Republicans Start Condemning Trump’s Racist Remarks

Predictably, David French is nobly and courageously rallying the forces of “conservative liberalism” and leading a principled charge against Trump’s racism:

“In 2016 Speaker Paul Ryan called Donald Trump’s attacks on Judge Alonzo Curiel — Trump had called the American-born judge “Mexican” and claimed he was therefore too biased to preside over the Trump University litigation — the “textbook definition of a racist comment.” That critique also applies to Trump’s tweet thread yesterday, a thread that was obviously aimed at Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other members of her so-called “Squad.” …

With the exception of Omar, the country “from whence they came” is the United States of America. All of these Congresswomen, including Omar, have a constitutional right to “tell the people of the United States” how our “government is to be run.” The very notion that nonwhite Americans should leave this country to go back to ancestral homelands to prove their worth is deeply repugnant.

Moreover, there is something especially gross about a man who was too timid even to face the draft during his own generation’s war now presuming to define how Americans seek to reform their government. He is the last person to be the arbiter of patriotism or national loyalty.

The near-total silence (at least so far) from GOP leaders is deeply dispiriting. Do they not understand the message the leader of their party is sending — especially to America’s nonwhite citizens? Do they not understand that racial malice as a political strategy isn’t just an ultimately losing proposition but also deeply divisive, picking at the scabs of America’s deepest political, cultural, and spiritual wounds? …”

Black Republican Sen. Tim Scott has joined him:

Black Republican Rep. Will Hurd has condemned Blompf’s racism:

Sen. Mitt Romney is desperately trying to stay out of it:

Rep. Mike Turner is calling out Blompf:

I am confident that every Member of Congress is a committed American. @realDonaldTrump’s tweets from this weekend were racist and he should apologize. We must work as a country to rise above hate, not enable it.— US Rep. Mike Turner (@RepMikeTurner) July 15, 2019

Bill Kristol and the big guns of “conservative liberalism” at The Bulwark are calling out the racists and opening fire:

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  1. Why should I care what a bunch of conservafags pretend to get offended about? Both they and the object of their feigned outrage are obedient servants of King Kike.

    • easily: Trump’s Jew owners are well aware that

      Trump’s pro-White populist rhetoric

      and what he actually does (borders vaporized, illegal mex insourcing doubled, deportation of illegals halved, doubling of “refugee resettlement” racket, tripling of H1b-2b dot.Indian invasion, etc.)

      are exact opposites.

      Trump is herding his White MAGA’s toward extinction, and

      the rich Jews love it. Meanwhile that selfsame bogus rhetoric

      drives (((hardLeft))) funding and recruitment.

  2. This is all a gigantic distraction from the real problems. Trump is nothing but a Zio-goat:

    When Graham isn’t decrying the ‘anti-semitism’ of these WOC decoys, he’s lobbying hard against the Bill of Rights:

    It’s all a fake out. The controlled opposition is so obvious only hardcore Trumpaholics could miss it.

    Our job is to spread the message. Trump may be the most dangerous man in America, but only if you’re white. We are and will be, after all, the bottom of the Trumpenstein shithole hierarchy.

  3. Kabuki Theater. On both sides.

    Start the Secession petitions. This country is dead:
    Long live sovereign Christian monoracial republics- or Monarchies.

  4. Without large-scale action against illegals and traitors, Blompf is merely performing a bit of political theater. The ((donors))) and (((advisors))) will make sure none of this goes beyond a few token acts that will fool the Trumptards into believing that he’s finally moving on his main campaign promises.

    • Yes, it is all a big fireworks show.

      Look at all the damage we have suffered since he was elected president. What do we have to show for it? Jerusalem? The tax cuts?

  5. Things have worsened under Trump, that’s for sure.

    What a shame. What a wasted opportunity. I have a hard time believing it was all a put-on, but…

    His presidency is all about Jews. The embassy move, Syria, end of the Iran deal, Golan, fighting anti-Semitism, holocaust speeches, etc. And those in the forefront of his enemies are mostly Jews– the media, Nadler, Rosenstein, Weismann, Schumer, Kristol, Blumenthal, Schiff, etc., etc.

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