James Fields, Jr. Sentenced To Life In Prison Plus 419 Years

USA Today:

“CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia – James Alex Fields Jr., a neo-Nazi who rammed his car into counterprotesters of a “Unite the Right” rally in 2017, leaving one dead and dozens injured, was sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years in state court Monday. 

Judge Richard E. Moore upheld a Virginia jury’s recommended sentence from December. He also imposed a fine of $480,000. 

Moore said he’d never been involved in a case, as an attorney or a judge, in which so many people were injured at one time by one person. 

“Today’s verdict is based on what you did,” Moore said, addressing Fields. “It was not a spur of the moment action.”

The death penalty was off the table under the terms of a plea deal reached in March on his conviction for federal hate crimes. …”

This doesn’t come as a surprise.

In light of how the police behaved in Charlottesville and the other sentences in the DeAndre Harris case, what did we expect to happen? Welcome to Woke Justice.

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  1. Judge Moore is operating a kangaroo court that reminiscent the Salem witch trials. James Fields was already convicted by the (((JEWdicial system))) and that’s why he was denied a change of venue. In other news, the Left-wing SPLC remains silent in regards to the most recent act of Antifa domestic terrorism.

  2. Six million dead jews aren’t worth one of James Field’s fingernails. [Just to put it in perspective.]

    Come the revolution, he will be the first to be freed.

  3. Never be taken alive by the forces of zog. Make them pay a dear price for their allegiance to our enemies l

  4. James Fields was convicted by fake news.Not even Foxnews debunked Antifa riots approved by the city mayor and governor.

  5. Richard E Moore, what an outstanding judge, must have graduated top of his class. Yes sir. “This was not a spur of the moment”. That’s exactly what it was at the absolute worst. That gaffe at the verdict sentencing might, in the hands of a good appellant lawyer get that sentence overturned in a decade or so.
    It was demonstrably him reacting to being swarmed. Fields made it too easy with the plea imho then this judge maliciously put the boot in. There’s no way you’d use a Charger as a weapon for this sort of a planned terror assault weapon plan. It’s obvious bullshit.

  6. The sentence is the veritble definition of Cruel and Unusual Punishment. This must not stand

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