American Flag Ripped Down At ICE Facility

So, this just happened at the border:

No wait … that’s a crowd of illegal aliens and shitlib protesters in Aurora, Colorado who are mad about Blompf’s targeted ICE raids this weekend. I see it has produced the desired optics.

BTW, this is how Mexico deals with illegal aliens when it wants to:

The problem in this country isn’t so much on our Southern border as it is our Northern border. If it wasn’t for the millions of progressive shitlibs in the Northern and Western states who are encouraging this trend for purely political reasons, it could be solved in a few days.

Note: As we have seen, Jews are spearheading the effort to end ICE’s reign of terror in the United States.

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  1. Just put a $1,000 bounty dead or alive on every illegal’s head and they would all be gone in several months.

  2. If Yankees didn’t act like Yankees, the Jews wouldn’t have anything to spearhead. All of this shitlibism is rooted in Puritanism and the desire to be a good person. Which isn’t bad, in and of it itself, if it’s directed in the right direction.

    • You’re full of Sh*t, James. The Puritans sought PERSONAL sanctification, within the context of sorrow for sin, and total depravity. “Being a good person” is the LAST thing one can attribute to the Puritans.

      Now, to the UNITARIANS who departed from orthodox Calvinist Augustinianism, THERE is your ‘blame/shame’ group. Which is most leftist/liberals.

      Don’t start dissing godly folk who have been dead 400 years, when we have more than enough assholes on the godless Left who think they ARE gods, becuase they are morally aligned with Marxist rhetoric.

    • Owen – Southerners are AS BAD OR worse than “Yankees”. Your fixation with “Yankees” is proof that everything the kikes say about stupid Southern hicks is not mere slander. Keep drooling about “Yankees”. Learn Espanol when you do, though.

  3. That was beautiful to behold. I am talking about how Mexico handles invaders when it is thought that the USA will not interfere. That is better than invaders deserve. Just wait until he gets put in a prison and has to work hard and/or gets beaten some more.

    That video speaks more of our mentality than me writing an essay.

  4. Attacking Federal property used to be how wars got started. Let Nature, and a few bullets, weed out the arrogantly stupid. Refresh the tree of liberty with some fresh Antifa and shitlib blood.

  5. Yawn. Drormf and ICE telegraphing the exact day a “major deportation operation” will take place that will be lucky to bag 2000 illegals is just Drimpf throwing some scraps to his base. How many illegals enter the US’s porous borders per day – 2000? 3000? Enjoy the theater, Chumptards, as TBTB prime the pump for a Civil War.

    • Who the hell advertises in advance what they plan on doing? ICE will do nothing and Trump will do nothing.

    • Just go to hospitals, kindergartens, elementary schools, Lowes, Home Depot, any construction site, any where grass is being cut, and any restaurant.

      So while I agree with you, you it isn’t a question of finding them, it is a question of if the demographic needle ever went back the other way, TPTB would order their foot soldiers to start an arson wave that would humble even the proudest. That’s how the WASPs folded in the 60s, that and fragging of white officers in Viet Nam.

      It took the brutal Romans from 63 BC under Pompey to 135 under Hadrian to finally stamp out Israel/Judea – despite half a dozen brutal uprisings! Humans are the masters of kicking the can down the road, Americans are no exception.

      • No Afterthought, this 135 final stamping out of Israel/Judea is a MYTH. A most pernicious nefarious one at that.

  6. @Banned For Life –Yeah, but muh seperating families / human rights… No. We’ve got (((MSM))) promoting & glorifying “protesters” and ACLU lawyers advising criminal illegal invaders on hoe to avoid ICE — and offering their services gratis.

    Honk! honk!

  7. Why not tear down Old Gory and replace it with a Mexican flag? This isn’t the USA anymore. They should’ve burned the damn thing, too.

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