Alt-Lite Announce Second Annual Heather Heyer Tribute Fundraiser For Antifa

The Alt-Lite is having a tantrum right now on Twitter over CNN “giving a platform” to Richard Spencer. They’re so triggered by Spencer saying that he isn’t supporting Blompf in 2020 because he is a con artist that they are having their second annual fundraiser for Antifa:

What are they so mad about?

Shouldn’t they be happy that Richard Spencer disavowed Blompf? Why can’t they cite this interview to make the case that the Democrats are the real racists?

White Nationalists want nothing to do with Charlie Kirk and Trump’s stupid and boring 2020 campaign. Isn’t that a great headline? What more could they possibly want from us?

Shekels please.

All they are asking for is a pack of Newports.

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    • Alt lite? More like alt kike they are the grifters for conservative inc and they would change political parties in a second if their masters told them to

  1. So the Enemy wants to rile up its base by trotting out the Alt Right to counter Trump’s use of the Crew or whatever it’s called?

    By the time of the election it will be Take Back America once again and Lesser of Two Evils once again.

    And it will come down to who can fill ballot boxes better, illegally or legally.

    We will be able to proceed in 2021.

  2. Why do Heather’s supporters (chuckle) always use that old photo of her when she was a mere 220 lb. Freshman in hi-skool? Why don’t they ever use more recent photos, when she was shaped like the Michelin Man?

    • yep, and just “more of the same”…voting is useless and pointless anyways and it always has been.
      ZOG does what it wants.

  3. It’s disgusting that that make this woman into some sort of hero. She was nothing of the sort.

    But then again, it’s a reflection of our severely depraved and sick society where villains become heroes and vice versa.

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