Conservative Liberals React To Trump’s Shitholer Tweets

Yesterday, we asked Is Right Liberalism Conservative?

Does right liberalism or “conservative liberalism” have the capacity to conserve anything about this country? We answered in the negative. Blompf’s shitholer tweets this morning are an excellent Rorschach test which illustrate the uselessness of mainstream conservatism.

After reading this shit …

I present to you the “opposition” to “progressive liberalism.”

We’re still waiting for reaction from Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse.

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  1. Can anyone explain what “Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power” means? Are there any examples from history to illuminate these truths?

    About the only thing Trump is good for is shooting off his mouth and then having all sorts of people come out to attack him, thus showing us that virtually all people in public life in this country are scumbags.

    • Can anyone explain what “Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power” means? Are there any examples from history to illuminate these truths?

      It’s sloganeering, and that’s all it is. Someone once said “Americans love a phenom.” Americans also tend to love a good slogan. But as William James once noted, “there is nothing so absurd than when you repeat something often enough people begin to believe it.” James wasn’t the first American to take notice of that mindless phenomenon amongst the ‘common herd’; Thomas Jefferson said essentially the same thing in his day.

      I’m not sure which is the more absurd – repeating these slogans ad nauseum, or embracing them as unquestioned fact based on having heard them repeated countless times. I do know that Nancy Pelosi (et al) is an absurdity of the purest kind in and of herself.

  2. A good one IMO from Will Westcott:

    “Conservatives will never defend white America. They cannot even defend the President for his sensible comments on the nature of immigration that is destroying our country.”

  3. Also from Westcott:

    “None of the people attacking Trump over his sensible immigration comments ever said a word about Ilhan Omar’s declaration that ‘America is not going to be the country of white people.'”

  4. more hot air from Drumpf.

    Meanwhile, “round-up of 1,000,000 illegals had begun”. Oh…wait…

    it hasn’t. And for every 100 Drumpf deports, 99

    are back across the Drumpf-vaporized border in 15 minutes.

  5. Is there anything that David French doesnt take offense to? I guess racial and national destruction?

    • I made the mistake of reading some of French’s tweets. What a piece of shit he is. Williamson’s “white working class communities are morally indefensible and need to die” and all the Israel First and war war war garbage and creeps like French and Sykes made me realize that I want nothing to do with “conservatives.”

  6. Blompf is so out of touch. Their shithole countrymen are already here thanks to his (or kushner’s) open border policies.

  7. LaVeyan Satanism is basically ultra-capitalist libertarianism. It goes along perfectly with the economic philosophy of the GOP. That doesn’t stop American Conservative Christianists from portraying any policy that hurts the rich and helps poor and working people as “Satanist communism”, of course.

  8. Trump is running a long con now to try and win over the deplorables in states like MI, PA, ME, WI and NH. He is saying what white people think but are afraid to say publicly. The people who voted for Trump in swing states last time are well aware of his failure to even try to keep his campaign promises and will stay home on election day unless Trump actually delivers and very quickly.

    As far as actions go, not so much from Trump, he doesn’t want his Chamber of Commerce friends to be upset with him. Trump understands that he is in trouble because he campaigned like the Kingfish and governed like BHO. “What the Hell have you got to lose?” asked Trump in 2016 when asking for votes. The answer is that there is nothing to gain either.

    If his poll numbers are still bad next year I wonder if Trump will announce he has changed his mind and will not seek a second term (like LBJ in 1968) to avoid the humiliation of a defeat. Then we would enjoy the campaign of the hopeless and hapless Mike “Come to Jeebus” Pence getting squashed by the likes of CamelToe Harris or perhaps Mayor Buttplug. What will the Israeli lobby do then?

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