ICE Deportations Fail To Materialize

UPDATE: I’m hearing on Facebook that about 50 Irish illegal aliens were rounded up to be deported in Woodlawn, NY.


No wait, 2,000 of the worst illegal alien criminals will be DEPORTED!!!

ACTUALLY, no one will be DEPORTED after all. Not even the worst of the bunch.

The Week:

“Immigrants across the U.S. buckled down in preparation for promised deportation raids over the weekend. They never came.

Several news reports had indicated Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were headed to at least 10 major cities this weekend for deportation raids, with President Trump later confirming they were supposed to be a deterrent for prospective migrants. Instead, immigrant-heavy neighborhoods turned “eerily quiet” and pro-immigrant protesters took to the streets, but very few ICE agents actually came knocking, NPR reports.

ICE agents were reportedly set to single out about 2,000 migrants with deportation orders on Sunday, and Mexican officials said they were ready for the influx, per The Associated Press. Yet ICE agents were only reported at three residences in New York City, and the people there didn’t open their doors, The New York Times reports. Democrats and advocates had warned immigrants not to open their doors to law enforcement without signed judicial warrants ahead of the reported operations — though the Times notes that agents sometimes devise tricky tactics to lure people outside. …”

The Antifa terrorist Willem Van Spronsen was so worked up by the media hysteria about impending mass deportations that he martyred himself in his attack on an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington. Blompf was full of hot air like always, the ICE raids fizzled and #ICEBae went viral.

The joke is on Willem Van Spronsen and anyone credulous enough to take Blompf’s bluster seriously after two and a half years of incompetence and impotence.

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    • yeah, but did you see Trump’s tweet! He told those 4 Congresscritters “they have to go back”!!

      at this point, even they – note the mock outrage – are onto Trump’s game.

      the only people too stupid to see through it are the White MAGA’s.

  1. Damn it Blompf! I can’t take anymore of your winning. You’re too good to us. How did ever deserve a POTUS like you?

  2. I’ve been in heavy job search mode the last few weeks. I just landed a job with a very big farm, thats gonna take up most of my time.

    Beyond work, I think I’m going to focus on my poultry farm at home, gardening, and competitive gaming as hobbies.

    Its past time I started thinking about my life instead of all this again.

    Let me know when the normies wake up. Nationalism here in the U.S. is officially dead.

    • Good for you, IronicSockAccount. Focusing on improving your own life (and having fun hobbies) is a far better use of time than obsessing over the news all the time. This is advice I need to listen to…

  3. Now Brad, you have to keep your eye on the ball. These two items show what’s important with congress and our greatest ally. Who cares about people who refused to be deported? Biden says they’re as much Americans as you and I.

    This is a big reason why I don’t give a damn about that US flag being desecrated by those illegals and their amigos at Aurora, CO. The US is past being a serious nation and has become a parody.

  4. “I’m hearing on Facebook that about 50 Irish illegal aliens were rounded up to be deported in Woodlawn, NY.”

    Of course they were. They’re White. No White person considers another White person or persons of foreign nationality, to be an illegal alien. They’re our biological kin.

    What we want obviously, is for the mud flood to end. We want all of the biological aliens deported from North America, Europe and Australasia.

    If all the Asians, Africans, Amerindians and Jews were replaced by Europeans, nobody would complain. Except ostensibly White SJWs.

  5. Failed to materialize? Who could have foreseen that? With Trump it’s all BS and bluster but that’s good enough for hard core MAGAtards.

  6. The United States is terminal is Trump is out of his element. We need a leader and instead we got a carnival barker. If he gets elected in 2020 what will change?

  7. You see the deportations didn’t happen because Trump is a puppet just like Obama was a puppet. Until you investigate and study WHAT rules THE WORLD, it’s business as usual in your eyes. If Trump’s campaign, election, and administration didn’t show you something was amiss, nothing will.

  8. I remember a time, a little over a decade ago, when people would have completely ignored her because she was “part of the problem” being a hispanic living in the United States. Now, because of chan culture, we get this.

    I guess if you’re a hot Latina or Asian girl you’re considered “White” nowadays.

  9. Why do all the “American” border patrol guards look just like the people they are paid to keep out of here? I guess they have a strict “no gringos allowed” policy.

    • spahnranch1969,

      51% of the Border Patrol are Hispanic by the end of fiscal 2016. Reminds me of the Roman Empire in the 5th century with Germanic tribesmen in the Roman Army defending the Empire against other tribes primarily Germanic———Franks, Vandals, Goths, Allemani, Suebi, etc.

      As a note the Suebi were incredible fighters. They settled in Northwestern Spain in the 5th Century and were never conquered by the Moslems. They are much fairer than other Spaniards with blondes, brown hair etc. They made fantastic soldiers under the Spanish Empire and under Franco.

      I would like to say that my Spanish blood comes from them but it comes from Southern Spain instead.

        • Mr. Hunter,

          Mexicans traditionally do not like illegals from Central America or anywhere else. But since they are usually heading to the USA…..

          I have been constantly astonished at coming across the Central Americans. One of our houses is in a nice anglo town and yet 3 city workers of code enforcement including a supervisor were from Central America. Nice cozy jobs. And this town seems so white that if I see a non anglo I take note.

          Now their English was fluent with an accent. They were very polite and spoke Spanish to my grandmother but still. A good portion of white America must wish to fade away.

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