The Squad Calls For Trump’s Impeachment

Blompf is succeeding in getting the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to embrace this group by elevating and attacking them:

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  1. Good for them. Truly. They defend themselves and their own kind. Whites? We have no representation. The vast majority of our race are oblivious, or willfully so. We are more concerned with showing the world how “good” we are, we do NOT defend our own People, and easily half of us will throw any-one who does try to help Whites to SIMPLY EXIST under the genocide bus as fast as possible.

    • Denise,

      Another good comment from you but it is easy for them to defend themselves. They do not suffer legal or news media mass attacks against them. Their enemies are on the outside—-WASP people. They do not have to worry about fighting a war on 2 fronts like white people do.

      Fellow whites as you have pointed out are your real enemy. If you get it together before a certain point you are still dangerous.

    • Trump is driving white men out of the Democratic Party by doing this on the Gang of 4. Tribalizing politics the only way he knows how.

      • Yeah…no WAY could it be, that, the Tribe of four, is “tribalizing” every damn thing they say about Trtump, and/or everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth.

        The only way he knows how…? What’s with you vapid delisional lefttards? Why do y'”all say so much absolutely stupid bullshit about President Trump, that you heard from your fellow imbeciles on CNN and MS–LSD, In other words, the FAKE NEWS, that you KNOW has straight out LIED to us, again, and, again, and again.

  2. The Fab Four or the Fake Four.

    Anni Cyrus, iranian sharia survivor and activist is what’s real:

  3. Good response from Ilhan. If some neocon journalist was asking me if I supported a terrorist group I wouldn’t dignify it with a response either. For the record I support some “terrorist” groups and not others.

  4. Omar lambasts Trump’s ‘agenda’ as ‘the agenda of white nationalists,’ at 1:45:

    She was declaring the future ‘isn’t white’ at a rally just weeks ago.

    Are white people really so stupid as to fall for this false dichotomy. And what about non-whites, they’re being played almost as badly as white people are.

  5. No matter how much Trump virtue signals and kisses the asses of the anti-White hordes they’re still going to hate him for being White.

  6. Even though Trump is an idiot, it seems that the Democrats are eager to hand him reelection.

  7. Without any irony intended…

    I wonder if she is related to Mohammed Farrah Aidid? Unless being a warlord or hopelessly corrupt military junta officer is like being an office worker here in the twilight of America.

    I digress, the crux issue isn’t even her primarily. It is pathological white guilt facilitated by Jew subversion. Based on her recent scraping and bowing after her AIPAC comments it is painfully clear how accurate they were. She was elected out of some anachronistic adherence to “fairness,” and charity. In the exquisitely fucked-up shithole that is Somalia and sub-Saharan Africa “fairness” and charity are totally alien concepts.

    Luckily, I am entirely possessed of irascible Celtic ancestry. Anyone darker than a Greek is wholly untrustworthy.

  8. What Trump is is doing is the definition of a cheap classless shot. Its precisely what the left describe as a low blow. Of course it’ll work. Trump has starved his base of real blows against the blacks browns and ((())) that they’ll take this protein free calorie free rhetorical act and love it.

  9. The “squad” is probably a psyop to get the most Zionist president ever reelected. These women are so repugnant for the unthinking White masses that they will happily vote for Trump again although he has broken all his promises to them in such a blatant way that they should know better.

    The jewess Ocasio-Cortez is probably the Zionist agent in the “squad” whereas the others are more or less dupes and only express their anti-White hatred while foolishly think they are edgy avantgardists.

    • By all means make these living fossils the face of the Democratic Party. Trump is really just undermining Pelosi here, of course.

    • I should add that I don’t think that the votes are counted honestly in the jewish controlled “democracies”. So if the jews have decided that Trump will have a second term this will happen no matter what. Such psyops are only necessary to make the proclaimed voting result plausible and to solidify already established false narratives (in this case the blatant falsehood that Trump is a “racist” or even a “White nationalist).

  10. How shit, the rebel media conservative sounded like such a fag. “They bombed um-ah American facility” “he tried to bomb federal law enforcement” what’s so hard about that?

    No passion or urgency in his voice, no commitment in his communication. He should’ve been demanding an apology.

  11. Top tips for Dems.

    1. The more Trump appears racist the more he wins.

    2. Pick Biden to challenge him.

    3. Point out that Trump didn’t build a wall didn’t deport them all and didn’t ban Muslims.

    • Sleepy Joe Biden is a spent force. he is barely coherent, and Kamala Harris punched him around like a rag doll in the debates. He’s the face of the old white Dems, and the new vibrant commie Dems want to destroy and replace the old guard. There is basically a race war going on in the DNC, see Nancy Pelosi
      vs. the Dindu Squad.. . Even if Biden were in tip top form, I cannot see the Dems will nominate a while
      male, period,

      Think it’s going to be Trump vs Kamala Harris. She’s a nasty scold, and none too bright. Her polices are garbage. But she’s the right color and the right gender. .And she can pander like a boss.

  12. Trump is upset with The Squad because they don’t worship Jews and don’t worship Israel. He couldn’t care less that The Squad is deeply ANTI-White. For Trump it’s ALL about Jews and it’s ALL about Jew Israel. Trump has no problem with minority congress representatives who are PRO Israel and also deeply ANTI-White, like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker for example. For Trump, the litmus test is Jews/Israel, and as long as anyone passes that Trump litmus test he couldn’t care less what they think about us White Americans. They could hate us White Americans and foment violence against us White Americans and all he cares about is what they think about Jews and what they think about Jew Israel.

    A video from RAMZPAUL :

    “Trump Goes Full Boomer Conservative” :

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