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  1. Barr’s father hired Jeffery Epstein to be a teacher at the Dalton School in New York City, even though Epstein didn’t have a college degree.

  2. Barr dad was a Jew. like I said, Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was. The fight is, has and always be against the innocent Christ. Why do they hate the innocent, tormented tortured and unjustly killed Christ so so much? What reason?

    • “We will not have this man to rule over us.” – parable of the Pharisees when they realized Christ was the Messiah. After committing DEICIDE, they then ‘buried the truth in unrighteousness,’ as ex-Pharisee Paul of tarsus wrote, some decades later. Even the Masoretic Text was an attempt by the Council of Jamnia to eviscerate the LXX of the Messianic prophecies contained therein. Jews are without ANY moral or racial use to Christendom.

      Lk. 19:14, Rom. 1:18

      • It amazes me how many Christians believe Jewish lies that the prophecies were all mistranslated. They have no idea there is no single Hebrew word for virgin, or that the MT is 1000+ years older than the LXX.

  3. Meanwhile – Jews loot 10 million a DAY from American tax slaves – and that’s only what’s on the official books, slander, demonize and attack Whites EVERY day, allow one of their own to abuse and rape children for DECADES, and are now shoveling illegal invaders in EVERY day – and we are “Evil KNAAAZEEEZ: for noticing.

  4. How can I see all this before me?…..


    Empirical data………

    Right in front of my eyes………

    You have a mental illness, Patient 88.

    It’s due to your lack of sex and inferiority complex.

    You resent the masculine prowess of black males.

    You’re jealous that white women prefer BBC.

    Please relax while we treat you to an IV smorgasboard of PornHub Virtual Direct.

    Thank you, Dr. Rosenstein.

    I’ve always known that you were the Chosen Ones…..

  5. “The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaises, he
    destroys the Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ.”

    Bernard Lazare, in his book, “L’ Antisemitisme,”
    page 350.

  6. What’s ironic about the Jews is that they push atheism.

    If it wasn’t for the fear of an angry God and Hell, the pogrom would be on right quick.

    • I’ve read Jews don’t believe in an afterlife; so, they attempt use their worldly deeds for self-glorification by imposing their will on earth.

    • True. They’re attacking the very thing that keeps Whites stupidly docile and passive while being driven to the slaughter. Turning the other cheek and embracing their humiliation while their enemies kick and spit on them, and work in a frenzy for their destruction.

      But, I guess nobody said the jews needed to be logical, just malicious. After all, they’re working tirelessly to destroy the nation — the USA — which was their willing slave and enforcer for most of the 20th century.

  7. So this is like the 25th summit on antisemitism this year? How long until they call another one an get both zog shill parties to disavow white supremacy for the 6 millionth time?

  8. Does hating Jews make me an anti-Semite when they are diametrically opposed to my well-being? ?

  9. Moreover, even though all Talmudic toadies [all Jews and many deluded goyim] deny it, it clearly is a fact – JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES.


    Of course, Jews are using an isolated quote from another source (Nobel-prize winner Arthur Koestler) in relation to his book [The Thirteenth Tribe] where he took great pains to show the Ashke-NAZI and Khazarian Konnection, in order to supposedly ‘prove’ that…

    “the bulk of Eastern European Jews were descended from the Khazars, (so that) the racial basis for anti-Semitism would be removed and anti-Semitism itself could disappear.’

    While not even stopping to think how odd such a statement sounds (we’re going to invent a racial postulate that denies our racial particularity which we have held for 2000 years, to delude the goyim) when you realize that such a line of BS supposedly came from a rabid Zionist – when it is even quoted and promulgated by such pseudo-academics as David Duke, [ http://davidduke.com/khazar-theory-koestler-admitted-wrote-book-jewish-interests/%5D one wonders if Duke really IS an advocate for white interests, or merely a fool… or a tool. Now that fake news has made it clear that this government is layers upon layers of conflicting lies and obfuscations, NO ONE is beyond suspicion. Even “Dr.” Duke.

    Truly, just stop and think about it. If other [sic] “Semitic idolators” like Murphy wish to denigrate yet more Jewish authors on this point, i.e., Schlomo Sand, (why does no one note that ALL of these authors (Finkelstein, Sand, Koestler, Freedman) [putting forth a way to DECIMATE/DEFUSE THE CHARGE OF ‘ANTI-SEMITISM’] are Jewish, by the way!) when you read columns like this-

    [ https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/02/anti-semitism_and_the_khazar_theory.html ]

    the Talmudic psychological manipulation just drips over the words, like bloody foreskins. In other words, it has ‘Jew’ written all over it… even with stupid “shabbas goyim” making the comments; like this one:

    “What I mean by that is that National Socialists (Nazis) hate Jews simply because they are Jews; not because of theory X or theory Y. In other words, theory X or theory Y doesn’t cause them to become Jew-haters. What usually happens is that the Nazi adopts theory X or theory Y because he’s already a Jew-hater…”

    One wonders just how much the concepts of Calvinist Hyper-Predestination have influenced a desire on the part of those who are Jewish cocksuckers (Pardon me, but the Asherah is strong with this one- i.e., Murphy) to see ‘the Elect’ as so far above ‘the Damned’ (ie. Jews vs. [sic] Nazis)…

    that the Talmudic fallacy of Jews and THEIR created order being on an entirely different plane from ‘the Goyim” (such as you and I- while ignoring their tendencies to genetic abnormalities, their ugliness, their avarice, their sexual predatory natures, etc.) needs no more corroboration!

    The Jews are right, and we are wrong, and all this ‘summit’ was, was merely foreplay for worshiping the smegma of the unwashed Pharisees of the world. Let’s just roll over and play dead, and worship the God-Damned Jews, Christ-killers, all!!!


    I prefer to believe history, my eyes, and the words of a woman who was an Israeli Cabinet member, when she says, ‘Anti-Semitism? It’s a TRICK. We always use it.”



  10. Rise of technology combined with the war on whites could end the white race forever. Imagine 15 yrs from now as a button is pushed and troublesome whites are suddenly cut off from the food supply, banking, fuel, travel, etc. Millions starve to death, and afterwards the Judeo- black/brown alliance gloats. This global Holodomor could happen. As we become more plugged into the AI robotic system, our doom awaits. But this can be averted if we can end the war on whites, as that allows that mentality that will push that doomsday button.

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