ICE Is Planning Raids This Weekend

It’s all one big joke:

The illegal aliens are being told in advance about the raids and where and when ICE is coming. All they have to do is ignore any ICE agent who knocks on their door and nothing can be done about it. The whole point of this is to create the optics of appearing to be “strong on the border” during an election season while substantially doing nothing to stem illegal immigration.

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  1. This Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a lot of press. I do not know the name of any other freshmen representative but her. I actually thought a few months ago that the Democrats would pretend to be for the law and against illegal immigration. They do not pretend anymore. Maybe Nancy Pelosi will reign this in next year when it is closer to election.

      • Flossie,

        Yes, it is amusing. And I am not sure how sincere her tears are. Everything she does is anti-WASP. I wonder why white people voted her into office. Perhaps her district has a lot of ethnics.

  2. Feel good stuff for the MAGAtards. It won’t amount to a pile of frijoles like everything else Trump has “done” for the White base that elected him..

  3. Open treason, on immigration enforcement and attempting to overthrow the government, has been completely ignored by Blompf. And only a few thousand illegals were going to be picked up, anyway. A numerical drop in the overflowing illegal alien bucket. Instead of deportations, I expect to yet again see tweets from Potatus crying about how the Democrats and their judges never let him do anything. Either put the traitors behind bars or against the wall, or stop your impotent whining, Blompf.

  4. Proverbs 5:10 and strangers will take their fill of your wealth, and your labors will go to the house of an alien.

  5. Blompf will keep pushing back “the raids” by ICE until November of 2020.

    He’s all bark and no bite. Maybe Ivanka will give him back his testicles for the RNC convention and presidential debates.

  6. According to that ridiculous woman Gillibrand, who is apparently running for president as the candidate for gay bars and drag queens since that’s where she mostly campaigns, enforcing immigration laws is tearing the “moral fabric” of the nation.

    I saw that this Gillibrand gave a struggling white working woman a “white privilege” lesson to the approval of a jewess “journalist” with NBC who has problems with the English language.

    This is a shit country now.

  7. We’re being invaded and conquered by Mexico, India, and various African countries, and they want to go to war against Iran. The war is right here, in our own lands. Has been since the early 80’s.

  8. @James Owen, That’s the unadulterated truth.

    In the early 1990s, I used to put NAAWP cards under the windshield wipers of cars at night. One of the warnings listed on the cards was the illegal immigrant invasion.

    On occasion, someone would ask me what I was doing, and I would show them the card. Even some people that were supportive of David Duke’s organization didn’t take the ominous threat of illegal immigration as seriously as they should have.

    Had a border wall been built in the late 1980s along with deportations of illegal immigrants the current crisis could have been avoided. But with the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act in place, and the juden already controlling all the levers of the federal government, that opportunity to stem and reverse the mudslide was never executed.

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