Happy International Non-Binary Day

This is what your civilization looks like under the eternal principles of “conservative liberalism” aka True Conservatism … it looks like a cancer patient on his deathbed:

Say what you want about slavery or segregation, but this plague which is celebrated in our society never existed at the time. Previous generations didn’t live in this inverted world either. Anarchists didn’t storm the border and rip down our flag and drag it in the dirt.

Note: How long do you think it will be before we have our first transsexual or gender non-conforming conservative congressman?

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  1. In ten years, when the world is celebrating National Pedophilia Day, we’re going to look back at this as “the good old days.”

  2. I am confused. Is this just a bunch of freaks making this up? Or is this an officially sanctioned USA holiday? If it is officially sanctioned by the US government then I want us to swarm over your borders and put you and the world out if its misery. You are a danger to the world. I cannot keep up with the non stop insanity that comes from the exceptional country.

    Of course if this is just a unofficial holiday sponsored by the fringe then I will continue to respect the USA borders in my comments. But only barely.

    • I am confused. Is this just a bunch of freaks making this up? Or is this an officially sanctioned USA holiday?

      It doesn’t matter at this point; the circus side-shows of today will become a staple and platform of the USG tomorrow. Both parties, as thought there were two. If you disbelieve it, hide and watch. The ‘good ol’ US of A has moved way past the point of no return at this point. She’s going down, and hard, like Sodom and Gommorah of old! The only viable option for Southern Nationalists is complete separation from this degenerate cesspit. I don’t know if it’s even possible at this point, but we have to try.

      • T. Morris,

        I certainly do not have any objections to southern separatism at this point. I calculate that the states of the Union might become a free for all shortly. Though a Trump victory in 2020 might delay the inevitable for a short while.

        I am shocked at how fast it is happening. I am going to recommend to my father to buy gold and silver and maybe sell some of our holdings in the USA.

    • Christina,

      Millions of your hyper-violent mestizos have already flooded over the border along with the equally uncivilized cousins from Central America over the last 40 years, but they’ve done nothing to stem the upward swing of degeneracy in the USA.

      The only thing they seem to be proficient at are stealing, gangbanging, breeding, being loud, ostentatious, and providing “cheap” labor.

      Aztec and Mayan hybrids are as much a threat to White culture and society as the multi pierced, multi tattooed non-binary pinheads.

      • Christina,

        You will get no argument from me. I was mad and horrified at the article and the degeneracy involved. Since it appears to be a private holiday I still respect the borders of the USA. But the USA is becoming more horrendous on almost a daily basis.

        • November,

          Obviously I was addressing you not myself. I was thinking of signing it personally when I addressed it.

      • November,

        Still you will have to admit that it is the United States that is at the forefront of promoting all this evil in the world to this extent. It is not Mexico or Laos or Slovakia etc. It is America. It may not be better for you due to the invasion but it helps the rest of the world when America is weakened. The non stop promotion of war and degeneracy of the US speaks for itself. I see no other country on earth powerful enough and interested enough to be doing what the USA is doing. Great Britain, Sweden etc. are nothing to brag about but they lack the power to project all this on others.

        Also, some societies are better than others at defending against degeneracy. I have no use for Islam but they represent a hard evil rather than a soft one.,

        So the savages as you call my people will definitely bring things down. Based on some of the comments on this website I am beginning to think that many of you believe that I am correct.

        Still I currently will remain against illegal immigration to the US. There is a slight chance you can recover. If not, the USA has to be stopped/weakened.

        Is it not possible at this point that loyalty to the United States and its values means loyalty to the devil?

        • Christina,

          You’re definitely correct that the USA is the leading exporter of war and degeneracy. Those are to the shame of the this nation and peril to the rest of the world the only two categories that America leads in. It’s a very state of affairs.

          I agree with you that the diseased whore that America has become under spell of the synagogue of satan must fall.

          Mexico has the highest murder rate on earth, and its overpopulated cities are the recipients of fecal snow. Corruption is the lubricant of political intercourse of your country. For all means and purposes, it’s a failed state that relies on the remittances sent back to Mexico from its unwashed hordes that are in El Notre illegally to prop up its economy.

          • November,

            I believe that the USA does render Mexico valuable service through loans (which are just give aways) and Mexican workers in the USA.

            Actually the Mexican murder rate is the 22nd highest in the world according to Wikipedia article called list of international homicide by country. But of course that does not invalidate your argument. Certainly Mexico is not a country to imitate in many areas.

            So that is why I would be quite content to see a weakened/partitioned USA. If that means the Southwest remains in the hands of its current occupants—–then so be it. My main goal is to stop the evil that is called the United States of America.

            And of course I recognize that there is no right to reconquer the Southwest merely because it temporarily belonged to Mexico 171-183 years ago.

          • Christina,

            It serves me right to quote a headline from the Drudge Report.

            But Mexico is still number three in the world in total murders per year. Mexico only trails Brasil and India in being the murder capital of the world l

  3. The GOP will welcome this “new face of the Conservative movement” all the while demonizing whites and traditional Southerners…(right up to the moment the GOP goes the way of the WHIGS).

    I recall a Twitter pic of Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and little Marco Rubio on an airplane during the campaign. They’re all grinning like the cat that killed the canary.


    Meanwhile, Trump pushes to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide.


    Make Degeneracy Great Again indeed.

  4. I suspect that the CSA wouldn’t have degenerated to these levels unimaginable a generation ago.

    The Third Reich understood the proper procedures for dealing with subhuman deviants.

  5. “Male and Female created He him.” And God saw that it was good….. ’nuff said. FOREVER.

    • I’ll give you that one, Fr.John+. God created or not, these freaks are attempting to pervert or defeat nature. It ain’t happening. Sex, like race, exists on a DNA level.

  6. I’m reading some history about how Christian institutions saved and rebuilt Western civilization during the Middle Ages. God bless Christopher Dawson and his writing on the subject. Anyway, I would love me some church-state interaction and interdependence right now. Nah, let’s go for it: Bring on the Theocracy!

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