Incel Beta Orbiter Stalks and Decapitates 17-Year-Old E-Girl Bianca Devins At a Concert In New York

UPDATE: We’re hearing it was a “close family friend” now, not a random weirdo.

She was also no angel:

So, we’re all waking up to some big news this morning: an incel beta orbiter has stalked, hunted down and decapitated a teenage e-girl and posted photos of it to mock her orbiters.

While this incel didn’t have a death toll anywhere close to the “Supreme Gentleman” Elliot Rodger, this is by far the creepiest incel related murder yet and will be big news:

I won’t pretend to understand this scene. I’ve always found it weird.

I am old enough to have grown up in a time before the rise of e-girls and online dating and Tinder and social media. When I graduated from high school, we still had flip phones. Social media didn’t become a thing until after I graduated college. There was a story the other day about an e-girl named Belle Delphine who was selling her bath water to thirsty beta orbiters.

This dystopian world has been created by a witches brew of technology, capitalism, feminism and the collapse of traditional moral values under liberalism. My take is that the solution is to return to Christian monogamy. The e-girl and paypig dynamic has always been toxic.

If I was in charge of this country, I would nuke this ecosystem from orbit.

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  1. I didn’t know what an “incel beta orbiter” was. Sodom and Gomorrah have been surpassed by our twisted modern culture.

    • Rich – and incel beta orbiter is a young virgin man that does not possess the social skills to attract and keep an actual, real live 3D woman. He is able to use technology to fulfill is sexual fantasies, and, because he is online ALL THE TIME – he only wants a beautiful young woman, thinks he deserves the “best one” – yet has never been taught, nor does it occur to him, to develop the social skill needed to attract and keep a mate IRL. He disdains ANY female that is not “perfect”.

      • Denise- I think you’re playing to a false stereotype of what these types of men generally are like. It’s not that they want a “perfect female” it’s more that they want a woman who is generally good looking (which most women are unless they choose to let themselves become overweight or pierced) that will love them and whom they can love back. These kinds of women are rare in the sexual marketplace, which is generally filled with damaged women, obese women, and stuck up women.

        They tend to spend time and money on girls who offer them attention in exchange for money. I know a guy who is a mod for a twitch thot, and as pathetic as the guy is (he’s a feminist), he gives this girl his time and money because he genuinely believes they are friends. IMO, these bitches are no different than strippers, and should be viewed upon with equal disdain. Not the poor orbiter who is looking for an authentic relationship.

      • @Denise

        Come on, Ms Denise, it’s not social skills. These characters couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a pocket full a hundred dollar bills because they’re as ugly as fenceposts. Just ask the gals that reject them. They’ll tell you this exact same thing.

        • Are they?

          There’s 50% men and 50% women in the population. The less attractive men aren’t necessarily failing to find a mate, but failing to accept the ones available to them, or wanting more women and/or more attractive ones than they can naturally rate.

          • There was a graph posted on twitter a couple of days ago. All the traditional ways of meeting partners are dying out (work, family, friends, church,social events). The one that is going exponential and replacing them all is online dating.

            Ramzpaul posted some stats earlier in the year that were collected by the online dating sites about how the sexes view each other. It found men rate the attractiveness of the opposite sex on a bell curve. Average looking women a big clump in the middle, with very attractive or ugly being small groups at the far ends. With women the bell curve is squashed up at the very attractive end. The stats showed that these online women find only the top 10% of men average or attractive while the rest they rate as unttractive. A fancy name Ramzpaul called it is hypergamy.

            So these incels complaints do have a basis in reality, if they are doing something as dumb as online dating.

          • @makepiegreatagain, thank the stars above that most women have a small window of attractiveness on the sexual marketplace.

            Men age more gracefully and can become distinguished with time, while women become dried up bitter krones that curse the pretty young women who’ve displaced them.

            Just desserts.

        • @James Owen – it’s not just looks. If men have enough money – they can get gorgeous girls no matter how ugly they are. We all know this. Social skills do matter; the example I give is Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. He was a director and much older than Loren. She was young and gorgeous. He helped her w/ her career, and they married – and she had affairs w/ actors cuz she WAS young and GORGEOUS. Ponti was very understanding; sympathetic even – but they stayed married until his death. He was ..not particularly handsome…short – but apparently very fun to be with. EVERY-ONE who knew him adored him. I was intelligent, lively, a fascinating conversationalist. A very bright spirit. Loren was asked is she would remarry, after his death ,and her reply was “”No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else.”. She never did remarry.

          I know they are an extraordinary example – but it’s NOT just looks and money. It’s “do I want to spend time with this person?”

          I find that a lot of men really don’t like women at all. They may want a sex partner, and a mommy – but they don’t actually LIKE women. That’s the crux of the issue.

          • “I find that a lot of men really don’t like women at all. They may want a sex partner, and a mommy – but they don’t actually LIKE women. That’s the crux of the issue.”

            A school friend from 20 years ago used to say, “If they didn’t have a vagina people would throw stones at them.” lol

            Right wing men are happier solving problems than gabbing. Its how we are wired since our hunter gatherer days. The men went out hunting and the women stayed near the camps. Exceptions do exist though. I have annoying uncle who likes women, but he is social and emotional like a woman.

          • “She was young and gorgeous. He helped her w/ her career, and they married – and she had affairs w/ actors cuz she WAS young and GORGEOUS”


            “Ponti was very understanding; sympathetic even”


            His social skills didn’t really help him in keeping a woman to himself.

            ” I find that a lot of men really don’t like women at all. They may want a sex partner, and a mommy – but they don’t actually LIKE women. That’s the crux of the issue.”

            Those quotes all look really bad back to back like that XD. If Loren and Ponti’s relationship is supposed to be the male/female standard, I wonder why!

          • @Denise and jj, There’s truth in both of your statements.

            I know many heterosexual women that prefer the company of heterosexual men because they dislike other women for a lot of the same reasons men do.

            Sam Kinison said, “If women didn’t have vaginas, there would be posses hunting them to extinction.” I believe that’s a little too far, but not by much.

          • Outlander – I don’t know if you will see this reply – because the posts on this blog were in a flurry today – but I used the Ponti/Loren relationship as an EXAMPLE of how it’s not just looks or money. I wrote that it was an extra-ordinary example – but a stark one, non-the-less.

            They were a theatrical couple. Artists – and genuine ones. This a different breed of animal. They are NOT Normies. Artists have been kept at bay, throughout history, BECAUSE of their unorthodox behavior. Artists are chimeras. Healthy societies keep artists outside the pale. They disrupt normal social standards. Slut/Cuck,,,mmmm….yes….but I am not going to condemn nor support their behavior. Despite the extra-curricular activities – they had a very stable and loving marriage – and Ponti’s son is HIS son.

            FYI – Elite members of societies have always allowed extra-marital affairs, just about everywhere. Upper Echelon marriages are invariably political/financial alliances. Some couples remained faithful – and I am referring to the histories of thousands of years – but loads have not. There were always Rules to the Game, though. ALWAYS. You were discreet. You did not embarrass or insult your spouse. You suffered socially only if you did. Cheating takes time and money. Average or poor people rarely had the resources or energy to play around.

            This history of cheating is not the point, though; my original point is that tons of men REFUSE to develop the skills needed to attract a mate. They’ll beeyach and complain and blame – but they won’t use the time to actually improve themselves.

          • – Denise

            I figured after I posted my comment that you were trying to make that point, but it still was a strange example of a loving relationship. I personally believe that the cheating of the upper classes could be curbed in a modern society that persecuted such behaviour. Maybe an affair with a single person they actually loved makes some sense, but multiple sex partners after marriage certainly not.

            I’ve had girls I’ve loved and girls not so much, and others in between. I can’t imagine a situation where if I were with a girl I loved that I would want any other and If you’re a rich and powerful man, you can almost guarantee that you can get woman you love. Outside of a political marriage, it is almost romantic to have partner whom you truly love but can’t do to the constrains of society.

            But I think the upper classes deserve a hindsight critique of their behaviour, because there is certainly nothing virtuous of the rich man sleeping with half the town’s attractive women and vice verse for the powerful woman and the town’s men.

            We can do better as a people.

          • P.S. Denise

            Look up the term “Gymcel”. There are plenty of men out there who put in the time an effort to improve themselves, actually it’s sort of a joke at this point that there are lots of men out there “self-improving” and that none of them are getting laid. That is part and parcel with the hopelessness that incels feel. The problem really seems to be coming from the female side, not the male side.

      • Boys should learn very early in life that there aren’t any “perfect women ” They’ve never existed.

        You just have to deal with the cards you’ve been dealt.

      • Denise,

        Thank you for the definition of Incel. White nationalists have a language of your own. You have different color of pills. You have MGTOW. You have THOT. You call exposing someone doxing. Why not just call it exposing? I need a code book at times.

        Anyway that was interesting comments on your part.

  2. 1) Raise your children in a godly way.

    2) This language is very dehumanizing “incel, beta, omega” so unless people are demigods, they are worthless?

    3) Schizophrenia often reveals itself in the 20s

    4) It will get worse before it gets better

  3. Isn’t it about time we (White Men) begin to strike fear? In the hearts of the invaders? We are the warriors!!!

  4. The one area where I think I am in agreement with left cultural analysis concerns the threat posed to women and girls by incel rage and incel culture.

    These “thirsty” beta/omega orbiters are about the most pathetic human beings that I have ever run across. I do not understand how any man could be so completely lacking in self-respect and dignity to chase pretty girls who are clearly out of their league and who care nothing for them.

    Any young man not getting laid on a regular basis should buck up and realize he is part of the same club that most men have been members of at one point or another in their lives. The answer to being unable to attract a woman is not pleading and unhinged rage to no purpose.

    This kind of thing is also the reason woman-hatred needs to be hounded out of white nationalism and dissident politics and culture.

    • Lew – I agree with every word you’ve written – but please tell the general reaction one enjoys when one suggests such things to young males who are NOT Chads, or possess rudimentary social skills IRL.

    • I’d actually have to disagree with you on that. The women are more pathetic than the orbiters, they are the prey to these predators who use softcore sexual imagery to lure in men to give them money. Feminism has ruined the sexual marketplace to the point where we have men who, following their natural instincts to provide for a female, view these girls as substitute girlfriends. Something that these girls are exploiting.

      I don’t know Bianca Devins, but I have far more empathy towards incels than your standard twitch thot who are basically making like 100k wearing a tank top on camera.

      Young men in today’s sexual marketplace have it more difficult than any other men before in the English speaking world. I don’t think guys older than 35 can really even understand it. Even your most average of guys at best only get the attention of women who are “fat and proud” or some crazy woman with emotional issues online. IRL, it really depends on your social situation and for many younger people, they don’t have groups of friends. With talking to random women in public, it’s a gamble. Most of the time though you’re going to be labelled a creep or a weirdo. We’re not even talking about a fear of straight up rejections that are putting guys off, but the fact they are insulted for even trying.

      I just heard Richard Spencer talk about the Bagel Midget saying it’s probably a good thing that people like him and other “angry incels” don’t reproduce for eugenic purposes. I think that sort of mentality should be hounded out of White Nationalism. We all know Feminism has fucked up the mating game for everyone, so instead of laughing at those who can’t make it, we should persecute those who exploit the people who can’t.

      I agree with SafeonCloud9’s opinion on the matter. “There are screenshots of her manipulating men and admitting that she used them and can instantly replace them with another thirsty orbiter….she had it coming.” But sure, the “Orbiters” are the problem.

      • Found an incel. She played with fire with how she treated people, but nothing warrants or justifies her death. And your opinion of the dating game right now is so off. Either you are not associating with the right and proper crowd or your expectations for what you look for in a women is limiting you to low quality women. As an introvert with extrovert friends, I’ve seen the most average of guys with decent social skills pull girls and get dates. Whether you want a fling or wholesome relationship tier girl is up to how you present yourself and managing expectations. It’s less likely for a wholesome girl to be ‘hot’ because they are less focused on material things.

        • Ah the name calling begins, why I stopped talking about politics in the first place was how childish people have become.

          The common stories and experiences spoken online about the dating game reflects my own observations with myself and people I’ve known IRL. Not many couples are stable, and of the ones that are, they usually ended up that way by chance not by using “decent social skills.” Being in the right place at the right time.

          “it’s less likely for a wholesome girl to be ‘hot'”

          I think your opinion of the sexual marketplace is off.

          There is no magical building somewhere, full of wholesome cuties, that I’ll only find if I wear a fitted suit and always say please and thank you. Hypergamy and Feminism both have destroyed the value of women to the point that the majority of young women just aren’t dateable. There are a lot of “Alt-Right” people who think that women have no agency and it’s all the man’s fault when in fact, it’s women that have become disappointing and shallow. Of course I’m speaking generally here Brian, no need to perceive it as a personal attack on your buddies gf or whatever.

          Now it could very well be that you Brian, live in a good environment somewhere in some backwater town in Nebraska or whatever, but it’s not the common experience. Or maybe you’re one of those guys that likes the trashy women. Fatties and Tattoos your thing?

    • Agreed. The deliberate entanglement of this manosphere crap has done incalculable damage to white interests. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the engineered sexual spite creates a lost generation, once you get this stuff into your head (man or woman) it poisons all of your interactions with dehumanization.

      The most tragic thing about the incel rage is the inevitable collateral damage, they aren’t just going to go off on women that actually provoked them.

  5. All I can say is that it was never like this when I was growing in the 1950’s. By the way, we still had rotary dial telephones & the exchanges always began with 2 letters & ended with one number.

  6. What was ‘feminist’ about this, or her? Nothing.

    Lew states “Any young man not getting laid on a regular basis should buck up and realize he is part of the same club that most men have been members of at one point or another in their lives. The answer to being unable to attract a woman is not pleading and unhinged rage to no purpose.”

    My experience as a young woman was that this notion of some guy ‘not getting laid on a regular basis’ wasn’t the motive behind rape. Granted, I’m talking decades ago, but my point is that psychotic male ego trips were what informed most rape. Various factors created the unhinged rage in any one individual, but the overarching problem was precisely the delusion that men were somehow owed more than one woman. ‘Betas’ who were ugly, lazy, less smart or whatever-the-H resorted to outrageous tactics to ‘score,’ and a lack of some female companionship wasn’t the issue. Real ‘alphas’ of the white race aren’t players ultimately, anyway, since our children require longer term nurturance.

    I don’t know how my era’s insanity has transmorphed into this insanity but something is clearly horribly wrong, and one factor does seem to be a continuation of delusionality in young men. What roles young women are playing in the whole drama is unclear.

    I think these spoiled brats should be put to work, and charged for their Wifi and electronic toys, among other solutions. A southern friend of mine sends her kids to a school that creates an entire youth culture that is severely limited in its digital tech influence. I just wish the christian aspect of it wasn’t the replacement.

    • “What roles young women are playing in the whole drama is unclear.”

      > Capitalize off of men not having gfs (twitch thots, other e-thots)
      > Having sex with the attractive men while marrying the unattractive men later in life for resources (Assemblywomen style)
      > Using sex toys and pets and substitutes for husband and children.
      > Act as tribute to foreign men because they can’t be bothered to stop shoving doughnuts down their throats.

      Pretty much pick one of the above and the majority of women fall into one of those categories. All of which are worse than your stereotypical bitch beta who just wants a Princess Peach or Zelda or whatever like his was promised as a child.

      • Outlander- – You are 100% on target . 100%.! Feminism HAS the the sexual- -and marital (I would add) marketplace for BOTH men and women..It has absolutely ruined the sexual value of women.
        And White birthrates continue to plummet. Tick-tock…

        • If we do die out as a race it will primarily feminism, not immigration, that will have done us in.

          The whole incel phenomenon isn’t some sort of weird underclass of basement dwelling trolls who feel they deserve to have sex with the hottest women or else they’ll kill them like the media portrays. Most self-described incels are average to below average looking guys who have been rejected by women so many times that they hate them. This is what older guys and women who aren’t glued to the tv screen get confused about. They think the incel just isn’t trying enough. In fact, the incel is being selected against by women for usually petty reasons that at any point in history prior to the 21st century, wouldn’t have mattered. Incels are average men who are angry they can’t get any women. Their brain tells them they are evolutionarily fit enough to mate, but their environment doesn’t reflect this.

          I wonder if someone did a study with men that took the average amount of rejections over a period of time and compare it to the perception of the women in that space at the beginning and at the end what kind of result we’d get.

          I’d also like to compare to any readers the similarly trending MGTOW (Men going their own way) phenomenon to the incel thing. MGTOW men typically don’t hate women and are generally more successful with women than incels but just don’t find the juice worth the squeeze and opt out of the dating scene for a number of reasons (usually financial risk and stress reduction). There seems to be a trend of men unable OR unwilling to date in the current market due to no or diminishing returns.

          We shouldn’t be writing this off as a handful of unsuccessful men who sit at home in their parent’s basements masturbating to anime all day and who don’t matter in the overall course of history.

          • Outlander, I enjoy your thoughtful posts here. It’s refreshing to see you and others talking about real issues instead of name-calling.

            The MGTOW you describe above was me 2 years ago. I didn’t have problem getting dates. I’m successful, plenty of resources, and I absolutely love some women. The issue was finding someone I enjoyed being around, and wading through the endless stream of western women obsessed with the most benign, mundane stuff.

            You also nailed it. I ended up with the right girl out of sheer luck. Met her at orientation for a new gig.

            I hope all the other good guys looking for a good girl have the same luck. I know however, that those women are in very short supply, for the reasons you’ve so eloquently outlined for us. So again, thank you.

  7. From what I’ve read, the Incel phenomenon is mostly confined to North America.

    I’ve read about men who’ve come to the U.S. for work or school, from Europe, and suddenly found that their love lifes had dissipated. Once they returned to France, Germany, Italy, etc, however, they suddenly found that they could get dates once again.

  8. These e-girls are playing a dangerous game, in that they are attracting the kind of wackos that use money to make humans do things, like they were puppets on strings. Its dehumanzing.

    • (Who) has been steering the social order for the last 60 year’s?
      (Who) has controlled th magazine’s ( Cosmo, playboy, vogue, woman’s day etc.) The tv, the movies, the schools for the last 60 year’s?
      (Who) has set the judicial agenda that destroys families and creates wrecked children from single parent homes?
      (Who) spread and cultivated toxic feminism?

      Answer the question and discover the saboteur.

    • “This dystopian world has been created by a witches brew of technology, capitalism, feminism and the collapse of traditional moral values under liberalism. ”

      BS ! This has been created by the same (people) who opened the gates of Seville.

      The above are only accelerants.

  9. There are actually some good comments on here on male/female relationships. I will not claim to be an expert of course. But I know the way girls/women think. It is true that I believe most women can be attractive if their features are regular, their weight reasonable, having long hair helps and they dress nice. How difficult is that?

    Also, we physically do not find most men good looking. We are made for love and beauty while you are made for strength and practicality. You are after our bodies more than the opposite as a generality.

    A man with confidence, knowledge of females, and charm can achieve wonders with women. Yes, it helps to have money of course. But you will rarely see a good looking man with a really plain girl but the opposite is easily attainable. -IF you have the above characteristics.

    No girl in her right mind gives the time of day to losers. American movies that have wimpy men get the girl is because they are either comedies or written by wimpy men. And when I say wimpy it has little to do with muscles.

    • I think the problem women have with understanding the sexual marketplace issue is that they think that it’s a result of men being unsuccessful with women so men need to improve, far from it. It’s largely that women, at least in the West, treat men as if they have a product men need to buy and they’re trying to see exactly how much of a profit they can make while still doing whatever they want/like.

      Men actually look at a relationship with women as sworn companionship. This is why stuff like PUA doesn’t work as well as it should because while most guys can understand how to trick/charm women, it comes across as inauthentic and ultimately a waste of time. Men want real, feminine, women who will love them until death do them part. Those women just aren’t around, hence why you have orbiter cults, MGTOW men, incels, and all other manners of cope.

      It’s not men complaining that they’re a dweeb that deserves a gorgeous woman, it’s usually an average guy making 50K a year, and in average shape who gets called a loser by the girl next door. If you’re an average guy and the average woman doesn’t want you, and when you’re told by some old man or female friend that you have to settle with the fat chick who smokes pot all day because you’re not Chad with 100K in the bank account, you’re understandably, not going to be happy.

      Nor should you.

      • Outlander,

        A thoughtful comment. The woes you describe are outside my experience but I do notice that in the United States there is vast unhappiness between the sexes. I have no ability to determine the exact proportion of wrong on each side.

        I do know that we were made for men. God comes first then our whole status is having a husband and children. Unless we wish to become a nun of course. For me out of the question.

        I do not think there is anything inherently wrong with anglo girls. The ones I know all talk about guys the way the latin girls do. I think as we get older the propaganda in society like movies help to destroy you. The movies all show women doing what men do. How many modern movies show women as main characters with a good husband and loving children without a teenage attitude?

        For me I can not wait until I am married with children. Naturally, I would never date a guy my parents disapprove of.

        Christina Romana

        • – Christina

          It’s not just in the United States, but in the general Anglosphere. Canada, the U.K. and Australia are also pretty common places where this occurs. A lot of MGTOW (Men going their own way) guys typically come from Canada and Australia. There are guys who go to Eastern Europe, Latin America or Asia and have no problems with women but it’s a completely different story when they get back home. I think the problem is unique to English speaking countries.

          I agree with you that men and women are made for one another and that as frustrating as relationships may be at times, they ultimately are better than either half living on their own on average.

          Not too many modern movies show women as loving housewives as the main character, no, and there may be some dramas or comedies where that is the case. In children’s shows, at least up to 10 years or so ago, mothers were typically seen as the parent who solved the problems that the children could not, or were the shoulder to cry on for the child. So yeah, I suppose there isn’t much media representation for single women out there other than to be a power fantasy or a love interest.

          I think the problem actually stems from this sort of 3rd to 4th wave feminism telling women they can and should have it all. A lot of young people in general these days are impoverished. In places like Canada and Australia for example, the housing market prices are insane. Jobs pay poorly, young men are in competition with foreigners with 5+ years of experience who will work for less, and a brand new car costs more than the yearly salary of a minimum wage worker. A man has to work harder and smarter than ever before to earn a decent life.

          Women, on the other hand, have not changed their standards to suit the times. They want him to be attractive, tall, in shape, outgoing, witty, confident, ambitious, smart, wealthy with a good house and car, and ALL at the age of 25. Women should be dating a man who is good enough, and push him to succeed in such a difficult environment, but they don’t and instead choose to “compromise” which usually means dating attractive, over confident men or drug dealers, neither of which truly care about them. I’ve met a lot of single women who believe in “fate”. That some Prince Charming will just ride into her life at the right moment and she feels she can wait until that moment comes. My loss if I don’t measure up.

          This sexual marketplace problem is really going to be glaring the next decade. Men who made it, and who have largely been ignored by most women their age, are going to date young, college aged women, take brides from Asia or Latin America, or choose to be single. Alpha men, are going to settle into mid life with mini-harems, and a generation of women are going to age into their late 30s and 40s, unmarried and unwanted by the men they overlooked. We see articles today of mid-30s women complaining about “where have all the men gone?” and how no man looks at them the same way they did when they were younger. That men who are their age dating young, beautiful women are sick and should be with a woman like herself. People will blame men, with articles saying “Millennial men are into younger women while Millennial women are ignored – Is this the result of patriarchy?” and other dumb stuff like that but the women will have no one to blame but themselves.

          • Outlander,

            I am about ready to leave to go spend all day with girl friends to swim, eat etc. I will talk to them about this. So I will address your comment in the detail it deserves when I return home tonight.

            I never knew such anguish like this existed in this society. I meet boys through school, friends, and family. Nothing of them can approach me unless approved.

            Until tonight.

          • Outlander.

            Paragraph 1-Yes there is the same poison throughout the anglo saxon countries. My grandmother has noticed for decades that the humble foreign girl, even oriental women all of as sudden become very liberal once they reach the United States. Whether the white man was just a meal ticket or the society changed them it does happen.

            Paragraph 2-Can not see anything wrong with this statement.

            Paragraph 3-Both men and women are treated shallowly in most movies.

            Paragraph 4-It is a shame that jobs pay so poorly in countries I thought were rich. That definitely hurts finding a woman.

            Paragraph 5-I did not know that many women believe in fate determining their romantic life. That seems foolish and not grounded on reality. As for a Prince Charming? That sounds like a pre teen fantasy. A woman has to put forth effort to find and make a romance work.

            Paragraph 6- Men have always preferred younger girls and women. If modern women do not know that they are foolish and have been brain washed by society. A woman should try to get a reasonable man while she is young. That is more important than the career nonsense movies and commercials promote. Once a woman reaches her mid 30’s it might be bleak.

            This is my opinion only. I am still in school. And I do not mean college. My girl friends all agree with me. And I know when we are at a public swimming pool men look at us more than the 25 year old women. That is the way men are. it does not bother my latin girl friends at all and it only bothers my anglo girl friends a little.

        • – Christina

          It’s a bizarre situation, and one that equals to if not surpasses the problem of the lazy video game man. The airhead princess thot. I think the part of media responsible for it were all those Disney movies back in the 90s. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to stay away from all this “Peasant who is secretly a princess or becomes a princess” crap. Of course there are other problems related to feminism and what not.

          You have the right idea. There is nothing glamorous about working in an office cubicle for some boss who will make money off you. A lot of single women my age range, (mid 20s – early 30s) are buying cats as substitutes for children. They buy tattoos to show off how “unique” they are. They are not happy at all, but to admit that would mean that the fat guy who helped jump start her car a week ago, who seemed interested in her, was the best she could do now and that would mean she’s not as pretty as she was before, and that would mean she squandered her youth.

    • “movies that have wimpy men get the girl is because they are either comedies or written by wimpy men. ”

      Or they are written to give false directions to society, a false concept of reality.
      (Like every top scientist is black or Jewish).

      • Arian,

        HA! That did make me laugh. I have lost count of how many movies have intelligent, benevolent wise black men as scientists etc. I mean Morgan Freeman really gets around.

        Yes I now consider any modern American movie to be possibly contagious. Your movies should be quarantined and kept in the USA or never released at all.

  10. Good riddance. The gene pool is healthier with Bianca Devins and others like her.

    It’s like the self-cleaning ovens in the puerto rican and mexican barrios and jiggaboo ghettos.

      • This egirl might of been a tease, drama queen and a whore but to celebrate her death November is just evil imo

  11. Metokur does decent coverage of this event, plus more to do with incels and some guy who hung himself after spending 1300 dollars on tinder who posted the rejections women were getting him (19:00)

    • A lot of people are pointing out that she enjoyed sexually taunting, degrading and humiliating her many incel “orbitors.” While that seems to be true, they were only there to be taunted in the first place because they made a conscious choice to “orbit” rather than put down the xbox controller, put the brakes on jerking off on pornhub all day and finding a real woman.

      The fact that she wasn’t a very nice person doesn’t mean she deserved to be killed by an incel or that angry, rage-filled incels aren’t an actual threat to women and girls. While the left makes up a lot shit, they are not wrong about the incel personality and stereotype.

      • Where does one go around finding “real women”? I’ve seen this debated everywhere. Some people will suggest Church, but my experience with churches rules it out as a place to meet women. There’s either too few young women, the young women come with their bfs/husbands, or like the case when I went to evangelical churches, there is a weird church hierarchy where you’re not allowed to mingle with the girls unless they “know you” which means spending all your spare time for months if not years being integrated into the church. It wasn’t a coincidence in one of the church’s either that the head pastor’s sons all seemed to marry the cutest girls.

        Online is often disparaged because of the pure quantity of competition and the shallow judgement of women being overly picky, but it is or at least was, the most time efficient. Tinder however actually ruined the online dating scene in a big way. Perhaps if you’re a part of an online group or hobby you could meet a woman there, in which case an Incel would be better off playing his xbox because younger girls do play video games these days.

        In real life it’s harder to find women. It’s a big gamble. At best she says yes, at worst you get HR called, or security, or hell even the police. Most of the time though she will probably say something like she has a boyfriend and cold approaches always suck since you don’t know what the girl is like anyway and she doesn’t know you.

        Bars and Night Clubs are just out. You’re not going to find a “real” woman there on average. Sure if you’re more outgoing than average it works better than tinder, but it’s not like the kind of girls there are marriage material or LTR material. The ONLY proven method these days really is to meet through friends at gatherings or parties. A lot of people however don’t have the social circle for that anymore and even if they do, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll meet a girl who is any better than the ones you find on Tinder or in a Night Club. In my own social group, when we have a party at my friend’s place, the majority of men there are single and the majority of women there are not. So when a single woman show’s up, it’s almost like speed dating for her.

        So this whole “pull yourself up by your boot straps and get out there” mentality from older guys just doesn’t make any sense unless your battle plan is to turn ho’s into housewives. I mean where is the grail shaped lanterned tower full of thirsty nubiles anyway that older guys seem to think is out there that young men are ignoring?

        • A week ago, we had a barbecue to celebrate the 4th here in Alabama. We met two new guys in our area both of whom are single. This weekend we are having another meetup. My wife has been playing matchmaker and two weeks later has found our new friend a nationalist girlfriend. They’re excited about meeting each other. Pretty much all of my friends are married with children or in a relationship and we have done it through networking.

          • It’s a tried and true method Hunter for sure.

            If everyone had those kinds of networks, the sexual marketplace problem could be fixed quite easily.

          • I was vexed by this problem for years.

            I had tried online dating. I had done the bar scene. I found girlfriends through my normie friends. None of it worked.

            Back in May 2013, I had gone out to the bar with my best friend to meet bar flys. We ended up having a huge fight because it was 3 AM and I was ready to leave. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. A friend of mine from the movement had been lobbying me to attend the 2013 CofCC Conference and I went on a lark just to get out of this area.

            I met my future wife there who was handling the registration desk. We all went out to eat at this Irish restaurant in Winston-Salem. I had a few beers, one thing led to another and I ended up getting her number. A month later, I traveled to St. Louis to spend some time with her. We hit it off and few weeks later she moved to Alabama to live with me. Two months after that we were married. Nine months after that I was a father. In hindsight, it all stemmed from dating within our own circles.

            Since that time, I joined the League of the South and we had dozens of rallies all over the South in addition to our annual conferences. I met a bunch of new friends in the movement. We quit doing the rallies mainly because almost every single one of my friends ended up finding a woman, getting married and having children. In one case, a friend of mine was holding a Confederate flag on the side of the road when his future wife drove past him, stopped and got his number. I went to their wedding. In another case, a friend of mine married a woman who came to Alabama all the way from Portland, OR just to meet other people in the movement in real life.

            I’m not sure where you are at or who you are involved with, but the offline movement is largely focused on networking and community building now, not the big political rallies like Charlottesville. TRS in particular is having a lot of success with this. An effort is being made to bring women into the movement, pair them up with men and promote family formation. Quite a few people have gotten married and have kids now because of this. The best way to deal with the thot problem is to let the wives of men in the movement find and bring in new women, screen them and enforce norms of behavior. This is a natural outlet for women and they enjoy doing it.

          • This is the very thing (they) want to prevent. Healthy Whites finding other Whites to form families and communities and social groups, then building and advancing.

            (They) want ppl going to bars , getting drunk, hooking up, spreading STD,s becoming sterile, having disaster divorces, leading to broken children.
            Serves (their) purpose.

        • Outlander – the “thirsty nubiles” are 15 year old Filipinas. Hunter gave you great advice – but please allow me to add one more tidbit cultivate old White ladies. Not as partners, of course – but partners in finding a mate. Grannies etc will ALWAYS have grand daughters and nieces etc, or friends who do. Old ladies want to be useful and needed. No one pays attention to old women. Helping some lonely nice young man find a lovely young woman to marry would thrill most old women. Put the word out. I’ll bet you’ll have more dates than you can handle.

  12. Too many generations raised on tv, thinking the person on the screen is a friend.

    Nothing new, for girls to pt.
    Nothing new, for girls to get sliced up.

  13. Was her head fully decapitated? I was actually following this drama earlier on kiwifarms but the images just show her dead with a badly cut slashed neck not a fully decapitated head mexican cartel/ islamic terrorist style decapitation

    • If andre wanglin celebrates this egirls death I am done with reading dailystormer for good. I usually only read it for comedic relief anyway but still I’m tired of his embracing of toxic incel idealogy and white sharia bullshit.

      I can sort of sympathize with some incels being somewhat of a volcel myself but most incels have generally a burning blind hatred of women and can’t see the forest for the trees I don’t think this killer was a incel tho (most incels are beyond help and can’t even talk to girls) more of a deranged individual who became obsessed with this Internet famous egirl

  14. People love to trash incels because it’s the easy thing to do. What they don’t want to admit is that modern technology has completely changed how society operates. Whether people like it or not the radical incel movement exists as a counter to feminism and it is the future.

    • “Whether people like it or not the radical incel movement exists as a counter to feminism and it is the future.”

      Exactly as the Jews planned it, to drive division between men and women. To disrupt healthy relationships. (Who) has been behind this toxic feminism, to poison the minds of women, just (who) ?

      “Spread confusion among your enemies, so that you may destroy them”….torah

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