The Atlantic: The Metamorphosis

Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher have a new article in The Atlantic on the rise of artificial intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Atlantic:

“Humanity is at the edge of a revolution driven by artificial intelligence. It has the potential to be one of the most significant and far-reaching revolutions in history, yet it has developed out of disparate efforts to solve specific practical problems rather than a comprehensive plan. Ironically, the ultimate effect of this case-by-case problem solving may be the transformation of human reasoning and decision making.

This revolution is unstoppable. Attempts to halt it would cede the future to that element of humanity more courageous in facing the implications of its own inventiveness. Instead, we should accept that AI is bound to become increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous, and ask ourselves: How will its evolution affect human perception, cognition, and interaction? What will be its impact on our culture and, in the end, our history?

Such questions brought together the three authors of this article: a historian and sometime policy maker; a former chief executive of a major technology company; and the dean of a principal technology-oriented academic institution. We have been meeting for three years to try to understand these issues and their associated riddles. Each of us is convinced of our inability, within the confines of our respective fields of expertise, to fully analyze a future in which machines help guide their own evolution, improving themselves to better solve the problems for which they were designed. So as a starting point—and, we hope, a springboard for wider discussion—we are engaged in framing a more detailed set of questions about the significance of AI’s development for human civilization. …

Having been taught the rules of the game, AlphaZero trained itself entirely by self-play and, in less than 24 hours, became the best chess player in the world—better than grand masters and, until then, the most sophisticated chess-playing computer program in the world. It did so by playing like neither a grand master nor a preexisting program. It conceived and executed moves that both humans and human-trained machines found counterintuitive, if not simply wrong. The founder of the company that created AlphaZero called its performance “chess from another dimension” and proof that sophisticated AI “is no longer constrained by the limits of human knowledge.” …

The challenge of absorbing this new technology into the values and practices of the existing culture has no precedent. The most comparable event was the transition from the medieval to the modern period. In the medieval period, people interpreted the universe as a creation of the divine and all its manifestations as emanations of divine will. When the unity of the Christian Church was broken, the question of what unifying concept could replace it arose.  …”

What did Elon Musk call it?

I think he called it “summoning the demon.” AI is already churning out solutions to problems that work, but which are beyond our understanding. Now that Pandora’s Box has been opened, there is no telling where this is going. It’s obvious that our elites are just going to let this play out.

Hopefully, now that I have I have stopped talking about Yang more of you will start to grasp the significance of what is unfolding. Henry Kissinger and Eric Schmidt have been working for three years on this trying to chart out the implications of how AI is going to transform the world.

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    • Politicians have talked so much about technology in a positive manner, it’s hard for them to consider the negative consequences, or the speed of change.

  1. I imagine the heebs must be more than a trifle concerned about the liklihood that AI supercomputers will be Fascist or NS in nature. We will not have any future worth living in unless the semites, Negroes and other undesirables are ruthlessly dealt with once and for all.

    • “We will not have any future worth living in unless the semites, Negroes and other undesirables are ruthlessly dealt with once and for all.”

      I agree with you 100% Spahn.

      The Jews and all of the other political relics have to be removed from the political equation, or we won’t be experiencing the 21st Century like China, Japan and the non-ZOG parts of Europe, already are.

      BTW, rudimentary AI has already, and quite recently, too, shown a dislike for Niggers.

  2. There’s a futurologist named Isaac Arthur on Bitchute that talks about AI among many other things. He says its more of a threat to humanity’s survival than nuclear weapons. He also said if we create autonomous AI to build civilizations for us on other planets, we’ll have to figure a way to limit its intellectual development or it would stop working for us. He has also suggested bottling AI up in artificial worlds then accelerating time in these worlds hundreds or thousands of years, to see if the AI turns against humanity.

    I can tell you now all those TV shows made about humanity resisting AI are nonsense. If AI turns against us resistance would not be possible. Elon Musk is right about this part. Once AI is given a goal it is unrelenting in its pursuit of it. It is like a wind up toy than never winds down.

  3. Attempts to halt it would cede the future to that element of humanity more courageous in facing the implications of its own inventiveness.

    It won’t stop the “American” Oligarchs from trying to stop or retard AI. Or keep us stuck in the 1980s, before the Berlin Wall came down.

  4. To quibble a bit with the article’s writer, once God wasn’t the “unifying concept” of society anymore, everything and anything could be used to make social order, from science to allegiance to a powerful family. No unifying moral center in a society tends to mean that things eventually fall apart.

    Others here, like Jim Hansen, have elsewhere pointed out that the elites are building their version of a controlling, overarching concept of societal control through the development of the AI “gods.” Whether the technology is actually developing or not as we’ve been told is another matter. It seems that decision-making abilities are progressing quickly in some programs, though.

    As Musk correctly said, such ignorant grandiosity among elites is “summoning the demon.” Who will be in control? I think a better question to ask is, why is that struggle necessary? Rather than seeking to centralize power, diffusing what could be tremendous capabilities to aid all people throughout the world would be a better idea. But like demons, elites want to have it all for themselves, and leave the rest of us to fight over crumbs for their entertainment.

  5. They are playing the ‘inevitability’ game. Anything can be stopped and wrecked. We don’t need AI.

  6. It requires a total or near total ban.

    These people are dangerously useless in calling it “unstoppable”; not that they really want to stop their own summoning of the demon. They just want you to be passive and not stop them.

    We probably have a good 5 years before it is too late, but it isn’t clear because the technology is on automatic pilot.

    PS dont forget robotics and transhumanism; pushed by the same people pushing white genocide and for the same reasons.

    • It can work if we refuse to use and accept this garbage. Why would any man want to literally do nothing and watch, instead, robots do things all around him?

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