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  1. For the record: As good a cheesesteak as I’ve ever had came from a Philly cheesesteak shop in the South. This was several years ago; and because frigid weather in Philadelphia had delayed my departure for a Midwestern funeral, I’d missed my connecting flight in Atlanta. Along with a handful of other persons, I spent the night in the concourse and watched New Year’s Eve turn to New Year’s Day on the in-airport televisions (which were showing CNN). Fortunately, I’d reached the airport before the food shops there had closed for the night, and a cheesesteak had seemed as if it would hit the spot. The black cook behind the counter prepared it carefully.

  2. That first photo looks awful. A photo of melted cheese with not a tinge of brown is pure, unadulterated yuck. The picture in the video looks yummy.

    DO NOT use a microwave for your food if you know what’s good for you. Stop being so freaking lazy and cook it the old-fashioned way — and live longer. Learn the science and save a life. Your own. I’m betting GMO’s and microwaves is a recipe cooked up by Satanists.

    This has been a public service announcement.

  3. Love me some philly cheesesteak, this no bun thing is crazy I know it keto related of whatever but you can do open faced philly or get a healthy whole wheat, flax, or multigran bun if you are worried about the carbs in white bread buns

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