David French: My Black African Immigrant Daughter Is More American Than Your Native Born White Son!


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  1. Why wasn’t French alongside that Antifa moron when the ICE facility was attacked? That would’ve been a great two-fer, right there!

    BTW, do you want me to link to porn? Because showing pics of that limp French fry made of soy makes men’s T-levels go down. To save the potency of my fellow man, I will be forced to start linking away, Hunter!

  2. He’s on someone’s payroll. Not quite male, not quite female. He wouldn’t last ten minutes during a civil war. His African daughter has more testosterone than he does. I hope both his biological kids miscegenation with Africans. The blacker the better. I saw a few potential suitors during that raid in Paris for both of them.

    • @Snowhitey,

      I think it would be far better for it, if french’s White children commit patricide than miscegenation.

  3. So geeze, with this logic, the “people” who desecrated the American flag to protest ICE are more American…because Dave French sez so. Gotcha. Do his other kids get any attention? I’m guessing not too much, I’ve read zero mentions of them.

    Also, would this girl he mentions obsessively be technically more of a trafficking victim then immigrant? Aren’t most of these evangelical “adoptions” bought and sold, often by their own families in their countries of origin for fast cash? (Muh capitalist principles?)

  4. Whatever happened to that scumbag Evan McMullin? The Kristol lackey and CIA guy who ran for president and had been photographed smiling while hanging out with the al Qaeda head choppers in Syria?

  5. Do you have a crush on French? How many more gag-inducing pics of the limp soycuck will you put us through? What’s next, you monster, a collection of Bill Kristol nudes?!

    • I’ve been needling French since 2015.

      Since the end of May, the critique of “Frenchism” has begun to resonate in social conservative circles. We’ve succeeded in making him the symbol of everything that is wrong with mainstream conservatism. I’ve redoubled my criticism because it is working and we are succeeding in driving a wedge between these people and the vast majority of Republican voters.

      • Hunter, you are causing me to sin. EVERY SINGLE TIME I see that bastard’s face, and read the TRAITOROUS SHIT he writes, I want to hit him in the face. Such unmitigated Pharasaic EVIL in one who actually thinks he is MORAL, is like listening to Arius at the First Ecumenical Council… and I identify with St. (Santa) Nicholas!

        “He was present at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea in 325, and, in his zeal, struck Arius with his hand. For this act, he was removed from the Council and from his episcopal duties, until some of the chief hierarchs had a vision of our Lord Christ and His most holy Mother showing their sympathy with Nicholas. This wonderful saint was a defender of the truth of God, and was ever a spirited champion of justice among the people.” – http://www.copticchurch.net/topics/synexarion/nicholas.html

      • Thank you. That is our role. Allowing demented vermin like French to speak out in their own insane, treacherous, genuinely hateful words will help destroy the faster than anything.

  6. Given the outrageously stupid photos of Trump being dad around Ivanka, David French shouldn’t be using that black girl as a prop. He could also be accused of keeping her as a sex pet in perverted rituals with his beard wife…look at that arm around the little thing…predators indeed.

    Why did he mention her? He should keep her out of political stuff. She’s not a prop for virtue signaling after all. Or is she?

  7. If thing’s don’t change real soon, this asshole’s son is going to mature into a country that will have absolutely no use for him. His daughter will end up being sold on an auction block. Or, she may just have a succession of Negro paramours spawning pickaninnies that her father will have to support while the Negroes are in jail or have moved on to impregnate other gullible White females. I’m certain that his son and daughter are receiving their father’s message loud and clear; that their father’s pet is more of an American than they are. And, his African pet will likely echo his anti-White rhetoric by the time she reaches her teens.

    My guess it that he regularly trots his pet out for virtue signaling among his peers. He may even be warped enough to value his pet over his children, but maybe not. Take for instance, Angelina Jolie. She acquired a menagerie from across the globe, and she used to saddle Brad with toting them around while she strutted, unencumbered, five feet ahead of him. But, I often saw photos of her spending what appeared to be exclusive time with her real daughter, Shiloh. It seems like after she had a child of her own, her interest in her pets declined considerably. Still, the situation seems to have turned Shiloh into a lesbian, just like competing for attention with her adopted siblings transformed Rachel Dolezal into an imitation Negress. Because their parents valued diversity over blood, and children will do anything to get their parents to take notice of them.

  8. What more can be said about this pathetic asshole that hasn’t already been said?
    White self hatred is sick!

  9. The Conservatives Inc hate the very existence of the White Race. What about Trump? Everything he says is fake. He’s probably the most fake person I’ve ever seen in politics and that’s saying something because I’m been doing this 24/7 365 days a year since 2001. All Trump is doing is putting out a fake Nationalist message. It’s not real….if it was he would have Deported all the Illegal Immigrants by now. The Liberals call him a Hitler. That’s a joke. Hitler was Hitler. If he played his cards right….Germany would have made alliances with other White Nations. He and other Nationalists could have made a big difference for the White Race. Each white nation could have been saved and secured a White Rule for many Years. However he got stuck on playing nice with Big Business and the German version of the Military Industrial Complex and that ended bad for Nazis. I think George Lincoln Rockwell made the positive changes needed for National Socialism….that being White Unity not War. Anyway…..Trump is a fake. He’s just putting out fake campaign promises so he can brainwash Nationalists into voting for him again. He didn’t do anything for us in his 1st term and will do nothing for us in a 2nd term. He’s not for us! Deo Vindice !

  10. Say what you want about Hitler but he kept all his campaign promises.He said he would put Germany back to work, smash Marxism and organized Jewry in Germany, and restore all the land taken from Germany by the Versailles treaty and then establish living space in the east. That last promise is what got him killed! National Socialism is not here today because Hitler killed it! How ironic it is that Eastern Europeans and Russians-people who National Socialism considered an inferior breed of whites-are the only people actively fighting back as regards Nationalism and racial preservation. Hitler’s beloved Germany is now working night and day to turn Europe Afroeurasian!

    • @ starchild2101,

      Hitler didn’t kill Germany or National Socialism. White Gentiles aligned with international jewish interests had NS Germany in their crosshairs from 1933 on. White Christians destroyed NS Germany and perhaps the last chance for Western Civilization at the behest of jews.

      What’s occurring in Central and Western Europe are abominations to the ancestors of those regions.

      The corrupt governments are to blame for the suicidal policies-not the average citizen.

      If you’re an American,you should understand that the government is controlled by globalists, rootless cosmopolitans, and international bankers. U.S. government policies no more represent me than European Union policies represent White Europeans.

  11. I think French is part of that new fangled AI. He can’t be real. No one could be that cuck.

      • I admit it! I’m triggered by that traitorous pussy’s face!

        You should all know, Hunter deleted some of my links to some tasty vintage porn pics. I tried to post them as compensation for us having to gaze upon that supremely smashable visage. First he tortures us with Ultracuck’s face, then he takes away classic images of feminine beauty generously provided as a visual respite. Hunter can be a cruel man, people.

        • I know all that but taking on the Soviet Union is what doomed him in the end. I know America likes to think it won WW II with D-Day but it was actually won at Stalingrad. But for the attack on the Soviet Union the Greater German Reich would still be here today and a world power at that.

  12. They don’t have a running body count (there should be one) but the ongoing terror war on Americans by illegal immigrant criminals can be reviewed at https://www.illegalaliencrimereport.com/. I always wonder what Frenchies would say if confronted with this evidence. (It’s never on the “news” though Laura Ingraham brought up a couple of the cases and gave the moms of killed children a platform, like him or not Bill O’Reilly used to do it too).
    The ongoing influence of French Culture is seen more and more flagrantly by the day, for instance the Utah case of the coed who apparently went to a “hookup” with an African immigrant criminal and wound with a 5cm hole in her head and the mom last seen on video leaving a bar with 3 guys (her remains recently uncovered at the house where she apparently met he demise). The ubiquitous influence of the free-flowing pornography emanating from eastern europe (I encounter 12 year olds with this on their devices routinely).The teenage girls and now their moms all want to go to Vegas and make a video.

  13. Also David French – “My black african immigrant daughter is more family than my white, biological son”

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