Trump Attacks Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Snowhitey is never going to forgive him for this:

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Who do you think told him to do this?

Blompf doesn’t know shit about Bitcoin or anything else.

Can I get him to attack me?

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  1. “We have only one real currency – the USDollar – the one that the jews print of thin air and dole out to the the jews at the banks and Wall St” – Dron Drormpf

  2. Fucking Trump. Stock market is at an all time high and the goddamn Fed is probably going to lower interest rates next month to “bolster shaky signs in the economy”…and this is at Trump’s behest. So they are going to screw savers over once again and also weaken the dollar.

  3. Yes, cryptocurrencies are “based on thin air,” like all fiat currencies. The crypto markets have been manipulated to the detriment of the average investor, just like the NYSE and the gov’t currency markets. It’s known that the major currency trading houses often make money by going against what smaller investors bet on. HFT by the sharks on the stock exchanges puts the worker dependent on standard brokerages for their 401k at a heavy disadvantage. What does all that mean? For me, it means, stay away from investments where any insider can screw you. Snowhitey will probably disagree. If I had anything to invest, I would be getting land, and lots of it. Especially land with access to water.

    • “Snowhitey is never going to forgive him for this” No, I am never going to forgive him for selling out our country.

      Aw, guys, cryptos are the future. Trump doesn’t dissuade me. This is a guy who was and is (1) a total fraud and con man, (2) up to his comb-over in Jews, (3) an insider (in another words, a whore), and/or (4) he’s giving a message to the elitists to start putting their money there (after all he does the opposite of what he says to us).

      All markets are rigged including land, pork bellies, and voting. If you need the government’s permission to own it or to use it, it’s not only controlled it’s rigged.

      Buy Bitcoin. The big boys are going to buy it and the little guys are going to listen to Trump’s lying orifice and stay little.

      In another month, he’ll be telling everyone he loves Bitcoin.

  4. Recognize the Jewish Supremacist power structure in the West and marry your Aryan daughter off and found your business to grift off this slope.

    Somehow, manipulate the majority of White America into thinking you’re America First, giving you control of the White House.

    Pardon the anti-American sociopath Schlomo Rubashkin as your first gesture towards MAGA.

    Go MIGA for the next three years.

    Do nothing for MAGA but expect dumb White Rubes to just vote for you because……

    You’re White.


    • @Ethan
      Trump’s daughter looked very jewy in her teenage years, before she had her nose operation.

      Trump was aiming that Tweet at Facebook wasn’t he? Whatever. He’s just huffing and puffing as per usual. Facebook will make their currency anyway and Trump will be powerless to stop them as usual.

  5. “Unregulated Crypto Assets”

    Bingo. I found the problem he has. Excuse me, that they have.

    Didn’t the journalist Daniel Estulin state that the Rothschilds supported Trump?

    Found it:

    Who knows but it’s worth remembering. Just in case. Sometimes things are clearer in the rearview mirror.

  6. “We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable”.


    When I was a kid a house cost 10k, that same house now costs 700k.
    Fill a gas tank $4, now $70.


  7. The only reason they keep food cheap – and it is intentionally kept cheap – is because that would start protests that would end up becoming out of control in a split second.

    I guess we can call that another rigged market.

    Of course they keep it cheap, with additives and low quality everything.

    When I was a kid a quart of store brand milk was about $.45 and a pound of store brand butter about $1.10. They have gone up 3-4 times when everything else has gone up far, far more.

    If you never thoughts about price controls, market manipulation, and government interference, you’re not paying attention. All of it only benefits THEM. They don’t give a shit about YOU!

  8. Everyone who visits this board should download the Exodus wallet and open an account at Coinbase. It costs nothing. Nothing! Be ready. It’s coming.

    Don’t have regrets. Again, it costs nothing to be prepared!

    I care about all the people here. The decision is theirs but I want them to be prepared for what’s coming.

    Catherine Austin Fitts, who doesn’t endorse them – yet – stated she encountered a Bitcoin kiosk at the train station overlooking The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland a year or two ago. It was near or right next to the ticket kiosk. Think about that. It’s not going anywhere but up! We are going through a massive change of civilization. A reset.

    Only 21 million will ever be mined. Ever!

    Trump’s tweet barely did anything. An ever so slight dip. 1-2%. But that happens all the time. So do the rises. No panic whatsoever.

    Is your debit and credit card not digital? Are your bank transfers not digital? Is your stock portfolio not digital? Is your paycheck not digital? Is your Social Security check not digital?

    The infrastructure that has been built for blockchain so far – and it’s only the beginning – is mind boggling. For what? What do they know that you don’t? The general population barely has a clue. As usual.

  9. “The Bank for International Settlements is setting up shop to help officials embrace financial technology, who may need to speed up developing their own digital currency.

    The BIS, which promotes cooperation among the world’s monetary officials, announced on Sunday it was starting an innovation hub for financial technology. And in an interview with the Financial Times, BIS General Manager Agustin Carstens said that “it might be that it is sooner than we think that there is a market and we have to create our own digital currencies.”

    ~ Bloomberg, June 30, 2019

    Read this:

    Being in on the ground floor is the chance of a millennium. Don’t miss it. Less than 3% invested is also known as the innovative stage. 4-10% is early adoption stage. After that,,, the herd stage.

  10. Roger Ver
    ?Verified account @rogerkver
    6h6 hours ago

    Roger Ver Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    The value of cryptocurrency is set by the free market.

    The value of the the USD is set by threats of violence.

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