The Atlantic: Give Us Fully Automated Luxury Communism

The Atlantic:

“Imagine a life in which all your basic needs were met, the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs forever lopped off. No concerns about college debt ruining your ability to buy a home. No worries about where meals would come from, or whether you would have enough cash to keep gas in the car. No problems paying medical bills.

Then, imagine a life in which virtually all of your needs were met. In this world, society would guarantee its members not just middle-income status, but the prospect of travel, the option of a fulfilling but nonremunerative career, time with family and friends, time spent with cats and gardens and on volunteering and road trips. Imagine that all your peers exercised regularly and watched as much Peak Television as they wanted. Imagine never retiring, because there would be no need to retire. And imagine this happening on a far greener planet. …

FALC is a strong brew of technological determinism, sunny utopianism, and souped-up socialism: Let the robots do all the work, and let humans enjoy the fruits of their labor in equal measure. A mainstay of science fiction and prophetic religious texts (minus the robots part), the idea has come into vogue over the past half-decade or so, both among progressive thinkers concerned about inequality and stagnation and among the internet’s meme makers, the promoters of FALC’s swervier cousin, Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism. …

The most ardent advocate for FALC, Aaron Bastani, a London-based media executive and writer, has written a new book on the topic. In it, he advances a curious, passionate argument, with a dire assessment of the present and a messianic vision for the future. Bastani believes that we are already living through a potentially epochal transformation of the economy, as epochal as the establishment of agriculture and the introduction of engines and electricity. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced computing might be about to eliminate the need for human labor in no small part, Bastani claims. …”

I will have to read Aaron Bastani’s Fully Automated Luxury Communism. This is essentially why I joined the Yang Gang. If we lived under Fully Automated Luxury Communism, why couldn’t we unscramble the modern world and return to living in homogeneous tribal ethnostates? Everyone would have a guaranteed income and could live wherever they want and do whatever they want in life.

Seriously, FALC is so exciting that I created a whole new variety of White Nationalism based on the concept. I was ready to go with it too until Yang blackpilled us by pandering to the most insane faction of the Democratic base. If Kamala Harris wins the nomination, Blompf might get reelected and we could enter a catastrophic downward spiral as the first wave of AI hits the economy.

Note: In other news, Captain Picard is coming back later this year.

He lives under FALC somewhere in France in the 24th century. Star Trek: Discovery bombed so hard that CBS: All Access created a new show.

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  1. There will never be billions of people enjoying the fruits of AI.

    Ultimately, the excess portion of the population who are powerless and not among the elite will be genocided (or at best forcibly sterilized and allowed at least to live out their natural lives in a Scandinavian-like prison.)

    This is why I said the elites are not bungling when they are throwing the gasoline of mass unskilled immigration on the growing fires of automation.

    The elite are not all dumb, there are evil and deliberately planning the chaos that will create the conditions that will allow for mass murder.

    • Yep, i’ve been saying this for years.
      Any person who thinks that **anyone but **the elitists and their shabos pets like JAyZ and beyonce
      (or whatever that sows name is) will ever benefit from transhumanistic accomplishments in physiology or medicine are even dumber than people who think voting matters.

  2. “we could enter a catastrophic downward spiral as the first wave of AI hits the economy.”

    Most American companies, with their 19th Century work regimen and antiquated and broken down machinery, won’t be able to keep up with their automated competitors.

    Here are details about the new cotton gin built in Delta County, Texas, in 2014. It only employs a small team of control room techs and operators, and a few material handlers, that barely even add upt to twenty, if that many.

  3. I will have to read Bastani’s book as well. I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of the gist of it, but it should be interesting.

    However, I am more interested in FALC’s right wing big brother, Fully Automated Space Spartanism (or Fascism or Nationalism or whatever you want it to call it)

    If AI will create this utopian society where all our physical needs will be provided for, and sustenance will no longer be a concern, then those of us on the right are basically faced with the opportunity of creating a technological Neo-Sparta with AI robots as our helots.

  4. Why would the engineers charged with creating this utopia help realize it? I don’t see much point in a well paid but socially ruinous occupation if the leeches have a lifestyle as good or better than yours.

  5. Nothing that you’ve been saying on this topic for months now makes any sense, Mr. W.

    Undoubtedly, the Atlantic article and the Bastani book don’t make any sense either.

  6. Utopia without Christ, and the Cross, is hell on earth. The whole reason for Western Civilization is tied to the Christian concept of sin, grace, and REDEMPTION from such diabolical schemas of autonomous, sinful man. Count me out. I’d rather live on a farm, with my own milch cow, chickens, fruit and nut trees, and the aching joy of an honest day’s work, making my ‘daily bread.’ The first man’s Utopia included tending and keeping a garden, and that was before the Fall…..

  7. If it actually comes to pass we’ll all be junkies and alcoholics. Bored out of our minds.

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