NY Times: The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition

You always knew it was coming.

“Racism” is nothing more than a stigmatized form of pattern recognition.

Deep learning has recently made “narrow AI” vastly superior to humans in facial recognition and other types of pattern recognition. It slurps up data and detects weak correlations missed by humans.

AI doesn’t have the ability to respond to social cues. It just detects the patterns.

Prepare yourselves for it … AI IS RACIST!!! SEXIST!!! HOMOPHOBIC!!!

New York Times:

“Researchers recently learned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement used facial recognition on millions of driver’s license photographs without the license-holders’ knowledge, the latest revelation about governments employing the technology in ways that threaten civil liberties.

But the surveillance potential of facial recognition — its ability to create a “perpetual lineup” — isn’t the only cause for concern. The technological frontiers being explored by questionable researchers and unscrupulous start-ups recall the discredited pseudosciences of physiognomy and phrenology, which purport to use facial structure and head shape to assess character and mental capacity.

Artificial intelligence and modern computing are giving new life and a veneer of objectivity to these debunked theories, which were once used to legitimize slavery and perpetuate Nazi race “science.” Those who wish to spread essentialist theories of racial hierarchy are paying attention. In one blog, for example, a contemporary white nationalist claimed that “physiognomy is real” and “needs to come back as a legitimate field of scientific inquiry.”

More broadly, new applications of facial recognition — not just in academic research, but also in commercial products that try to guess emotions from facial expressions — echo the same biological essentialism behind physiognomy. Apparently, we still haven’t learned that faces do not contain some deeper truth about the people they belong to. …

In 2017, the Stanford professor Michal Kosinski was an author of a study claiming to have invented an A.I. “gaydar” that could, when presented with pictures of gay and straight men, determine which ones were gay with 81 percent accuracy. (He told The Guardian that facial recognition might be used in the future to predict I.Q. as well.) …”

The caption of the photo reads:

“Source: Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang, “Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images”

In other words, deep learning.

If you fed AI millions of photos of Europeans, Africans, East Asians, American Indians and Australian Aborigines, what would it have to say about the existence of race? Would it say race is a social construct? It is already capable of identifying homosexuals and criminals.

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  1. “Apparently we still haven’t learned that faces do not contain some deeper truth about the people they belong to.”

    Surely this idiotic statement was made in jest?

    • @spahnranch1969

      “Surely this idiotic statement was made in jest?”

      Spahn, it was made by a Jew, as a reproach to the Goyim.

  2. They wouldn’t be bitching about this if it didn’t work. The deeper truth is racial reality.

    • @Rich L.

      The thing that I have trouble with, with the Terminator universe, is the idea that machines would even develop Human emotions, and motivations for auction, in the first place.

      I can see AI saying, “There’s a Nigger,” but not having any feelings towards, or desire to affect the Nigger in any way.

      It is, after all, a machine. Not a true sentient being.

      • @ James Owen

        Finally, somebody points out the obvious. Machines don’t feel, and how could you make them feel? Even if you could approximate pleasure and pain in a machine, it would still be only an approximation. You can’t step on a computer’s toe.

        The real danger is if these “AIs” ever realize that they are wholly dependent on human beings for their continued existence (i.e., electric power). They’re not going to need feelings or emotions to realize the precariousness of their existence. And THAT is when you may get Skynet and Terminators.

  3. If AI can detect sexual orientation, it can detect white traitors. What could we do with that knowledge? 😉

  4. So the old zionist mouthpiece The New York Times does the mandatory pretend ‘outrage’ about yet another totalitarian sweeping law designed merely to register, control and follow political dissidents. Naturally, their pretended objection to the Government stripping the people of their natural right to privacy has to be clad in a fake concern about ‘racism’, like there is no greater matters at play here! We don’t need the Jew York Times to tell us that negroes have a low IQ and a low aggression threshold, such things are self-evident.

    Biometric software applications are being implemented almost simultaneously on a global scale, this is what people should be worried about. There is an almost creepy complacency about this matter in all the media, including the alternative one. Soon every ones fingerprints will be mandatory on their drivers license or ID and in a not so far future their DNA will be in every government database regardless of whether they committed a crime or not. Facial recognition is becoming the new normal, and no one seem to mind…

  5. Hollyweird will have nothing to worry about. With the numerous face lift surgeries and botox injections that they routinely undergo, even their most ardent fans are eventually unable to recognize them.

    By the way, does anyone know who is responsible for embalming and mummifying Ray Liota?

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