The Rise of The Bagel Boss

Are you pro-Bagel Boss or anti-Bagel Boss?

The Bagel Boss is currently the hottest cultural commentator in America. Some people hate him. Some people say he is a legend with a message that needs to be heard:

I think he is hilarious.

Who wouldn’t like to drink a beer with the Bagel Boss?

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    • Out of all the disgusting dishes the jews come out with from the disgusting gelite fish to the plain bland tasting matzo ball soup, but bagels are actually pretty good tho got to give the heebs credit for this one Cinnamon rasin is my favorite

      • I never served bagels at any event I hosted or organized. Some people think bagels are a sign of sophistication—I don’t.

        • Fair enough sir thats your choice,but I never said bagels were sophisticated just a decent tasting and a healthy breakfast snack

      • You can have more Rizzos. All it takes is for women to start ‘rewarding’ them and soon enough you’ll have a country full of Rizzos. Spread the word, and then the legs.

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