liberalism which effectively means there will be nothing but token resistance to these things.

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  1. Someone told me that Beto was part Mexican. I am not sure that he is. He does have an arrest record of burglary, theft, and drunk driving according to Wikipedia.

    • He’s Irish. From what I’ve read 100% Irish. His father created his image hoping one day he’d go into politics, and the Mexicans would assume he’s one of them.

      Smart father indeed that understood identity politics years ago.

      Beto is a fraud.

    • @Christina

      Robert O’Rourke is not Mexican at all. If he was, he’d be a criollo anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Everyone calls him a pretty boy, but I don’t find him all that good looking.

  2. > BETO is right that this country was “founded on white supremacy.”

    Sort of. But that term now connotates pure unadulterated hatred for most normies. Like the Founding Fathers were cartoon Nazis who loved nothing better to do than torture black people for fun. Or send them to gas chambers or something.

    No, a better term would be “white exclusivity” or “white ethnonationalism.” As you have eloquently written, Thomas Jefferson felt the slaves were a curse and we would be better off with them repatriated to Africa. Not exactly “white supremacy” as the term is now understood.

  3. Meanwhile sexual crimes committed against children (under-16s) in England and Wales have rocketed to almost 62,000 in a year, a report has revealed.

    The National Audit Office (NAO) said the figure had increased by 9 per cent in 2017 to 61,646 last year, as the human cost of serious and organised crime is laid bare.

    The Ethnic European

  4. 1965 Hart-Celler Act was the death blow to this country. It certainly wouldn’t be perfect, but can you imagine how much better off we would be without it? I do not understand how Congress allowed Kennedy and the jews to get away with that one.

    • You don’t know history. Hart and Kennedy were front men, intentionally used to take the blame. So, I will teach you something:

      (((Norbert Schlei))) is a name you should know and the one you should use when stating who changed the face of America with The Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

      “During his service, Schlei was the originator of the “Quarantine” concept used by President Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis, was the principal draftsman of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration Act of 1965 (which abolished and replaced the infamous national origins quota system).

      • I’m aware they were frontmen. Celler was a jew who probably played the biggest role, and his name is right there. It still took the right amount of white traitors and idiots to pass the bill.

        • I didn’t mean to sound condescending toward you but I get so damn tired of only Kennedy being named.

          White people are our only problem. Everyone else who causes us trouble and grief is merely a symptom.

  5. Self hating Whites like Beta O’Rouke are exactly like those Christians from weird sects, that like to shout in their churches that they are incurible sinners. White anti-Whites do the same thing, because they like to hear bad things about their race, It is a sick and perverted behavior.

  6. As it currently stands in 2019, the only “supremacy” in form and function being practiced and exulted in the West is Jewish supremacy.

  7. apparently the entire F’n turd wUrld is willing to risk their lives to be so ‘oh-press’ by that eeeeeevil White Supremacy. 😀 funny that the whiners already here who moan, don’t seem to remember, they are ‘freee at lassss’ to F’n leave if they tire of their horrible ‘oh-preshun’. well, bye.

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