The Hoverboard Arrives

I’ve been saying for months now that technological change is quietly creeping up on us and the future isn’t going to be what most of us have imagined it will be:

Holy shit … this is me now.

If we lived in a sane country, our leaders would be talking about the massive implications of artificial intelligence. Instead, we are living under late liberal democracy and the national political conversation is about open borders, Israel, reparations for slavery and forced busing.

In the future, we will have AI, IoT, virtual reality, Hoverboards, flying cars, cities with “brains,” but we won’t have borders. Young men won’t have real girlfriends, but sexbots and virtual reality bands. They probably won’t have jobs either. We’re steadily becoming wealthier and more technologically advanced, but our culture and politics hasn’t caught up with technological change and has declined.

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  1. If this isn’t outright fake, then they’ve solved the main problem that has plagued these contraptions since the 1960’s and 70’s. Insufficient fuel supply to stay aloft for more than a few seconds or minutes at a time.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        Maybe he has a fuel tank in his backpack. The rocket packs of the 70’s could only make short hops of a few seconds and yards duration.

        I imagine they’ve also miniaturised a turbojet. It sounds like it, anyway.

        • From a bit of Googling I’ve done, I’m pretty sure you’re right, James, on both points: Turbine engines (yes, plural); jet fuel in backpack.

  2. “we are living under late liberal democracy and the national political conversation is about open borders, Israel, reparations for slavery and forced busing.”

    In other words, the political talking points of the late 20th Century.

  3. If young men have no real wives but only sex robots, meaning no white children, all this technology will not really matter because it will only last one generation

    • @J Scott Goldsmith

      “If young men have no real wives but only sex robots,”

      It’s a distinct possibility, when you consider that women are simply an unobtainable commodity for nearly 50% of young, White men.

      But artificial women may just prevent a lot of rapes and murders of young women and girls by bitter, angry, and resentful young men.

      The only alternative I can see is government sponsored/licensed brothels.

  4. This has been a constant for several centuries now.

    We become wealthier. Science and technology advances. Our culture simultaneously degenerates and goes in the opposite direction

  5. The future will be more Blade Runner than Back to the Future. Though a combination of Mad Max and Idiocracy seems to be our destiny.

  6. I foresee massive problems and many air crashes in the Goodyear flying car due to the fact that the United States has the worst roads among all industrial nations. I foreseen a blade being broke in the tire and when the operator tries to go air born it comes crashing on down.

    A man in a jet pack. Isn’t that what Buck Rogers did in the 25th century with his partisan group as they fought the Chinese occupiers of America? When whites decline to a specific number and America is mostly black and Latino with infighting and chaos everywhere between these two groups rest assured China will look with envious eyes upon North America and invade in the name of restoring order but in reality to conquer and colonize. Make no mistake about it: multiracial diversity eventually ends in Chinese domination!

  7. Hoverboard: An Assessment.

    For obvious reasons of safety, this contraption will be confined to the experimental aircraft/ultralight community. It will simply be too expensive and dangerous for the lay public, in any case. Jet fuel, aka kerosene, is not cheap, or as easily obtainable, as it once was.

    It will be however, be popular at airshows and experimental flyins, like Oshkosh.

    As far a military use. The vulnerability of the operator to ground fire is obvious. Helicopters, both manned and unmanned, might have a better chance. Particularly since they can carry the avionics and weapons necessary for survival on the modern battlefield.

    However, it might find some use among fire and rescue units, law enforcement in certain specific situations, and various other government and nongovernment organisations. The Forestry Service, or inspection of dams and power lines, for example.

    Except in fires and other disasters, and search and rescue, you probably won’t see these flyers anywhere except at experimental flying fields, carnivals and fests, or the local cow pasture on weekends.

    I’d say that a Hoverboard will probably cost as much as a top end ATV or dirt bike, if not a little more. The turbines will be the most expensive part, due to the precision machining and fabrication techniques required.

  8. Medicare for all is a worthwhile conversation which is why they all said they’d give healthcare to illegals.

    It’s a neoliberal poison pill. There’s no mechanisms(that are being enforced) in place to prevent illegals from obtaining public healthcare now. This wouldn’t change if a dem was some how able to get Medicare for all past.

    The nbc moderators forced the issue to condition the left liberal base to accept an open borders prerequisite as apart of medicare for all, but also to delay its implementation for another 5-10 years.

    They want white families to go bankrupt and die from lack of coverage for just a little while longer, and besides insurance executives need a few more dollars before they’re days are done.

    Whites are in a shitty position, we’ll continue to have no healthcare and open borders, but accepting Medicare for all with overtly open border language is like waiving the white flag and inviting your displacement. Funny thing is we’ll end up with some kind of universal healthcare in the future once we’re a minority.

    Voting against what will help you today to save you from what will kill you tomorrow is not always wise if who is promising to protect you from tomorrow’s threat is the gop

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