The Federalist: Why It’s Preposterous To Say Western Civilization Is About ‘Whiteness’

The Federalist:

The West is the best.”—Jim Morrison

One of the truly frustrating aspects of our all-too modern and post-modern era is how easily radicals dismiss anything to do with western civilization as a racialist celebration of “whiteness” and of Caucasians. To believe such a thing, one must first believe that “races” actually exist, something no scientist worth her or his salt would believe. Yet, even assuming that such a thing as “race” does exist, where does it matter in terms of history?

There are, of course, relatively simple ways to blow this objection to western civilization as “white civilization” to smithereens, but few are willing to accept the corrective, preferring the easy lie to the more complex truth. One only has to imagine St. Augustine of Hippo, arguably one of the two or three greatest citizens of western civilization, to realize how absurd the whole “whiteness” or “white supremacy” argument is. …

The next time someone tells you that the West is about whiteness or racial superiority, remind them of several things: 1) that race is a modern construct, the fruits of progressivism; 2) that one of the greatest Westerners, St. Augustine, was an African; 3) that Heraclitus sought only unity; and 4) that the Spartans gave everything for dignity greater than any one people. You may very well fail to persuade them, but, at the very least, you can befuddle them.”

This is your brain on mainstream conservatism.

“Bradley Birzer is Russell Amos Kirk Chair in American studies and professor of history at Hillsdale College. Author of several biographies, he is also the co-founder and editor-at-large of The Imaginative Conservative.”

I’m sure it all makes perfect sense to this Yankee.

See what Robert Lewis Dabney said about Northern conservatism in 1897, “The only practical purpose which it now serves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip.”

Nothing further needs to be said about the subject. Literally nothing has changed in nearly 125 years. Go look at Ronald Reagan’s California where the GOP has virtually gone extinct. That’s what happened to Northern conservatism when it had to play ball with the Left on its own turf.

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  1. I could care less about Augustine, frankly, but there is no proof whatsoever that he was anything but southern european. While he was born in North Africa, more sociological evidence points to him being southern european than north african by far.

      • So what’s your point? Are you trying to assert that North Africa only became full of…whatever you want to call the natives…after the Muslim invasions? Do you think that there were like, no people, in North Africa prior to the Romans moving south or something?

        I truly want to know as I find white racialists totally incoherent on this issue.

        • No, I was simply telling the truth which is that Arabs settled in North Africa, particularly in Egypt and Tunisia, after the Muslim conquest and changed the demographics of the region. The same was true of the Anglo-Saxons in Britain.

        • Please remember that North Africa is separated from Sub Saharan Africa by the Sahara desert. Until modern transportation methods, invented by White men, the Sahara Desert posed a FORMIDABLE barrier for travel. Coal Black blue gummed Negroes are below the Sahara Desert, and all kinds of genetic strains are in North Africa.

      • exactly.. no fan of augustine, and his council of carthage (pelaginiasm)….however….. y, at that time, n. africa was part of rome’s empire following the punic wars. even today the admixture of Euro influence is still evident in cultural/genetic differences w/those of the sub-saharans.

    • St. Augustine was (if Anything) a BERBER. John de Nugent over a decade ago, compiled a pictorial representation of Berbers in antiquity and in modern times, and they were WHITE.

      This ass knows NOTHING. The Reason Europe is superior, is because it is WHITE. Christ Himself is caucasoid, as a Son of Adam. The scriptural proof is there from Genesis to Revelation, as soon as anyone divests themselves of the FALLACY that the “jews” of today, are in ANY WAY, related to the Hebrews of old….

  2. It’s preposterous to think that Japanese civilization had anything to do with the Yamato race.

    Why, it’s just pure chance that the Kingdom of Dahomey never developed Shinto or Kabuki Theater.

  3. The West, aka, Western civilization, is a manifestation of the White race. No inferior colored race is capable of achieving even a fraction of what has been accomplished by Whites. Funny how these worthless “scholars” like jewboy Birzer won’t give the white race collective credit for anything but are the first to condemn it with collective guilt for slavery, the “holocaust”, global warming, etc. Yet more proof that the scheming, subversive kike has taken control of the venerable institutions we have established and turned them against us.

  4. Anti-Whites deny that the White race exists.
    Then anti-Whites blame all the evil in the world on the White race that doesn’t exist.

  5. This might be the appropriate use of Occam’s Razor ever.

    Without White men there wouldn’t be Western Civilization.

    Without Western Civilization there would still be White Europeans.

    These eggheads that have a wall full of goatskins from “elite ” universities and dance to the sound of a goat’s horn contort reality upside down for the insincere praise of the jews.

  6. “To believe such a thing, one must first believe that “races” actually exist, something no scientist worth her or his salt would believe”

    The stupid is strong with this one.

    • @John Bonaccorsi, Hillsdale is the epitome of an sjw driven twenty first century college in the West.

      Since it incorporates both Greco-Roman and the sacred Judeo-Christian philosophies, the ranks of no less than ben shipiro and dennis prager would provide them with the zog seal of approval.

  7. This is what modern day conservatism has wrought. Herp derp…. Augustine of Hippo… hippo is in africa… herp derp, so Augustine wasn’t white. This is as solid logic as thinking all the “New English” named mohammed are as anglo as Edmund or Archibald. If anything this shows up how much we’ve lost. Next up from this guy, Constantine I was really a turkrouch.

    • Ditto! Thank God for Hunter Wallace, in full sincerity, an astonishing intellect and our esteemed Brain Trust.

  8. Cherry picking influences on the fringes doesn’t prove anything, it’s the people that built and sustain the system that count.

    “Race is a modern construct” – as if ethnic identity and nationalism just sprung out of the ether with no antecedents, as if that wasn’t exactly what the Spartans were fighting for – their ancestors, their living kin, and personal glory carefully crafted and grounded in their own ethnic narrative to begin with.

    He goes on to blame progressivism for reproductive choices as old as time and with significant histories in the West – abortion, birth control, and eugenics (Plato, Seneca, Sparta and their chasm, any and all countries with changeling tales, etc).

    Such a useless, facile understanding of history for an academic, how humiliating. I’m also amused by him conveniently pretending that Western civ stops at the Middle Ages or that trying to parse out universal truths somehow dissolves boundaries.

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