Bunless Cheeseburgers Recipe

This was a tough one.

I love my hamburger buns.

Last night, I had to go to Cursed TikToks to find the motivation to stick to my low-carb diet:

Not really.

I’ve found this to be a useful motivation tool though. This is what we are becoming under the excesses of American liberal democracy. This is the personification of everything that we don’t want to be which is a fat and deracinated consumer blob. It is what our movement opposes. Lately, I’ve been encouraging healthy eating choices while exploring in depth our Southern heritage.

If you are having a hard time putting down that liter of Dr. Pepper or the Mountain Dew, grab yourself a pack of sparking water:

Feel free to pile on the bacon and cheese for extra flavor:

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  1. Eww wtf is Cursed Tik Toks? What strange order of monsters is this?

    You can make buns that are lower carb than ur average white bread junk. A bun isnt enough by itself to kick you out of keto. Most folks can keep in keto around 25 grams, which is more than I have eaten in a day since the beginning of the year.

    When you really get used to keto, 25 grams is a huge number of carbs. I dont even have to count anymore to stay under that. Its just a matter of habits at this point.

    Also, it is helpful to break keto for a couple days a month, to reset things a bit. So even if you were worried, eating a cheeseburger to get your carb rocks off, isnt the end of the world.

    • You’re right.

      I could have easily gone with the bun. I had the room to do so in my diet. I just don’t want to maintain the habit of eating them. It is far more important to develop good habits than to get any specific meal just right.

  2. You can take out the buns to cut down on carbs and sugar or you can opt out for a healthier bun option get whole wheat buns or get a nice healthy bread like sprouted or flax. White bread buns are really full of crap. Another thing you can do is a open faced burger with the bottom bun just some food for thought

  3. If you want some flavor with the burger, maybe a cup of broth on the side would do. I’ m not a big bread fan so that’s not an issue for me. My issue is colas, but I don’t usually drink more than on can per day.

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