Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah J. Walker: Thomas Jefferson Is Burning In Hell

If you think the James Fields, Jr. verdict seemed a bit excessive, this is the kind of place Charlottesville has become in 2019:

This is the mayor of Charlottesville.

She wrote this about President Thomas Jefferson on Facebook a few days ago. The “community” has moved on from calling for the destruction of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments.

We went there to support the Jefferson monument in addition to the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. While the Jefferson monument wasn’t being attacked at the time, we saw where this was going:

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  1. Affirmative action strikes again. The sheeple in Charlottesville should stay away from Jim Jones kool-aid.

  2. If Charlottesville is predominately white then electing a foaming at the mouth black person to rule you is incredible even by today’s standards. While American heroes are not mine i would never think of removing Jefferson’s statue. His importance in American history speaks for itself.

    He will be remembered long after that mayor is forgotten. I have already forgotten her name and had to look it up again.

      • Denise,

        My only southern experience is with Texas. The racial politics in Texas appear to be based on appeasing blacks just like what I have been told and have noticed elsewhere. So whatever the differences if any between the average northmen and southerners, the official policies seem similar.

        I lack definitive experience with yankee people. I have met some in school but I rarely engage in such talk with them. I have learned to be very careful in dealing with the anglo except my friends.

      • Was a southern city. Now Virginia is a solid blue state. In time so to will be Texas and Florida if we are content to sit on our a*s and do nothing. Present company excluded.

      • It’s a campus town, it is overrun by Jewish faculty and deracinated transplants. Montecello is lock stock n two smoking barrels owned by Jewish foundations as well.

  3. Most colleges and universities should be closed down, since they contribute little if anything useful to modern society. Of course the original purpose of many institutions of higher learning in America was to train Christian ministers to convert the heathen savages.

    • University was there to propagate the gospel and teach the clergy, preachers, choristers, musicians and administrators of churches and to organize building and craft. Things have changed.

  4. Nigger whore. She should know about hell- that’s where her kind are predestined to go, anyway.

    Jefferson was not a Christian, so assuming heaven (as so many deluded fools do) as ‘normative’, is a BIG mistake. But to pretend to a) be either a Christian, or b) someone with divine knowledge of the hereafter, when your damned race and sex testify against you, is utter blasphemy. (see opening statement).

  5. Where are the plethora of examples of “the vastness of African and (sic) (Black American) excellence”? Ideology is not reality.

    • The shaved she-boon was referring to the (((Hollywood))) lies they spoon feed them the illiterate negro hordes.

  6. I don’t pay any attention to Niggers’ political opinions, or statements, or bother to argue with them.

    They have no opinions of their own. Their political position is whatever the last authoritative sounding Jew or White told them it was.

    They didn’t even know that they had any rights to demand, until SJWs told them that they did.

    Similarly, most of them don’t know, in any given year, that there was an election, much less who won or lost. Furthermore, they couldn’t care less.

  7. As a Millennial I was taught (indoctrinated) to treat “minorities” with utmost respect and consideration. To celebrate their robust and diverse customs. I was taught to call them African-Americans, or Mexican-Americans, but, as I got to know them I just called them blacks and mexicans. Now I can say nigger without flinching.

    Even amongst the most talented of “talented tenths,” I’ve yet to meet any astrophysicists; amongst women in general I have never met any physicists, much less early 60’s negress astrophysicists. These hidden figures spoken of had best remain hidden lest the eye of statistics calculate how much they actually contributed to flight telemetry. Conveniently, NASA lost all of the flight data, but managed to find some lady niggers with slide rules who were somehow indispensable to America’s interstellar ambitions.

    The line has always been drawn, blacks always knew it, they never pretended to be our allies. They wanted our civilization without us in the picture. Now, they think they are clever enough to write us out of the history that was entirely built by Aryan Indo-Europeans. Now that the gloves are off and we no longer need to play nice. I assert that the common nigger is in fact a subspecies below Homo sapiens sapiens. Less brain mass, more muscle mass, extreme propensity towards violence, inability to craft tools and reason abstractly.

    The line is more clear than ever. Either they are niggers, or they moving the goal line to a place where you really won’t be comfortable with. I can understand being tricked by Jews – but niggers – I’d sincerely hope no white would ever be so gullible.

  8. Anthropologists are going to have to reconsider their views on Homo habilis.

    If the mayor Charlottesville is an average proto-hominin, then being raised in a White Homo sapiens environment could accelerate their species ability to communicate. Very remarkable for a biped with such a small brain case.

    For those with the inclination to view a current likeness of H. habilis done by specialists at the Smithsonian Institute, the resemblance N.J. Walker and the artist’s rendition is incredible.

  9. This stupid bitch believes ‘Hidden Figures’ is a documentary. And she’s the mayor of Charlottesville. ..Thomas Jefferson’s Charlottesville.
    I just can’t even.

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